Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?  

Can I feed my Chihuahua raw meat from the supermarket?

Probably most pet owners have this question popping up in their minds once in a while.

After all, why not? Dogs’ ancestors ate raw meat, bones, organs, and skin as a complete meal for ages. But can chihuahuas eat raw meat? 

In this article, we’ll learn about:

  • Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?
  • 4 Benefits of Feeding Raw Meat to Chihuahua
  • 4 Harmful effects of Feeding Raw Meat to Chihuahua 
  • And more…
Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

Chihuahuas can eat raw meat as long as the raw meat is prepared correctly. In fact, adding raw meat to your chihuahua’s diet will enhance their overall physical health from healthier muscles to stronger jaws. 

According to Dr. Amanda Ardente, DVM, Ph.D., feeding your dogs raw food has a number of benefits, including improved physical wellbeing, lustrous coats, and more.  

Though raw meat is healthy for dogs, chihuahuas, however, are a peculiar case. The digestive system of chihuahuas is quite delicate. Unlike other dog breeds, the digestive systems of chihuahuas are vulnerable to severe distress if they are not properly nourished. 

This is why pet parents should follow special diets when feeding their dogs.

Following healthy dog diets like the B.A.R.F also known as Bones And Raw Food diet not only helps your chihuahuas maintain a healthy constitution, but it also helps them retain their wild genetic behavior. 

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4 Different Types Of Raw Food Diet For Chihuahuas 

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

Is B.A.R.F the only healthy diet that should be followed when it comes to feeding chihuahuas? 

Not really.

Though B.A.R.F is unquestionably the healthiest option, there are a variety of other dog diets that are both nutritious and add flavor to your dog’s plate. They are as follows:

1. Biologically Approved Raw Food (B.A.R.F)   

Pet parents can follow the B.A.R.F diet to feed their adorable chihuahuas. The B.A.R.F, a healthy and nutritious diet created by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, is a raw diet consisting of fresh, unprocessed, and wild meats and vegetables as follows:

  • Muscle meat
  • Raw meaty bones
  • Organ meat
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Supplements

The B.A.R.F diet includes home-cooked food, which is why it is the most preferable and the healthiest option for chihuahuas.

2. Ultimate Raw Food Diet

The Ultimate Raw Food Diet, as the name implies, is fully dedicated to raw meat. It also includes flaxseed oil supplements and high doses of vitamin C. There are no vegetables, yogurt, or other oils to be consumed in this diet.

3. Raw Frozen Food

The raw frozen food diet usually consists of a combination of raw meat and vegetables from commercial brands. Chicken, eggs, celery, spinach, and carrots are among the ingredients.

4. Raw Freeze-Dried

Raw freeze-dried foods are similar to frozen foods, with the exception that they are frozen dried, limiting bacteria development. Raw chicken, ground bones, and a variety of veggies are typical foods in this category.

Some of our recommendations for Raw Freeze-Dried are Primal, Open Farm, and WOOF.

4 Benefits Of Eating Raw Meat In Chihuahuas 

Since we know the different types of a raw meat diet, now let’s look at the benefits of chihuahuas eating raw meat:

1. Healthier Skin And Coat

Feeding raw meat loaded with essential nutrients to dogs results in a shinier coat, improved muscle strength, and cleaner teeth.

2. Oral Benefits

Because eating raw meat necessitates biting and gnawing the chewy meat, the foul breath will be eliminated, and general oral health will be enhanced.

3. Easily Digestible

Chihuahuas easily absorb raw meat because the enzymes are preserved in the flesh and are not eliminated by cooking.

4. Easy To Maintain Chihuahua’s Ideal Weight

Raw meat is free of artificial flavors, harmful ingredients, and other preservatives, ensuring your chihuahua maintains a healthy weight.

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4 Risks Of Eating Raw Meat In Chihuahuas

Raw meat is nutritious; however, it comes with a number of concerns, including:

1. Presence Of Bacteria 

Although raw meat is free of preservatives, it is not free of bacteria and other pathogenic microbes. Chihuahuas can get serious health issues caused by microbes

Common bacteria and microorganisms found in raw meat are: 

  • Salmonella 
  • Listeria 
  • Campylobacter
  • Clostridium
  • E. Coli
  • Trichinosis

2. Raw Meat Is Not Regulated Under Any Act

According to AVMA, raw meat is not well regulated, and feeding your pets too much raw meat may cause serious risks to their health.

3. Chihuahua’s Nutritional Needs May Not Be Met 

Despite the fact that chihuahuas have wolf ancestry, their behavioral inclinations and nutritional expectations have altered dramatically over time.

Eating only raw meat can result in:  

  • Depleting levels vitamin A and E
  • Vitamin D levels that are over the ideal range.
  • Hyperparathyroidism can weaken the bones of chihuahuas
  • Heavy levels of fat leading to obesity 

Some dogs have risky allergies, which can come from eating raw meat. So, if your chihuahua shows any signs of food allergy, then it’s best to not feed raw meat to your pet. Below are a few of the signs of food allergies as listed by the American Kennel Club.

  • Itchy skin
  • Itching and irritation on ears
  • Irritation on paws
  • Gastrointestinal issues

4. Risk Of Bone Fragments 

Raw meat does not always refer to just the meat; it can also refer to the bones. Minor bone shards may be ingested while gnawing the bones, causing internal bleeding in the dog’s intestines and organs.

However, if you want your pet to ingest the nutritional content of the bones, try purchasing bone food in sand-like texture and sprinkle them on other foods.

Some of our recommendations for bone food are Raw Paws and Pawstruck.

How To Safely Feed Raw Meat To Chihuahuas? 

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

By now, you probably have known the pros and cons of feeding raw meat to chihuahuas. There are a few things you should keep in mind before adding raw meat to your cute companion’s diet.

Chihuahua are delicate beings, so when it comes to food choices, pet parents need to give extra consideration, so bear with us and let’s look at how to safely feed raw meat to your beloved Chi:

  • Puppies under the age of one year should not be given raw meat.
  • Chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, beef, and venison are all good alternatives for raw meat, according to Dr. T. J. Dunn, DVM
  • Ground meat is more likely to contain germs, it’s best to stay away from it altogether. 
  • Freeze the meat for a few minutes before feeding to kill any bacteria. 
  • When it comes to nutrition modifications for your chihuahuas, proceed slowly. Sudden changes can disrupt their sensitive digestive system.
  • Include vitamin and mineral supplements in your dog’s raw meat diet to ensure that he gets all of the nutrition he needs.
  • Your trip to the veterinarian is the final and most crucial safety recommendation. Consult your veterinarian about feeding raw meat to your pet and follow their advice.

Can A Dog Get Sick From Consuming Raw Meat?

Raw meat is actually healthy for your dogs as it offers various nutritional benefits and health benefits, such as improved oral and overall health. 

However, is raw meat consumable by every dog?

Yes. Dogs won’t get any severe implications from feeding on raw meat. So you probably do not need to worry about feeding your Chi’s raw meat. However, there are several things to look out for when feeding raw meat.

According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, feeding raw meat to dogs poses a number of health concerns as well as the possibility of hormonal imbalance. 

According to the FDA research, raw meat poses potential health dangers not just to the puppies but also to their owners.  Raw meat houses harmful pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. These are diseases-inducing pathogens that cause health risks to pets and owners. 

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What Raw Meat Can Chihuahuas Eat? 

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

Not all that comes under the raw meat category is edible or healthy for your chihuahuas. If you need suggestions on the kinds of raw meat to feed them, here are some of the best ones: 

1. Raw Beef 

Raw beef including raw minced beef is is high in healthy fats and proteins, will give your chihuahua a brighter coat, whiter teeth, and smaller stools. Your chihuahua can consume raw minced beef because they don’t have any bones and only eat meat in minced form. So they’re safe, and your dogs will enjoy the minced beef.

2. Raw Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular raw food options for dogs, and chihuahuas love it. They’re high in protein and should be included in your chihuahua’s diet.

3. Raw Steak Fat

Raw steak fat is also a safe food option for chihuahuas, but pet parents must be cautious about how much they serve their dogs because, as healthy as steak fat is, it also contains a lot of fat.

Dogs can become obese if they consume too much steak fat.

4. Raw Pork

Raw pork is an incredible source of healthy proteins for dogs. They are also loaded with healthy nutrients such as niacin, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. 

Raw pork is heavy in sodium and fat, so look for quality pork that has been sliced with minimal fat. 

5. Raw Turkey

Raw turkey is an essential nutritional alternative for dogs that are allergic to other raw meats such as chicken or beef.

Make sure the turkey meat is thoroughly washed and the bones are removed before feeding it to your Chi.

6. Raw Fish

Raw fish can, of course, be fed to dogs.

Every variety?

Not really.

Raw fish is usually not recommended for dogs since they are carriers of bacteria and parasites. According to AKC, salmon, ocean whitefish, lake whitefish, herring, walleye, flounder, and Arctic char are some fish varieties that are safe to consume for dogs. 

7. Raw Animal Organs  

Chihuahuas are canines who must be fed raw food on a regular basis. Not only should pet owners feed their puppies meat, but they should also feed them animal organs, as they provide necessary nutrition.

Raw animal organs such as the liver, heart, tripe, kidney, brain, ovaries, testes, and uterus should be included in your pet’s healthy diet.

How Much Raw Meat May I Feed My Chihuahuas?

On average, a chihuahua should eat about 2-3 percent of its present weight in raw foods every day.

If your chihuahua weighs 5 pounds, you can offer it 0.1 – 0.15 pound of raw meat in a day. You can split this amount into separate meals.

So make sure you offer them the proper amount of raw meat, as too much raw meat can lead to obesity and illness in your pets. 

Chihuahua Weight in PoundsAmount of Raw Meat Per Day in Pounds
3 0.06 – 0.09
40.08 – 0.12
50.1 – 0.15
60.12 – 0.18
This table shows the weight of chihuahua in pounds (left column) compared to the amount of raw meat per day to feed chihuahua in pounds (right column).

How Often Should Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

According to the VCA Hospital, raw food should be fed to your puppies three or four times a day to aid digestion and maintain regular energy levels. 

The limit not only applies to adult chihuahuas but also puppies too. 

Pups indeed need to be well-fed. By well, we don’t mean in terms of quantity, but rather in terms of nutritional levels.

Feeding your puppies more than twice a day can lead to serious health problems such as obesity and diabetes, which is why pet owners should begin practicing a balanced diet for their dogs at a young age. 

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat Bones?

In cartoons, you often see a dog hugging and licking meat bones. It is natural to automatically assume that dogs can feed on bones. That, however, is not the truth.

Dogs can eat bones. Yes, they can. But cooked or raw bones?

We would say, raw.

According to Dr. T. J. Dunn, DVM, cooked bones are brittle and can easily break into jagged shards, causing unimaginable damages to your chi’s gastrointestinal tract.

We definitely don’t want that to happen.

Compared to cooked bones, raw bones are safer and more nutritional. Giving your dogs bones can enhance their mental stimulation and constant chewing on them will help your dogs keep their teeth clean.

However, you should be cautious about the size of the bone you give your dog. Make sure the size of the bone is somewhat larger than your dog’s head, as dogs have been known to swallow smaller bones.

JollyBarks Ham Bone, Lively Tails Liver Coated Dog Bones and K9 Connoisseur are some of our dog bone recommendations you can find on Amazon.

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Is Raw Meat Advisable For Chihuahuas?

Can Chihuahuas Eat Raw Meat?

Most veterinarians don’t recommend owners to feed raw meat to any dogs, including chihuahuas.  

Raw meat is not only the source of healthy nutrients but also a harmful variety of bacteria. Along with salmonella, there are chances of other varieties of disease-causing bacteria like the following are present in the meat:

  • Listeria
  • Campylobacter
  • Clostridium
  • E. coli
  • Trichinosis

Furthermore, according to Dr. Ken Tudor, DVM, giving raw meat to dogs can cause hyperthyroidism, which can result in increased heart rate, kidney failure, and other complications.

So, instead of feeding your darling dogs raw food, we recommend feeding them healthier options such as home-cooked and specially formulated dog foods that provide vital nutrients and vitamins.

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