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  • how to remove dog eye boogers

    How to Remove Dog Eye Boogers

    How to remove dog eye boogers is an important topic every pet parent must address. All dogs develop eye boogers or eye discharge to some extent. The greyish-yellowish-whitish eye boogers present around your pet’s eyes in the morning are quite normal, but it is very important that you remove them regularly to prevent them from […] More

  • how to make dog fur shiny

    How To Make Dog Fur Shiny

    How to make dog fur shiny? We have the exact solutions for you! Your pet needs a healthy diet rich in essential oils, protein, and vitamins. Next, you also need to spend some time in grooming it regularly. In this guide, we will tell you all the products and supplements you need that will surely […] More

  • can you use baby wipes on dogs

    Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

    Can you use baby wipes on dogs is a question you must consider when using said wipes on a puppy’s delicate skin. The short answer is: No. Please avoid using alcohol-based baby wipes to wipe or disinfect your young pet since most wipes contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your pup’s skin and your pet […] More