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  • can-chihuahuas-be-service-dogs

    Can Chihuahuas Be Service Dogs? Is It Really True?

    We were shocked by the bones when we first saw Chihuahua wearing a service dog vest. The first thing that came to our mind was, Can Chihuahuas be Service Dogs? Like you, we also thought that only German shepherd, Labrador retriever, or golden retriever could reach the status of a service dog. But a small […] More

  • why-do-chihuahuas-shake

    Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?

    A few years back, I got myself a cute little chihuahua and since then it has been a part of my life. As a Chihuahua owner, I cannot stress enough how much I love my little bundle of happiness. However, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes along when you own a chihuahua. For instance, […] More

  • when-do-chihuahuas-lose-their-baby-teeth

    When Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth?

    When Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth? Losing your baby teeth is such a big event when you’re growing up, it’s natural to wonder if chihuahuas go through the same process. It turns out that they do! We understand that this teething period can be a very stressful time for both you and your chi […] More

  • why-are-chihuahuas-so-scared

    Why Are Chihuahuas So Scared?

    Why are chihuahuas so scared? Chihuahua dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds. Sadly, they also happen to be one of the most timid and fearful dog breeds as well. Why is this? There are a few different reasons why your chihuahua may be afraid. It could be because they have been abused […] More

  • what-temperature-is-too-cold-for-chihuahua

    What Temperature Is Too Cold For Chihuahua?

    During winter, I took Coco, my little short-haired chihuahua on a walk in my neighborhood. I was quadruple layered with an inner shirt, shirt, sweater, and coat, while my pet was cheerfully scuffling in front of me, with only the leash around her neck. This was when I began to wonder, what temperature is too […] More

  • Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

    Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

    After many years of yearning to be a dog owner, I finally became a parent to my beautiful, feisty long-haired Chihuahua. That was an exciting time, but then the dreadful thought of having to leave him alone at home set in. I set out to find answers to the popular question, “Can Chihuahuas be left […] More

  • can-chihuahuas-eat-sausage

    Can Chihuahuas Eat Sausage?

    Can chihuahuas eat sausage? Do you know that a single sausage is equivalent to three burgers in your dog’s world!?! When you see your adorable chihuahua begging for chunks of sausage, it’s hard not to think about “Can chihuahuas eat sausage?” The truth is that Chihuahuas can eat sausages. But the next question to ask […] More

  • can French bulldogs eat apples

    Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples

    I live by the adage ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Since all of us want our Frenchies to live long and healthy lives, we naturally wonder ‘Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples safely?’ We all know about the wonderful health benefits apples have for humans, but are they also good for our furry […] More

  • why do French bulldogs fart so much

    Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much?

    Why do French bulldogs fart so much? I wondered about this one Sunday afternoon, when I heard a toot followed by a toxic whiff. It was my 6-year old Frenchie snoring happily at my feet. Indeed, French bulldogs are cute and cuddly but they also happen to fart (a lot!) and often with passion and […] More

  • how long do Frenchies live

    How Long Do Frenchies Live

    How long do Frenchies live? Agnes Sligh Turnbull rightly said once: ‘Dogs’ lives are too short. – their only fault really’. If you have your heart set on a Frenchie, then you might often wonder ‘how long do Frenchies live’. We all want our beloved pets to live forever, don’t we? The good news is […] More

  • why do French bulldogs cry so much

    Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

    Why do French bulldogs cry so much? Frenchie parents: Fess up! How often do you wish you knew what your Frenchie’s crying meant? Chances are – pretty often! After all, this breed is notorious for its crying. But the thing is: you must understand that crying is your french bulldog’s way of talking to you. […] More

  • in

    Can Cats Eat Raspberries? Safe or Not?

    Cats being strict carnivores eat meat to acquire nutrients and proteins, but can raspberries offer the same? Well, Raspberries contain very useful nutrients, such as vitamin A, C and k, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, and dietary fiber. These nutrients are not only important for increasing brainpower and fighting obesity in humans, but also to our […] More

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