Do Yorkies Have Human Hair?


Have you noticed your Yorkshire Terrier’s long, silky mane and marveled at how similar they are to your own? The smooth, long strands might uncannily resemble the hair on your head. Read on to know: Do Yorkies Have Human Hair?

Even though Yorkies are the smallest of any dog breed, grooming them can be an onerous responsibility. Like human hair, they’ll require trimming to avoid split ends and to keep it tamed and neat. Shampooing and conditioning are a must for cleanliness and the prevention of infection.

Do Yorkies Have Human Hair?


Yorkies’ long, silky hair bears a remarkable resemblance to human hair, in texture and in appearance, even though it is not the same. The main similarity lies in the fact that Yorkies don’t have fur or even an undercoat but hair follicles like human beings.

Because of the similarity, this hypoallergenic breed makes for a practical choice among hypersensitive pet owners.

Why Do Yorkies Have Hair Instead Of Fur?

Yorkies originate in Scotland and England; having long hair instead of fur might’ve shielded them from harsh winters. Yorkies lack underfur and have a coat of hair, not of fur.

There are two prominent types of coat:

1. Cotton Coat

These coats are thick, not so long that they reach the ground, and wavy. The hairs tend to grow out in curly waves which can make the Yorkie’s coat dense and prone to matting.

Cotton coats typically require more upkeep and grooming. Most pet owners opt for short hair in Yorkies for easier maintenance. 

2. Silky Coat

Silky coats are the defining characteristic of the Yorkshire Terrier. Their smooth, straight, and glossy hairs are capable of growing very long. The biggest challenge with silky terrier coats is proper moisturization and brushing to prevent tangles and matting.

How To Take Care Of Yorkie Hair?


It takes some work to keep a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat healthy. Here are some tips to keep your Yorkie’s hair at its healthiest:

1. Use Natural Shampoos

Yorkies have sensitive skin: natural and organic ingredients will prevent your pup’s skin from drying or being laced with harsh chemicals. Use quality shampoos and dog conditioners with minimal and simple ingredients for best results.

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2. Don’t Bathe Too Often

While bathing your pooch gets rid of the pesky dust particles or bacteria that might lodge themselves between the long hairs, bathing your Yorkie often can strip his body of the natural oils and secretions that keep him healthy and safe. Stick to once every three weeks or so.

3. Brush Religiously

Brushing the Yorkie’s coat is perhaps the most important step in grooming. Regular brushing gets rid of dead hair and dander. It also ensures minimal tangles and matting in Yorkies.

The action of brushing massages your Yorkie’s hair follicles and pores. This stimulation gets his blood flowing and allows oxygen to circulate the surface of the skin, aiding hair growth.

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Try to stick to a scheduled time when you brush your pup’s hair. Consistent timing can discipline your dog and make you more alert to any issues in his coat.

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4. Exercise

Your Yorkie needs to move around and lead an active lifestyle to remain healthy and alert. Play sessions and the physical and mental stimulation they provide improves the overall health of your Yorkie. In turn, it can improve the quality of his hair and coat.

How Can I Make My Yorkies Hair Silky?


Below are few suggestions to make your Yorkie’s hair silky:

1. Bathe Every Three Weeks

Frequent baths can strip Yorkie’s coat of natural oils and secretions. Few baths lead to the accumulation of dust and dander, which can cause skin irritation. The three-week mark is a healthy compromise for your Yorkie. 

2. Use High-Quality Products

Using good quality dog shampoos and conditioners is crucial. Many products have harsh chemicals that may not suit your pup’s skin.

Look for plant-based products with a pH balance between 6.5 and 7.5. Preservative ingredients like parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde-based preservatives, isopropyl or SD-40 alcohol, dyes, and artificial fragrances must be avoided while bathing your Yorkie. We recommend Bio-groom Pet Silk Conditioning Creme.

BIO-Groom Silk Creme Rinse Dog Conditioner (12 oz.)

3. Brush Regularly

Combing your Yorkie’s coat regularly and using the right brushes is essential. Choose a combination of soft-bristled brushes meant for dogs with fine, delicate coats to prevent damaging it. Boar bristle brushes can massage and give your Yorkshire pup’s coat a lovely shine. Use a flea comb if you suspect your pup is having skin problems.

4. Protect With A Leave-In Conditioner Or Spray 

Leave-in products repel dirt and debris and add a layer of moisturization to your Yorkie’s hair. Some products can protect your Yorkie from freezing winter air and harsh sun rays in the summer. 

How Often Should A Yorkie Be Groomed?

The coveted Yorkshire Terrier coat requires regular and diligent upkeep. Consistent grooming not only keeps his coat healthy, but it can also prove to be a relaxing and enjoyable process for both of you.

1. Trimming

Frequent trimming, once every three to four weeks, is essential for Yorkies.

2. Brushing

Daily brushing is a must if you want to avoid knots and mats in your Yorkie.

3. Bathing

Try to bathe your Yorkie once every three weeks or so, mandatorily. Accumulated oils and dust settled in their coat can clog pores, cause skin irritation, increase hair loss and prevent healthy growth in your dog. 

Depending on the activity levels of your pooch, you can bathe him every one to four weeks. 

How Can I Make My Yorkie’s Hair Grow?


Every Yorkie is different and some may take longer for their hair to grow. Below are few things that you can follow to make your Yorkie’s hair grow:

1. Nutrition

Foods that are high in fatty acids enhance hydration and shine in dogs’ coats. Read food labels and look for high-protein foods for your Yorkie that encourage the production of the hair protein keratin and maintain healthy hair follicles.

2. Brushing and Massaging

When your pooch has his coat brushed, it stimulates blood flow and allows oxygen to circulate throughout his body, thus boosting hair growth and health.

3. Shampooing

When you shampoo your Yorkie, use gentle circular motions to lather him up. Massaging stimulates the hair follicles and dislodges dander and dirt to expose healthy, breathable skin underneath. And healthy skin always equals healthy hair. 

Is Coconut Oil Good For Yorkie Hair?

Coconut oil is good for Yorkie hair health because it can prevent skin infections. It contains Vitamin E, which keeps your dog’s coat shiny and moisturized.

Coconut oil can also aid digestion and has healthy fatty acids. Coconut oil-based treats or food can improve the texture of your Yorkie’s coat as well as his overall health.

Most dog owners love Petsmont Organic Coconut Oil for their yorkie’s coat and skin’s supplement.

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What Age Do You Start Grooming Yorkies?

Yorkies can begin grooming as soon as their hair grows long enough, around nine or twelve months. There is no harm in trimming the hair as early as puppyhood if it grows long and tangled.

Why Is My Yorkies Hair So Thin?

Below are the key reasons why your Yorkie’s hair may appear thin:

1. Single Layer Coat

Yorkies have a single-layer coat and also lack an undercoat or underfur which can make it seem like they have thin hair. They also have fewer hair follicles per square inch than any other dog breed.

2. Improper Nutrition

Lack of nutrition and improper Yorkshire coat maintenance can also make your Yokie’s hair appear thin. 

3. Puppy Coat’s Are Thinner

The Yorkshire puppy coat is usually thin. As your pooch ages, his hair will grow thicker.


4. Infections and Allergies

The Yorkshire Terrier is highly prone to skin infections and allergies, often triggered by dust, flees, chemicals in products, and parasites. The hair loss may go unnoticed and make your Yorkie’s hair look thin.

5. Underlying Medical Condition

Although cases are rare, there are some medical conditions that affect the skin and coat of your Yorkie and result in severe hair loss. Some of them include:

  • Parasites: demodectic mange, ringworm, etc
  • Thyroid issues
  • Telogen effluvium, a temporary stress-related condition
  • Severe scratching triggered by allergies
  • Canine diabetes
  • Folliculitis, inflammation of hair follicles

How Can I Make My Yorkies Hair Thicker?

Make sure your Yorkie receives proper nutrition and coat care. Use a detangling spray so you don’t have to tug knots and mats out and risk damaging the hair follicles.

Ensure proper nutrition for your Yorkie. If your Yorkie is suffering from some allergy, make sure you take that into consideration while feeding him.

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How Do I Stop My Yorkies Hair From Matting?


Many Yorkie owners swear by leave-on detangling spray to keep their Yorkies’ hair from matting during the day.

Frequent brushing also prevents your Yorkie’s hair from matting. If the knots are larger and tougher, go over it with a wide-toothed comb and then one with narrow teeth.

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Can You Use Human Clippers On A Yorkie?

Ideally, human clippers should not be used for Yorkie or any other dog grooming. This is because of the increased risk of injuring your pooch. Although the silky terrier’s hair is almost identical to human hair, it is not advisable to use human clippers as it is trickier to navigate joints. 

Human clippers don’t last as long as dog clippers, so the extra investment in clippers meant exclusively for dogs is worth it.

Does Yorkie Hair Stop Growing?

Yorkie hair can grow quite long and even reaches the floor when they reach adulthood. Like human hair, your Yorkie’s hair stops growing if there are split ends or breaks and becomes damaged.

Yorkshire pups have fine, smooth hair for the first nine to twelve months of their lives: during this period, hair growth is slow.

How Do I Make My Yorkies Hair Fluffy?


If you want that fresh, luxurious fluffy hair, consider using a blow dryer after shampooing and conditioning your Yokie’s hair. Blow-drying incorporates air and gives an appearance of fullness and shine.

Finish off the look with a leave-in spritz or conditioner to hydrate and moisturize your Yorkie’s coat so that the hair stays in clean individual strands doesn’t get matted.

How Do I Get My Yorkies Hair Straight?

While blow-drying you Yorkie’s hair after a bath, use the lowest setting and brush the hair straight down.

After you’re done drying the coat, finish off with a light spritz of water mixed with a little conditioner. 

Conclusion: Do Yorkies Have Human Hair?

This toy breed is popular among dog owners because of its boldness, easy maintenance, and eternal puppy face. Their dog coat, which closely resembles human hair, takes some effort to maintain. Now you know the answer to Do Yorkies Have Human Hair? Now you can make sure your Yorkie never has to go ahead with another bad hair day!


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