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  • Can Chihuahuas Eat Chicken Bones?

    Can Chihuahuas Eat Chicken Bones?

    Have you ever caught your Chihuahua salivating with those eyes that scream “can I have a bite?” when you pick up a chicken bone? Does that make you wonder Can Chihuahuas Eat Chicken Bones? If so, here’s the right article! In this article we will learn about: Can dogs eat cooked chicken bones? What happens […] More

  • How To Take Care Of A Senior Chihuahua

    How To Take Care Of A Senior Chihuahua?

    Bonding with an elderly animal is among life’s most gratifying experiences. Whether you’ve had your Chihuahua since she was a tiny puppy or you rescued her later in life, aged Chihuahuas are both charming and vulnerable. If you’re confused about How To Take Care Of A Senior Chihuahua; the DOs and DON’Ts, read this. In […] More

  • Can Chihuahuas Eat Cheese?

    Can Chihuahuas Eat Cheese?

    It is confusing for pet owners to determine what human food items can be given to their Chihuahua, especially in the case of dairy products. Chihuahuas have a longing to eat dairy products like yogurt and cheese, but the question is, Can Chihuahuas eat cheese? More importantly, is it even safe to feed your Chihuahua […] More

  • Why Are There So Many Chihuahuas In Shelters?

    Why Are There So Many Chihuahuas In Shelters?

    Overwhelmingly, Chihuahuas are the most commonly found dogs in shelters despite their friendly nature. Chihuahuas are also popularly found in many Hollywood movies. So, the question remains, why are there so many Chihuahuas in shelters? This article will answer just that, giving various reasons.  Why Are There So Many Chihuahuas In Shelters? There are so […] More

  • Why Chihuahuas Are The Best?

    Why Chihuahuas Are The Best?

    Coco has made me the most blessed Chihuahua mom since she has entered my life. I often think of adopting another Chihuahua because I feel that Chihuahuas are the best loving dogs. For those who are thinking Why Chihuahuas Are The Best, here’s why. Why Chihuahuas Are The Best? Chihuahuas are a small dog breed […] More

  • Why Were Chihuahuas Bred?

    Why Were Chihuahuas Bred?

    Chihuahuas are small and loving pets. However, my little Chihuahua turns into an aggressive hunter at the sight of rodents. It made me wonder if it has something to do with their ancient dogs. This made me look for answers about Why Were Chihuahuas Bred? After thorough research, I came up with a bunch of […] More

  • Why do Chihuahuas attach to one person?

    Why Do Chihuahuas Attach to One Person?

    Do you want to understand why do Chihuahuas attach to one person? You will find many Chi owners saying the same thing too! In this guide, we will cover: 5 Tips that can help you help your Chi if it is strongly attached to one person 9 Reasons why Chis form strong attachments with one […] More

  • how-to-fatten-up-a-chihuahua

    How To Fatten Up A Chihuahua?

    Are you worried about your little Chihuahua’s health? Do you stress about his weight? Do you often ask yourself this question that How to Fatten up a Chihuahua? Different breeds of dogs have different body structures. This also makes a difference in their day-to-day requirements.  Chihuahua belongs to small breed dogs. They are naturally small […] More

  • what-age-do-chihuahuas-go-into-heat

    What Age Do Chihuahuas Go Into Heat?

    If you haven’t spayed your Chihuahua, then it is important for you to understand every aspect of your dog’s heat cycle. Most importantly you should know what age do chihuahuas go into heat so that you can provide comfort to your pet. Read this article to understand when your Chihuahua goes into heat and how […] More

  • are-chihuahuas-hard-to-housebreak

    Are Chihuahuas Hard To Housebreak?

    I was so excited when my parents finally agreed to get me a dog. I was literally squealing with delight! My parents got me a chihuahua and it’s the cutest thing ever, but it has been really hard to housebreak. It seems like no matter what we do, our chihuahua just won’t stop peeing in […] More

  • are-chihuahuas-good-with-babies

    Are Chihuahuas Good With Babies?

    Shelly couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of her little long-coat chihuahua dog, Daisy being friends with her newborn baby. Daisy had always been a friendly and curious dog. She is very playful and loved to snuggle. But would Daisy be too rough with the baby? Shelly can’t help but wonder: Are Chihuahuas Good […] More

  • Can Chihuahuas see in the dark?

    Can Chihuahuas See in The Dark?

    A few years ago, a friend had called me with the question ‘can Chihuahuas see in the dark?’ when her elderly Chi started bumping into things. Later, the dog even lost its daytime vision owing to severe hypertension. The pet got on okay within the house and the yard, but a year ago, they had […] More

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