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  • why do dogs eat boogers

    Why Do Dogs Eat Boogers? 11 Reasons + 6 Tips

    Dogs sometimes do gross things and it isn’t too surprising if you find yourself asking the question ‘why do dogs eat boogers’? It can be puzzling and exasperating if you find your dog picking your boogers or eating its own boogers. In this guide, we will discuss: 6 Tips to prevent your dog from eating […] More

  • Why Is My Dog Biting Herself

    Why Is My Dog Biting Herself? 15 Reasons + 5 Tips

    You have guests at your house and suddenly you watch your dog biting on herself. Things start to get really embarrassing. You then question why is my dog biting herself? Well, we will answer just that in this article. You will also learn: 5 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Biting Herself 15 Reasons Your […] More

  • Why Does My Dog Lick Metal

    Why Does My Dog Lick Metal?

    Do you notice your dog licking metal and wonder why does my dog lick metal? It is normal behavior for dogs to lick things but it might worry you. In this article, we will discuss: 5 tips to stop your dog from licking metal 10 reasons why your dog is licking metal And much more… […] More

  • how to keep dogs from stinking?
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    How to Keep Dogs From Stinking? 14 Dog Hygiene Tips

    Wondering how to keep dogs from stinking? Stinky dogs are no fun!  If you are looking for ways to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean, then these tips can help. In this guide, we will cover:  14 simple and effective tips to keep dogs from stinking.  Possible reasons behind dogs’ stinky smell. And a […] More

  • Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish

    Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish?

    Wondering what that rotten fish smell is and pondering upon why does my dog’s breath smell like fish? Should you be worried? Maybe a little. In this article, you’ll find out: 11 reasons why your dog’s breath smells like fish 9 tips on how to get rid of your dog’s fishy breath And a lot […] More

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