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  • can cats drink green tea

    Can Cats Drink Green Tea

    Can cats drink green tea? I am a green tea addict – after all, there is poetry and sentiment in every cuppa! Isn’t it great that cats can also drink green tea? Yes, I checked with my vet and he said that it is okay to feed cats green tea, although in moderation. And that’s […] More

  • why is my cat licking the walls

    Why Is My Cat Licking The Walls?

    ‘Why is my cat licking the walls?’ – If you are asking this question too often, then it may be time to see your vet. You see, there are many causes behind cat’s excessive licking including pica – a common chewing-sucking behavior seen in young cats. One thing is for sure: you should never overlook […] More

  • can cats eat mint leaves

    Can Cats Eat Mint Leaves?

    Can cats eat mint leaves? When I was new to cat-parenting, I wasn’t aware of the fact that catnip or catmint aren’t the same as mint leaves. A friend told me to remove all mint plant from my kitchen garden – since mint happens to be very toxic to cats. Now I am wiser and […] More

  • 31 toxic foods for cats


    1. Onions A staple in almost any kitchen and most recipes is a toxic food for cats! Onions are dangerous for cats if ingested therefore, it is best to keep onions in your kitchen in a secured container and out of reach of your cats. 2. Garlic My vet told me that garlic can break […] More

  • how does an indoor cat get worms

    How Does an Indoor Cat Get Worms?

    How does an indoor cat get worms is a question every pet parent needs to think about. Worms can be very troublesome and you must think about ways of preventing and eliminating them. To aid the treatment, you need to first identify the kind of worms your cat has. This way, you can find the […] More

  • top entry litter box pros and cons

    Best Top Entry Litter Box Pros and Cons

    This top entry litter box pros and cons guide will help you make an informed choice on selecting the right box for your pet. Top entry litter boxes have gotten a bad rap – many pet parents find its design too confining for their pets. In reality, they can make great options for cat parents […] More

  • best flushable cat litter

    Best Flushable Cat Litter

    The best flushable cat litter is free from toxins and chemicals and can be flushed without harming our waterways. You can even compost this litter for your garden. Thankfully, we have many great options today to safely dispose of cat litter in the toilet without clogging the septic tank. In this guide, we are reviewing […] More

  • best litter boxes for pine pellets

    Best Litter Boxes for Pine Pellets

    The best litter boxes for pine pellets let you use your favorite pine cat litter, allow the crumbled sawdust to fall through, and prevent wastage as well. They also prevent tracking and make cleanup a lot easier. If you and your cat love pine litter, then you must check out these 5 best litter boxes […] More

  • best sifting litter box for pine pellets

    Best Sifting Litter Box for Pine Pellets

    The best sifting litter box for pine pellets saves you time and hassles on back-breaking cleaning and allows you to use the box with your cat’s favorite pine pellet litter. Sifting pans also reduce thrown-away litter which is great for your pocket as well as the environment. So, without further delay, let us find out […] More

  • best sifting litter box

    Best Sifting Litter Box

    The best sifting litter box consists of multiple pans (two or more) with a sifting pan in-between. To clean out the mess, simply lift out the sifter (and along with it the poo or wet/clumpy mess) while the clean litter falls through the sifter into the pan beneath. Imaging how easy litter box cleanupcan become […] More

  • best low entry litter box for senior cats

    Best Low Entry Litter Box for Senior Cats

    The best low entry litter box for senior cats help make entering and exiting the box a lot easier for a feeble old cat with health issues like joint aches, arthritis, and reduced mobility. If your cat getting on in years and seems to display signs of trouble using a traditional litter box with higher […] More

  • best escape proof cat harness

    Best Escape Proof Cat Harness

    An escape proof cat harness is a must if you plan to take your cat out on a walk. The best cat harness for walking fits snugly around the cat’s body making it impossible for your pet to escape. Today, there is a great deal of variety available in cat walking harnesses. If you are […] More

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