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  • are dentastix good for dogs

    Are Dentastix Good for Dogs?

    ‘Are Dentastix good for dogs?’ is a question many pet parents wonder about. After all, vets recommend these dental treats, so they must be pretty good for your dog’s teeth. Let us learn everything there is to know about Dentastix™ and whether they are safe for pets. Just in case you are in a hurry, […] More

  • best dog food for anal gland issues

    Best Dog Food for Anal Gland Issues

    The best dog food for anal gland issues helps keep your pet’s stools dry and firm. This food is close to what dogs would eat in the wild – minimally processed and with limited ingredients. It also contains plenty of fiber to firm up your dog’s stools and allow smoother passage of bowel movements. Vets […] More

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    Best Dog Food for French Bulldog with Skin Allergies

    The best dog food for French bulldog with skin allergies typically contains single, highly digestible protein source with prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion and enhanced gut microflora. It also ideally contains balanced omegas and vitamins for promoting healthy skin barrier. We have listed 5 such foods (both dry and wet) for your sensitive French […] More

  • best dog food for cavapoo

    Best Dog Food for Cavapoo

    The best dog food for Cavapoo is ideal for the breed profile of these dogs that are cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodles. Cavapoos are small dogs that are highly energetic. They have a fast metabolism which causes them to burn a lot of energy throughout the day. David Anderson, the author of […] More

  • are milk bones bad for dogs

    Are Milk Bones Bad for Dogs?

    Are milk bones bad for dogs? If you are wondering about the ingredients in milk bones, then this guide is for you. Milk bones are a controversial subject among vets. Many vets believe that these dog treats contain carcinogenic ingredients. Moreover, many brands of milk bones also have real milk. Some dogs could be lactose […] More