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  • why-do-dogs-smell-when-they-come-in-from-outside

    Why Do Dogs Smell When They Come In From Outside? 14 Reasons + 5 Tips

    Do you ever notice your dog smelling bad after a trip to the dog park or the outdoors? Well, if you are wondering Why Do Dogs Smell When They Come In From Outside? We’ve got the answers for you. Through this article we will discuss: 5 practical tips to control the foul smell 14 reasons […] More

  • Why Does My Dog Lick Metal

    Why Does My Dog Lick Metal?

    Do you notice your dog licking metal and wonder why does my dog lick metal? It is normal behavior for dogs to lick things but it might worry you. In this article, we will discuss: 5 tips to stop your dog from licking metal 10 reasons why your dog is licking metal And much more… […] More

  • Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish

    Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish?

    Wondering what that rotten fish smell is and pondering upon why does my dog’s breath smell like fish? Should you be worried? Maybe a little. In this article, you’ll find out: 11 reasons why your dog’s breath smells like fish 9 tips on how to get rid of your dog’s fishy breath And a lot […] More

  • what-happens-if-a-dog-holds-his-poop-too-long

    What Happens If A Dog Holds His Poop Too Long?

    Is your dog not pooping or peeing for hours? Are you worried about What happens if a dog holds his poop too long? Poop and pee are two natural phenomena for every living being. A dog has its own frequency of pooping and peeing. Some go in every two hours while others need to go […] More

  • do-dogs-eat-their-puppies-if-you-touch-them

    Do Dogs Eat Their Puppies If You Touch Them?

    Whenever you see a pup or come across a litter you can’t resist the urge to hold that little furball and caress it. But have you heard about the popular belief and think Do dogs eat their puppies if you touch them? It is a long-standing myth that has been debated several times but it […] More

  • do-dogs-itch-more-in-summer

    Do Dogs Itch More In Summer?

    Now that summer is here you might often see your dog a bit preoccupied with itching which is not the case in other seasons. And you must be wondering: Do dogs itch more in summer? While it is absolutely normal for dogs to itch more as compared to humans, this itchiness can vary from season […] More

  • how-to-fatten-up-a-chihuahua

    How To Fatten Up A Chihuahua?

    Are you worried about your little Chihuahua’s health? Do you stress about his weight? Do you often ask yourself this question that How to Fatten up a Chihuahua? Different breeds of dogs have different body structures. This also makes a difference in their day-to-day requirements.  Chihuahua belongs to small breed dogs. They are naturally small […] More

  • should-i-feed-my-dog-before-or-after-morning-walk

    Should I Feed My Dog Before Or After Morning Walk?

    As a dog owner, walking your dog is a part of your morning routine. But you may have doubts like, ‘Should I Feed My Dog Before Or After Morning Walk?’ This might seem like a simple question but the consequences of feeding your dog at the wrong time can have fatal consequences. Read on to […] More

  • do-yorkies-have-human-hair

    Do Yorkies Have Human Hair?

    Have you noticed your Yorkshire Terrier’s long, silky mane and marveled at how similar they are to your own? The smooth, long strands might uncannily resemble the hair on your head. Read on to know: Do Yorkies Have Human Hair? Even though Yorkies are the smallest of any dog breed, grooming them can be an […] More

  • what-age-do-chihuahuas-go-into-heat

    What Age Do Chihuahuas Go Into Heat?

    If you haven’t spayed your Chihuahua, then it is important for you to understand every aspect of your dog’s heat cycle. Most importantly you should know what age do chihuahuas go into heat so that you can provide comfort to your pet. Read this article to understand when your Chihuahua goes into heat and how […] More

  • why-do-dogs-sit-next-to-you-in-the-bathroom

    Why Do Dogs Sit Next To You In The Bathroom?

    A dog is your shadow, following you around everywhere. He is always curious about what you are doing and why. As a dog owner, you might have often wondered, ‘Why Do Dogs Sit Next To You In The Bathroom?’ The reason behind this dog’s behavior is heartwarming and beautiful. Read on to find out the […] More

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