How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

Yorkies are known for their silky, long coats that swish around. But this can also cause a lot of irritation to your pet Yorkie, and often, you may be left pondering: How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

In this article, we will shed some light on How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes. You will learn about 

  • The Top 6 Ways on how to keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes
  • And much more…

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

Yorkies have hair rather than fur. Use a doggy hair tie and tie up your Yorkie’s hair. You can also use a tiny brush or a comb, to comb the hair away from your Yorkie’s eyes and towards the crown area. Securely tie it up with a tiny bow, but not too tight.

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes? Top 6 Ways

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

1.Tie It Up Into A Top Knot

If your Yorkie’s hair is getting in the way of its vision, it is always better to tie it up on the top. If it is long enough to be tied, tie it up into a topknot using a non-latex grooming brand. We would advise you not to use a regular rubber band as it can break really easily and may hurt your dog a little bit. 

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Here are some steps to tie up the Yorkie’s hair into a topknot:

  • Place your Yorkie on something stable. You might want to make sure that your dog is comfortable enough so that it doesn’t move every two seconds. It makes the entire process much easier. Tell your dog to lay down.
  • Take the dog brush and brush the hair on the top of your Yorkie’s head. Make sure you don’t leave out any tangles.
  • Section out a part of the hair above the eyes. The larger the section you take, the larger the topknot will be. 
  • Take the section and twist it twice near the base to get all the hair secure in the knot.
  • Take the non-latex grooming band and tie it around the twisted section. Twist it once tightly about an inch from the base of the hair section. Twist it again for the second time so that the knot is secure. It is pretty much the same process you would implement in tying human hair in a ponytail.
  • Clip the bow over the band. And, there you go! Your Yorkie has a cute little pony and no hair blocking its eyes.

Take a look at this great video that will be helpful and will surely answer your question: How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

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Things To Consider:

Before you tie up your dog’s hair, here are a few points you should take into consideration:

  • You wouldn’t want to leave your dog unattended with the topknot. If it succeeds in taking the band off, it could swallow it which could lead to choking or potential intestinal blockage. 
  • Don’t leave it on for too long. Your dog doesn’t need a topknot when it is sleeping. It would make it uncomfortable for the dog.
  • Avoid tying the topknot too tight. You might also want to avoid pulling the hair when you’re tying it up.
  • If you took your Yorkie to get groomed recently, then it won’t be necessary to tie it up. Wait for a few weeks.

Thus, tying up your Yorkie’s hair is the simplest way to keep the hair out of his eyes.

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2. Use Water and Tie Up The Hair

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

The growing out stage after coming back from the groomers is the most nerve-wracking and challenging time for dog owners. The dog’s hair isn’t long enough to tie it into a knot. But, we have a solution for you. 

You can use water to wet the hair and brush it into a bunch which makes it easier to tie. 

You won’t have to worry about any spikes coming out of the knot. It can help the knot stay tied for a longer time.

Thus, slightly wetting your pet’s hair and tying it will solve the issue of hair irritating your Yorkie’s eyes.

3. Use Hair Gels Formulated For Dogs

Instead of using water, you can also use a hair gel to make sure the dog’s hair stays in place for a longer period of time. Yes, there are hair gels specially made for dogs like this one

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The gel gives top knots texture and volume, and it softens as it is brushed. The amount of gel used and the type of hair used will affect the hold. If necessary, the gel can be reapplied. After applying the gel, there is no need to wash it off. 

By using a gel, you can be assured that hair won’t come out of its place, thus ensuring that your dear Yorkie isn’t irritated with the hair.

4. Use Hair Clips

You can also use hair clips to clip the top area so that your Yorkie’s stray hair can stay in place. They don’t have to be big. A big clip may cause irritation to your Yorkie.

You can take a look at the little, cute hair clips like this one

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5. Cut It Short

If you don’t want to go through the fuss of tying up your Yorkie’s hair every day, then you could always opt to cut it short. 

A Step By Step Process:

Here is a step by step process to cut the hair around the Yorkie’s eyes:

  • Make sure your dog is tired enough to sit still while you trim its face. Have some treats in your hand to make sure it follows your commands.
  • Make your Yorkie sit at a convenient height, for example, your waist or chest. You’ll be able to see its face clearly and be eye-to-eye with your dog as a result. It will also be easier on your body to cut the dog on a raised surface rather than leaning over the entire time.
  • Comb the hair around the face. If you want to cut the fur on the neck and top of the head, comb these areas as well. I would suggest you use a fine-tooth dog comb to gently untangle all the knots and remove any debris from your Yorkie’s coat. Begin by combing out only the tips of the fur and removing any large knots. Then, work your way down to the base of the fur, making sure all knots are gone.
  • Start by cutting the fur between the eyes with your straight dog grooming scissors. This is a particularly delicate part of the procedure. Avoid poking your dog with scissors. Cut the fur on both sides of the nose bridge with the very tip of the scissors. Keep the fur in that area short so that it does not obstruct your dog’s vision.
  • With your comb, pull the fur above the eyes forward and then grab the line of fur with your fingers. Cut across the forehead with your thinning shears at the line you’ve pulled forward with your fingers.
  • Then, starting at the top point of the ear, cut along the jawline down to the chin, following the folded edges of the ear. The goal is to create a single visual line that runs from the tip of the ear to the bottom of the chin.
  • Reduce the length of the fur between the eyes to the longer length on the sides of the nose gradually. Start with the clippers close to the skin at the top of the nose, then move the clippers further away from the skin as you move over the muzzle.
  • Brush the entire head to ensure that all parts of the cut are evenly distributed. To make sure you like the cut, look at all of the angles where the dog’s fur on the face, ears, chin, and neck meet. If you notice a problem area, return to it while your Yorkie is still in the proper position.
How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

If your dog is not holding still and you’re afraid you may hurt it, then I suggest you take it to a professional groomer. They are well-trained and experienced. It is the best option.

Check out this video as a guide:

6.  Wipe & Clean Your Yorkie’s Eyes and Face Daily

Because a Yorkshire terrier’s eyes are prone to certain problems, it’s critical to keep them clean. Getting into a good eye-cleaning routine now can help you avoid health problems later.

Flushing the eyes with a saline eye rinse will help to remove any irritating particles. This may aid in the prevention of future gunk accumulation. Using a natural dog eye wipe is probably the safest and most efficient way to do this. To soften your Yorkie’s eye boogers, place the wipe under his eyes for several seconds. 

Wipe the eyes clean after that, and repeat until all of the gunk is gone. If the clumping is severe, use an eye wipe or warm water to soften the build-up, then use a fine-tooth comb to help pull the gunk from the hair. 

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Should You Cut The Hair Around Yorkies Eyes?

Yorkies have long, luxurious hair that falls over their eyes and even reaches their noses. 

It should, however, be trimmed for two reasons: the Yorkie will have a clearer vision and thus enjoy life more, and the Yorkie’s risk of eye infections will be reduced because there will be no hair to irritate them.

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

Trimming the hairs around the eyes should be done with extreme caution because Yorkies’ eyes are especially sensitive. The goal is to remove excess hair just enough to clear the dog’s field of vision while removing any curls that can irritate the eyes.

How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Eyes?

Below are a few of the simplest ways to clean your Yorkie’s eyes:

1. Trim your Yorkie’s facial hair

Keeping your Yorkie’s facial hair trimmed will help keep his eyes clean and germ-free. With blunt-nosed scissors, trim the long fur around your Yorkie’s eyes. 

2. Keep the bedding clean

Wash and vacuum your Yorkie’s bedding on a regular basis. Lint and dust particles can get into your dog’s eyes while it sleeps. Keeping the bedding clean will help you avoid this issue. Avoid using perfumed detergents because they may irritate your pet.

You can check out this amazing detergent to keep your Yorkie’s bedding clean.

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3. Use saline eye rinse to clean the eyes

According to Dr. Malcolm Weir, DVM, flushing the eyes with a saline eye rinse will help to remove any irritating particles. This may aid in the prevention of future gunk accumulation. Check out this eye rinse that works great for Yorkies.

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Using a natural dog eye rinse is probably the safest and most efficient way to do this. To soften your Yorkie’s eye boogers, place the wipe under his eyes for several seconds. Wipe the eyes clean after that, and repeat until all of the gunk is gone. 

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How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Face?

How To Keep Yorkie Hair Out Of Eyes?

A healthy face is one that is clean. If you don’t clean your Yorkie’s face, there is a possibility that the bacteria can grow in the skin folds. This can lead to irritation and infection in your Yorkie. 

Below are the symptoms of  bacterial infection in your dog as pet PetMd:

  • Itching
  • Redness on skin
  • Lesions
  • Hair loss

Maintaining a clean and tidy appearance on his face is an important grooming task. Some Yorkies will enjoy having their faces washed, while others will turn away and try to flee before finding the nearest mud pit. 

Every now and then, give your dog a good scrub. 

According to PetMD, here are some steps you can follow to clean your Yorkie’s face:

  • Place a large bowl beside you filled with warm, not hot, water
  • Brush the hair around his face and on his ears with a brush 
  • Wring out a face cloth or other clean cloth that has been dipped in warm water 
  • To remove matter or tear stains, dampen a cotton ball and dab it around the eyes

Bathe your Yorkie once every 2 to 4 weeks if he looks smelly or dirty, or if his skin feels too dry. Excessive bathing can cause dry skin, which can be very uncomfortable. Yorkies need a certain amount of oil to keep their coat and skin healthy.

Why Do Yorkies’ Eyes Water So Much?

In the case of Yorkies, tears aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The discharge is caused by the eye’s natural self-cleaning process. It smoothes the optical surface, lubricates the eyes, and removes debris.

However, there are cases when excessive tears can be a sign of underlying issues too.

According to PetMD, Distichiasis, or abnormal eyelashes, grow from the meibomian gland duct at the edge of the eyelid in Yorkies. The position of the breed’s eyelashes can cause a variety of eye-related issues, including tearing, squinting, corneal abrasions, and scarring, but the most common is ocular discharge. 

Apart from this, allergies, foreign materials, and underlying eye problems can cause excessive water production in the Yorkies’ eyes. 

So, if your Yorkies’ eyes water a lot more than usual, then it is best to consult a vet.

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