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  • Can Chihuahuas see in the dark?

    Can Chihuahuas See in The Dark?

    A few years ago, a friend had called me with the question ‘can Chihuahuas see in the dark?’ when her elderly Chi started bumping into things. Later, the dog even lost its daytime vision owing to severe hypertension. The pet got on okay within the house and the yard, but a year ago, they had […] More

  • are-chihuahuas-fussy-eaters

    Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?

    Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters? Benny the chihuahua was fussy about his food. His owner had to make him six different meals a day and Benny refused to eat anything unless it was in one small dish and served in a particular order. Okay, I understand that this is an extreme story of a Chihuahua called […] More

  • where do Chihuahuas like to be pet

    Where Do Chihuahuas Like to Be Pet?

    A neighbor asked me the other day ‘where do Chihuahuas like to be pet?’ It was a good question since my Chihuahua Bella is rather finicky about it. She does not like it when people try to pet or pat her on her head. I believe she perceives that to be a threat. Like most […] More

  • Why is my Chihuahua throwing up?

    Why is My Chihuahua Throwing Up?

    Help! Why is my Chihuahua throwing up? No pet parent wants to utter these words ever. It is extremely distressing to see a Chi (or any dog for that matter) throw up. Believe me; vomiting may actually do your Chihuahua a world of good. Given the number of putrid, disgusting, and rank things many dogs […] More

  • are-chihuahuas-hard-to-potty-train

    Are Chihuahuas Hard To Potty Train?

    On the way back from the office, I was stopped by a Pet Shop to buy a new crate and exercise pen for my wife’s newly bought puppy. There, I was fascinated by a young fluffy Chihuahua puppy with her cute little face appealing me to hold her in my hands. However, my wife’s words […] More

  • why do Chihuahuas hide their food

    Why Do Chihuahuas Hide Their Food?

    Why do Chihuahuas hide their food ? You have cleaned your house from the attic to the basement in preparation for your in-laws’ visit. Your mother-in-law sits on the couch, gets a funny expression on her face, reaches under the sofa, and pulls out a bone. Clearly you didn’t pass the inspection. Thanks Fido! Well, […] More

  • how much should a chihuahua eat a day

    How Much Should a Chihuahua Eat a Day?

    ‘How much should a Chihuahua eat a day?’ This is among the many questions Chihuahua parents might face at some point or another and an important one at that. Answers to ‘how often’ and ‘how much’ a Chihuahua should eat on a daily basis are crucial components of maintaining its health and well-being. The Chihuahua […] More

  • are Chihuahuas high maintenance

    Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance?

    One of the first questions potential Chihuahua parents ask is: ‘Are Chihuahuas high maintenance?’ ‘Are Chihuahuas hard to take care of?’ After all; no one wants a high maintenance dog. We all want pets that are easy-to-manage. The good news is that the Chihuahua breed is fairly easy to maintain and take care of. Being […] More

  • why do chihuahuas bite ankles

    Why Do Chihuahuas Bite Ankles?

    Why do chihuahuas bite ankles? Chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds of toy dogs due to their cuteness. However, you may not agree that their ankle biting habit is cute! Is it a learned bad behavior or an innate habit for them? In this article, I’m going to answer a few important questions […] More

  • Are Chihuahuas Prone to Skin Problems

    Are Chihuahuas Prone to Skin Problems?

    Are Chihuahuas prone to skin problems is one of the first questions many new Chi parents ask their vets about. You see, this breed is indeed quite sensitive and delicate and resultantly, they tend to suffer from skin problems like rashes, blisters, dandruff, skin allergies, etc. Skin problems could arise due to numerous reasons- right […] More

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