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  • what do Yorkies usually die from

    What Do Yorkies Usually Die From?

    What do Yorkies usually die from? As sad as this question may be, we Yorkie owners have to consider it at some point in our pets’ lives. Thankfully, this hardy breed does not have too many health issues. In general, Yorkies could die from respiratory illnesses, accidents/trauma, certain cancers, and also heart or liver-related problems. […] More

  • are yorkies good with kids

    Are Yorkies Good with Kids

    Are Yorkies good with kids? They mostly are provided you socialize your Yorkie to children from an early age and also teach your children to respect your Yorkie. There are many advantages in kids growing up with dogs but as a pet parent, you need to ensure that the dog you bring home also likes […] More

  • do yorkies get cold

    Do Yorkies Get Cold?

    Do Yorkies get cold? Yorkies shake and tremble all the time – winter and summer – so it can be difficult for pet parents to know exactly why their Yorkie is shivering. Is it really cold, or is there some other reason? Also, how cold is too cold for our Yorkies? Yorkies can get quite […] More

  • why do Yorkies shake

    Why Do Yorkies Shake?

    Why do Yorkies shake, pant, and tremble? What are the reasons? Is it cold? Afraid? Stressed? Or anxious? Is there something wrong with my pet? Is it hurt or injured? These are just a few of the fearful thoughts that race through a Yorkie parent’s mind when they see their Yorkie shaking. You see, Yorkies […] More

  • do yorkies like to cuddle

    Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

    Do Yorkies like to cuddle? If you are wondering whether your Yorkshire Terrier likes to cuddle, then the answer is yes, most Yorkies love to cuddle with their loved ones, all the time. There are a few Yorkies who might be a bit aloof but, in general, this dog breed is very affectionate, loyal, and […] More

  • in

    Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

    Can Yorkies be left alone? As much as you’d like to take your pet everywhere with you, it just isn’t possible at times. We certainly cannot take our Yorkies with us to the movies, restaurants, and especially to work. So what do you do when you have to leave your Yorkie alone at home? In […] More

  • do yorkies get attached to one person

    Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

    Do Yorkies get attached to one person? If you are raising a Yorkie, chances are you have wondered about this many times. And you may or may not be that ‘person’ that your Yorkshire Terrier attaches to. You see, it is just a dog-thing. Yorkies, like most dogs, cannot help getting attached to one ‘master’ […] More

  • what is the average lifespan of a Yorkie

    What Is The Average Lifespan of a Yorkie?

    As Yorkie parents we all want to know: ‘what is the average lifespan of a Yorkie?’ In most cases, Yorkshire terriers live up to 16 or 17 years. The average estimated lifespan or the median lifespan for yorkies is about 13.5 years. In this guide, we will discuss: What is the average lifespan of a […] More

  • when do yorkies stop growing

    When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

    When do Yorkies stop growing? The answer is usually 12 months or one year. This means that your Yorkshire Terrier is fully grown by the time it completes one year of age. In this guide, we will cover the following important topics for a Yorkie owner about their pet’s growth: When do Yorkies stop growing? […] More

  • do yorkies get cold

    Do Yorkies Like to Swim?

    Many Yorkshier terrier families ask the question: Do Yorkies like to swim? There is no simple answer to this question. As is the case with humans, some Yorkies love swimming while others despise it. However, it also has a lot to do with early socialization. If you start taking your Yorkie out to the pool […] More

  • why are Yorkies so hard to potty train

    Why Are Yorkies So Hard To Potty Train?

    Why are Yorkies so hard to potty train? The answer could lie in the breed’s stubbornness, but it mostly has a lot to do with your consistency and patience during training. In this guide, we will talk about: Why are Yorkies so hard to potty train? Checklist of items you will need for training How […] More

  • yorkie vaccine schedule everything you need to know

    Yorkie Vaccine Schedule – What You Need to Know

    Following a strict Yorkie vaccine schedule can help protect your little pet from many deadly diseases. Your Yorkie’s good health depends on a good diet as well as the ongoing health care you provide it. An important part of ongoing healthcare includes the vaccinations your Yorkie must receive in its first year followed by the […] More

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