Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

I have noticed that my once normal-sounding Yorkie is now snorting like a pig. That strange noise made me concerned for my little pet. This led me to ponder upon Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

As my worried self, I took my Yorkie to the vet and she explained the various reasons on Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

Read this post to know why your Yorkie snorts like a pig sometimes and what you can do to help your Yorkie in such situations.

Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig? Top 6 Reasons

Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

When you first hear the strange noise of your Yorkie snorting like a pig, you will be concerned. But there is no reason to worry most of the time. These grunting sounds are usually because of a phenomenon called reverse sneezing. However, there might be some underlying problem with the sudden snorting sounds that your Yorkie is making.

Let us have a closer look at the different reasons for pig-like snorting in your Yorkie.

1. Irritation in Nose

Sometimes when the allergens enter through the nasal passage of your Yorkshire Terrier, it triggers irritation. Because of this irritation, there are certain uncomfortable reactions like sneezing and snorting.

There is nothing to worry about if your Yorkie snorts for a bit. The snorts will dial down in under a minute, as soon as your Yorkie finds a way to exhale. But, if your Yorkie does not stop snorting, then take your pet to the veterinarian.

You can take a look at the best foods if your Yorkie is suffering from allergies here. 

2. Collapsed Trachea

A collapsed trachea is rarely the case for a Yorkie to snort like a pig, but it is one of the possibilities. The trachea transports air from a dog’s nose to its lungs. Any damage to it will result in snorts in your dog. It can also be fatal sometimes if the problem is left unaddressed.

The windpipe consists of cartilage rings and when those rings collapse, the condition of the collapsed trachea is caused. This may happen because your Yorkie’s rings are weak genetically or you pulled too hard on your pet’s leash.

It is best that you consult a vet immediately to find out if the cause of your Yorkie’s pig-like snorts is tracheal collapse and start its treatment promptly. 

As a loving Yorkie owner, it is your instinct to provide comfort to your pet. You can try doing these things to prevent collapsing trachea in your dog.

3. Reverse Sneeze

Reverse sneezing, also known as paroxysmal respiration can happen in all dog breeds. It can be alarming for you if your Yorkie never did it before. Reverse sneeze is a result of an irritation caused on the soft palate of your Yorkie. 

The soft palate computes the area in the rear end of your Yorkie’s mouth that controls the functions of breathing, vocalization, and swallowing. When there is an irritation in that area, the trachea will become narrow, making it difficult for your Yorkie to breathe.

As a result of the narrowed trachea, the dog will inhale through its nose, whose consequence will be a reverse sneeze episode.

The most common breeds that experience reverse sneezing are Yorkies, Shih Tzu, and pugs. 

Reverse sneezing will clear up in under a minute, but if it takes longer than that, you should take your Yorkie to the vet.

As a dog owner, you will want to relieve your Yorkie’s discomfort. Here are some do’s and don’ts when you see your Yorkie getting a reverse sneeze:

  • Massage your Yorkie’s back gently to calm it down. This will help keep your Yorkie steady through the reverse sneeze.
  • Tap gently on your pet’s nose to encourage it to swallow. Your Yorkie’s spasm will probably stop after this
  • Your Yorkie will try to breathe deeply to get enough air, so don’t hold it tightly because it will make your Yorkie scared.
  • Don’t try to put your hand in your Yorkie’s mouth because it might try to bite you.

If you want to know more about reverse sneezing in Yorkies, have a look at this video.

4. Sleeping Position

Small dogs like Yorkies have small airways and when they lie in a position wherein their nostrils don’t get enough space to take the air in, they will make a pig snort sound.

Make sure that your Yorkie sleeps comfortably in a position with its nostrils free to breathe easily.

You can get a nice orthodpedic bed for your Yorkie so that it can sleep comfortably in it without having to scrounge for a sleeping corner. 

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5. Small Nostrils

Some dogs have small nostrils or narrow trachea which makes it difficult for them to breathe, especially small breeds like Yorkies. The breathing becomes more difficult while sleeping as they breathe deep to get proper air. 

As a result of deep breathing through a smaller airway, your Yorkie will resort to snorting for comfort. 

The dogs that have short noses with a flat surface often make more grunting noise than other dogs. These dogs belong to the brachycephalic breed who are more susceptible to breathing problems.

6. Excitement

When your Yorkie gets excited, the air rushes into the small space of its nostrils which causes it to snort like a pig. Your pet will breathe too much air in because of the excitement and the snort is just your dog’s way of releasing the extra air. It is just the way they breathe and it is nothing to worry about. 

Snorting is not much different from snoring, where the air coming out of your Yorkie’s windpipe vibrates out of its nose. Snorting once in a while does no harm, but if it continues, then take your Yorkie to the veterinarian.

Do the Piggy Snorts Indicate An Illness In Your Yorkie?

Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

The piggy snorts do not indicate any illness in your Yorkie and aren’t harmful to your pet if they happen once in a while. It is normal for your Yorkie to snort or reverse sneeze sometimes because of nasal irritation. 

However, sometimes when the sneezes and snorts are prolonged, it may be because of some other underlying disease. It is advised that you take your Yorkie to the vet for anti-inflammatory medication.

If the reverse sneezing is coupled with a little bleeding, it might be that your Yorkie is suffering from nasal mites. Take your pet to the vet immediately and keep your Yorkie away from any other dogs. Follow your vet’s instructions to treat your Yorkie’s nasal mite.

Treatment for the Pig-Like Snorts For Your Yorkie

1. Find The Root Cause 

The first thing you should do when you see your Yorkie snorting is finding out the root cause of its snorting. If your Yorkie is excited to see you or play with you, it is common for it to snort. Also, when it is on a leash and you accidentally pulled too hard on it, your Yorkie will make the snorting sound.

If not for these reasons, then you need to pay closer attention to when and why your Yorkie is snorting like a pig.

2. Getting Your Yorkie Tested

If your Yorkie’s snorts or sneezes have gotten severe or are caused by an underlying disease, you will have to take medical treatment for your dog. It is possible that the snorting in your dog is caused due to chronic rhinitis or a nasal sinus. 

Take the help of your vet to determine what is causing the continuous snorting.

You can get your Yorkie’s clotting status determined or check for any bacterial or viral infections to know what is the root cause of your Yorkie’s snorting.

3. Follow Your Vet’s Instructions 

After the results of your veterinarian’s tests, you will understand the severity of the problem. Depending on that, you will either have to give your Yorkie some antibiotics or resort to surgery to get rid of your Yorkie’s snorting problem. 

How Can You Help Your Yorkie With Pig-Like Snorts?

The pig snorting episode in your Yorkie will end as soon as your Yorkie figures out a way to exhale through its nose. There are very rare instances where your Yorkie will develop any underlying illness from the grunting.

To help your pet in this pig snorting episode, you can:

  • Gently massage your dog’s throat or its back so that it can swallow. This way, the irritant in your Yorkie’s throat will clear out.
  • Another trick to help your snorting dog is to hold out its tongue so that there will be more passage of air through your dog’s nostrils. You will know that it is working when your small dog stops making the snorting sound.

Can You Prevent Your Yorkie From Snorting Like A Pig?

It is not always possible to prevent your Yorkie from snorting like a pig, but you can take some precautionary measures from your end to keep your Yorkie away from anything that might cause the pig snort effect. 

Here are some things that you can practice from your end to keep your Yorkie away from pig snort sound effects.

  • You can use a harness instead of a collar to take your Yorkie for a walk. This will prevent any additional pressure on your Yorkie’s neck.
  • Try keeping your Yorkie in a controlled temperature environment like in the A.C on hot days.
  • Try maintaining a healthy weight for your Yorkie so that it does not have any breathing problems.
  • Keep your Yorkie away from allergens like pollen when you take your pet for a stroll in the park.
  • Keep an eye out for what your Yorkie sniffs so that there are no irritants in its upper airway.

FAQs About Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig

1. Why Can’t My Yorkie Breathe When He Snorts?

When your Yorkie starts to breathe rapidly through its nose succeeded by a snort, it is possible that your Yorkshire Terrier is experiencing reverse sneezing. The breathing will go back to normal as soon as your Yorkie exhales.

Pharyngeal gag reflex, most commonly known as reverse sneezing, is caused by irritation in your Yorkie’s nose and as soon as the irritant leaves your Yorkie’s nose, your pet will stop sneezing. 

2. Why Does My Yorkie Keep Snorting Continuously?

Snorting isn’t much different than sneezing, where your dog exhales air out of both, mouth and nose. Snorting is a result of irritation in your Yorkie’s nose and as soon as the irritants get out of your Yorkie’s nose, your pet’s snorting will stop.

Continuous snorting can also be a result of a sinus infection which can lead to a respiratory disease if left untreated. If your Yorkie is sleeping under the Air conditioning, its sinuses are probably acting up, causing continuous snorting. 

3. Why Does My Dog Grunt When I Pet Him?

In most cases, a dog’s grunt means that your dog is satisfied with the activity that it is doing and is happy. It is an involuntary action that roots from relaxation in dogs. 

Most puppies grunt while playing with their littermates and while they are eating food. Adult dogs grunt when they are petted or are shown affection by their loved ones. A lap dog will grunt while resting on the furniture with its owner.


We hope that you got the answers you were looking for while finding out Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig? Most of the time it is because your Yorkie is experiencing a reverse sneezing episode. It is common in smaller breeds because of their airways being small. 

Just pet your Yorkie on its back or on its throat and your Yorkie will settle down in just a minute. If the snorting continues, then take your Yorkie to see a vet because there might be some underlying issue for the continuous snorting.

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