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  • tuxedo black cat on cat perches for large cats

    Cat Perches for Large Cats

    This is a complete guide to purchasing the best cat perches for large cats in 2022. Cats love to climb on high spots for a fact. The habit can, however, lead to scratches on your valuables or cause breakages. So, what’s the best way to keep your cats off your stuff and keep them happy […] More

  • White cat look out of window best cat window perches

    Best Cat Window Perches

    Are you looking for the best cat window perches you can install for your feline friend? A cat or kitty window perch offers a perfect elevated platform for napping or just relaxing. Like humans, cats love a comfortable space where they can sit around and watch the world go by. There are various models and […] More

  • black and brown cat sleeping best heated cat bed

    Best Heated Cat Bed

     Are you looking for the best heated cat bed? My little cat likes to play a game of hide and seek with me. He likes to snooze in unconventional places such as the kitchen cabinets, hidden behind the couch cushion, etc. while I search frantically for him! Of course, he has never bothered to reply! […] More

  • ginger cat sleeping on fluffy cat bed

    Fluffy Cat Bed

    Cats are independent creatures and most like having their own fluffy cat bed instead of snuggling in their owners’ beds. Many doctors also disallow cat sleeping in bed next to humans since not only is the practice highly uncomfortable for both, the pet and its human, but it can also lead to allergies. If you […] More

  • tabby cat lying on wooden cat tree

    Wooden Cat Tree

    Cat trees and cat condos are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes but more and more cat parents are opting for a wooden cat tree for their beloved pets. After all, we have all heard about the dangers posed by plastic and other synthetic materials. We would not give such materials to our kids […] More

  • cat-tower-for-large-cats

    Cat Tower for Large Cats

    Why are so many cat parents investing in a high-quality cat tower for large cats? A cat tower or cat condo is the perfect place for indoor cats to perch, nap, scratch, and play. But only a well-made cat tower specially designed for large cats can provide much-needed physical and mental stimulation with complete safety […] More

  • cat treadmill wheel

    Best Cat Treadmill Wheel

    The best cat treadmill wheel can help you keep the adverse effects of indoor confinement at bay, guaranteeing your cat’s mental and physical health. It is recommendable to ensure your feline friend gets sufficient exercise, which can be challenging, especially if you live in the confined townhouse spaces. Fortunately, you do not need acres of […] More

  • best-cat-tree-for-large-cats

    Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

    Why does your cat need the best cat tree for large cats? The answer lies in the fact that a cat tree for large cats is stable and sturdy and has a wider base or some anchoring mechanism, so that it won’t topple as your pet scratches, climbs, or perches upon it. Regular-sized cat trees […] More

  • best-cat-scratch-deterrent-spray

    Best Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray

    Securing the best cat scratch deterrent spray will teach your cat not to engage in things like chewing on the rug or scratching the furniture. Cats are beautiful and fun animals, but they can create huge mess if not well controlled. Luckily, a deterrent spray will stop them from damaging your furniture, hence help the […] More

  • cat-tree-that-looks-like-a-tree

    Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

    A cat tree that looks like a tree will provide your cat with hours of physical and mental stimulation all in the comforts of your home. Indoor cats often do not use regular cat trees simply because they do not look like a real tree. But when a cat tree shaped like a tree is […] More

  • cat-running-wheel

    Cat Running Wheel

    A cat running wheel is the best way to get an indoor cat (or an overweight cat) to exercise daily. If you are at your wit’s end as to how to get your cat to indulge in regular physical activity, then a cat exercise wheel or a cat treadmill can help A cat treadmill wheel […] More