How To Get a Chihuahua To Like You

how to get a Chihuahua to like you

How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

‘I’ve had my Chihuahua for nearly 6 years now and yet she likes my husband more than she likes me! What am I doing wrong?’

I have heard this sentiment from many Chihuahua owners. The thing is, it is just the way it is. You are not doing anything wrong.

We all have grown up on the saying that all dogs love all of their humans unconditionally. However, this isn’t the case always and dogs think of relationships quite differently than we humans do.

Thankfully, there are some proven ways to get a Chihuahua (or any dog) to like you and bond with you.

I will tell you all about it in this guide!

How to Get a Chihuahua to Like You?

How to tell if your Chi likes you

Whether you have bought your Chihuahua from a breeder or adopted it from a shelter, you must not expect it to like you from day one.

Relationships take work and time and this is especially true when it comes to canine-human relationships as well. Here are some tips to get your Chi to like, love, and respect you:

1. Drop all expectations

As mentioned above, relationships are different in dogdom. If you have just brought home your Chihuahua puppy, then start with an open mind.

In case you have had your adult Chihuahua for years, then too, you need to start looking at your pet from another angle, especially if you think that it doesn’t like you much.

Accepting is the key and dropping all expectations from your pet to show you respect, love, and trust will make things a lot easier for you.

So slow your roll and give your pet some time and space. It will surely warm up to you.

2. Make your pet feel safe

This is especially applicable to rescued dogs. Give your new dog some time to feel safe. Your rescued Chihuahua has been through many experiences and it might not warm up to you right away.

So just let your dog be. Give it a cozy space to relax – preferably away from other house pets and loud noises. If possible, and if your pet is crate trained, then give it a crate to rest in.

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Alternatively, give your Chi a comfortable dog bed or a play pen. Add plenty of blankets, toys, and make your Chi feel safe, wanted and secure.

3. Train it

Train your Chihuahua (puppy or adult) to follow your basic commands. Basic obedience training includes commands like Come, Stay, Fetch, Sit, etc.

When you spend time with your Chihuahua on this activity, it will surely start liking and trusting you. You can use some healthy treats during the training process as that will positively reinforce what your pet learns.

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Keep training sessions short and end each session with plenty of cuddles, scratches, and belly rubs. These will keep your Chihuahua looking forward to them.

4. Show it affection and love

The best way how to get a Chihuahua to like you is by showing it some TLC.

Even if you cannot schedule regular playtime with your buddy, just try to play with it whenever you can. Give it scratches, hugs, and kisses every time you meet it.

Your pet will definitely look forward to these small interactions throughout the day.

5. Know what your Chi likes and dislikes

Some Chihuahuas love kisses, others might dislike being touched on their head and face. Many Chihuahuas find it threatening to be hugged or touched on their paws or on their tails.

Your dog will make it a point to show you what it does and doesn’t like. Accordingly, you can change the way you interact with it.

If your pet dislikes those big hugs, then avoid giving them.

6. Provide plenty of toys

Chihuahuas are generally very playful dogs and they love spending time with their humans.

By investing in a collection of toys , you can play different games like tug-of-war, fetch, hide-and-seek, etc. with your pet. Sometimes, dogs tend to get bored with the same toys over and over.

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So keep buying toys regularly. They need not be expensive, you can even make your own toys with some old t-shirts.

Just make sure that the toys you select are safe and do not pose any choking hazards to your Chihuahua.

7. Take your small dog on regular walks

Chihuahuas may be lapdogs but they need not be couch potatoes. Take your tiny dog on regular walks and it is one of the healthiest ways to get a Chihuahua to like you!

Even this smallest dog breed needs its daily exercise as without it, it can get obese, bored, and even depressed.

8. Let it spend time with you

Chihuahuas are known for having separation anxiety and most hate being left alone for prolonged periods. If possible, take your pet with you everywhere you go: to the grocery store, mall, hiking and camping trips etc.

This will help you in multiple ways: it will make your pet more confident and fearless and also be a great exercise in bonding.

9. Groom your Chi

If you have a longhaired Chihuahua, you must brush it daily. Even if you have a smooth coat or short haired Chi, regular brushing is a must to remove loose/dead hairs, prevent shedding, and also keep your pet’s coat shinier.

Regular grooming sessions are a great bonding exercise and they go a long way in getting your pet to like you. It also lets you check your Chihuahua for irregularities like bumps, ticks, fleas, etc.

Do Chihuahuas Like One Person Only?

How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

I do everything for my Bella (our 8-yr old Chihuahua): feed her, walk her, and groom her.

But when my husband is back home from work, it is like I cease to exist! On weekends, you can easily guess where Bella spends all of her time: at his feet or by his side!

Yes, Chihuahuas like most dogs, get strongly attached to one person in the family.

No one knows for sure how a Chi will pick its favorite person to bond with. However, dog experts believe that it has a lot to do with positive associations and personality types.

While every Chihuahua is different, in general, they bond with the person that trains, socializes, and cares for them especially during their formative years.

Like with humans, Chis will also bond with that person who gives them the most attention. Additionally, they also bond with or like that person the most whose personality and energy levels match with theirs.

So try not to take it too personally if your Chi hasn’t picked you as its favorite! It is just the way dogs are. This does not mean that they dislike or hate you – that is certainly not true!

How Can You Tell if Your Chihuahua Likes You?

How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

It is no secret that we love our Chihuahuas and want them to like and love us too.

You might go out of your way to show your love to your Chi: let it sleep in your bed, buy it warm sweaters, become its playmate, and so on. In turn, your Chi will respond in the following ways to show its love and appreciation for all that you do:

1. Tail wagging

Your Chihuahua will wag its tail to express joy. These cute dogs use their tails in numerous ways: not only to express their love and affection but also as a sign that it feels relaxed and happy when you are around it.

2. Licking

Chihuahuas are known to be avid lickers. They will plant slobbery kisses on your hands or face (if you let them).

Licking is an instinctual behavior in all dogs: pups lick their dam and she licks them right back to show her love and fondness. In fact, licking is one of the first forms of love our Chis know and they respond in kind by licking us humans.

3. Following you all around

We might think our Chihuahuas are clingy when they follow us all around. However, we mustn’t forget that this instinct comes to them from their ancestors – wolves – who are pack animals.

Chihuahuas consider us humans as a part of their pack and that is why they want to get involved in all the family activities. It is no wonder that if your Chi has picked you as its favorite person, it will follow you around.

4. Cuddle with you

Your Chihuahua will show that it likes you by rubbing against you or leaning into you. If you allow it, it will gladly snuggle with you in bed.

Since these small dogs get cold quickly, they want warmth from you and what better way of showing their fondness for you than snuggling?

How to Tell if your Chihuahua Doesn’t Like you?

How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

Dogs have their own ways of telling someone that they are afraid of that person of not too fond of them. Here are some ways your Chi might indicate that it hasn’t warmed up too much to you:

1. Leaving the room when you enter

A Chihuahua will distance itself from you if it isn’t fond of you. S/he might leave the room when you enter it and might not show much keenness in spending time with you.

2. No tail wagging, no licks

In case your Chi isn’t too fond of you, it might not wag its tail when you come near it or pet it. It might not lick you as they normally lick their favorite human.

Some Chihuahuas also stiffen their body or take on a defensive posture when they are near somebody they don’t like too much.

3. Biting, growling, and signs of aggression

In rare cases, if an aggressive dog doesn’t like someone, it might snap, growl, bite, or show other signs of aggression.

However, aggression is not at all a normal canine behavior. While Chihuahuas are sometimes known to be aggressive due to the ‘small dog syndrome’ aggression can be tamed through proper training.

In most cases, a well-trained, gentle Chihuahua will rather disengage than show aggression towards someone it isn’t fond of.

Aggression in an otherwise healthy dog could have far deeper roots like trauma, pain, illness, etc.

What to Do if your Chihuahua Does not Like You?

How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

The good news is that many Chihuahuas warm up to someone that they don’t seem to like too much, after a while.

The best thing to do is not force your pet. Give it some time and space: make it feel safe, spend time bonding with it through regular training, feeding, and grooming.

Just be normal, follow your own routine and also make sure to establish a routine for your Chi: timely walks, naps, and meals. Avoid unexpected movements or changes-in-routine that could stress out or distract your Chi.

Over time, your pet will surely like you. In some cases, it might pick its favorite person in the family which may or may not be you. Please don’t take this personally: it is just the way dogs are made. Your Chi will likely bond with someone it has positive associations with and matches its energy level and personality.

FAQs on How to Get A Chihuahua to Like You

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1. How to get a Chihuahua to trust you?

The best way to get your Chi to trust you is by showing that you are a non-threat. Play with it, take it on walks, train it, and use positive reinforcement. Avoid punishing, shouting, or hitting, and most importantly, don’t tease your pet.

2. Do Chihuahuas like to be picked up?

Most Chihuahuas like to be picked up and cuddled. However, this also depends on whether your Chihuahua pup is used to being picked up from its puppyhood. Some Chihuahuas might find being picked up threatening owing to their small sizes. So it all depends and varies from dog to dog.


How to get a Chihuahua to like you?

The best way to get a Chihuahua to like you and warm up to you is to play with it, teach it tricks, speak to it in a soft tone, and literally make it your sidekick! Avoid shouting, hitting, or punishing your buddy.

These steps will surely go a long way in strengthening your bond with your Chihuahua.

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