Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

Are you observing any unusual behaviors in your dog? Are they exhibiting intense emotions such as howling, whining, barking, growling, and other bizarre behavioral patterns? If yes, there’s a probability your adult dog is sexually frustrated.

This is a relatively common behavior to expect from canines at some point; fortunately, there are some ways to cope with this unusual behavior.

Here are some practical ways for those dog owners who want to know the way to provide Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog.

In this article, we will learn about:

  • 16 Effective Ways Of Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog
  • 7 Signs of a sexually frustrated dog
  • And more…
Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

Sexually frustrated dogs usually show erratic behavior symptoms like humping, growling, and many more. To stop your pet dogs from exhibiting such behavior, you can try distracting your dog by taking them for a walk or playing with them to calm their primal instincts.

16 Effective Ways Of Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog 

There are a few approaches that dog owners may adopt to provide relief to their sexually frustrated male dogs. 

There are two broad strategies for controlling your dog’s sexual frustration. The first strategy is an internal one that entails assisting and supporting your dog, while the second is an external strategy that involves minimizing temptations in the environment.

With that in mind, here are some strategies for calming your sexually frustrated dogs:

1. Provide Engaging And Interactive Toys

Provide Engaging And Interactive Toys

According to Dr. Leslie Gillette, DVM, the easiest way to keep a dog happy and less stressed is to chew and play with toys.

Does playing with my dog also help them with calming their frustration?


Dogs enjoy playing with toys. Playing with them will divert their attention away from their sexual urges, and this is probably the quickest way to provide relief for sexually frustrated male dog.

You can give them the toys they usually play with, or you can give them chew toys or rope toys like KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys, Zutesu, and Zeaxuie.

2. Get A Water Spritzer

Do dogs hate water?


They, on the other hand, despise getting wet.

According to PetMD, some dogs simply do not enjoy getting wet.

When you notice a sexually frustrated dog in their elements, that is humping and jumping around in the house and looking disturbed, sprinkling them with water can calm them down.

The water will help them relax from their aroused sexual tension and will also deviate from frustration. 

3. Neuter Your Dog

Neutering your dogs is probably the first option that naturally crosses your mind when you get a gist that your dog is sexually frustrated.

According to the VCA Hospital, neutered dogs have:  

  • Less sexual urges
  • Lower risk of developing testicular cancer
  • Less aggression
  • Longer lives than unneutered dogs
  • Less likelihood of separation anxiety

Given all of the advantages, neutering appears to be the best option on the list. There is, however, a minimum age limit for canines to be neutered. 

According to PetMD, the standard age for spaying or neutering dogs is between 4 and 6 months. So it is better to consult the vet regarding neutering your dog.

4. Reward Them For Their Calm Behavior 

Rewarding your dog is another effective way to lift their spirits.

When you witness your dog being aggressive, try out the methods we explained in the earlier points, like giving them toys or playing with them. 

Once they have calmed down, reward them with their favorite treats.

Will it work?

It most definitely will, and you will be more surprised at how your dog behaves calmly, expecting more rewards from you. 

Here are some treatment recommendations that can fill your pup’s stomach: Good 'N' Fun, and Dog Treats Beef And Chicken Jerky Sticks.

5. Keep The Male Dog Physically Active

 Keep The Male Dog Physically Active

If you ever notice your dog humping or engaging in inappropriate behavior, it is most likely due to boredom.

The boredom can be fixed by indulging in activities that burn their energy. Indulging in physical activities is one way to tackle your dog’s primal urges.

According to PetMD, here are some activities you can take part in with your dogs:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Playing fetch

Not only do your dogs get distracted, but they will also get more connected to you and become more active and healthy.

6. Spend More Time With Your Dog

Though humping is a symptom of sexual frustration, it does not always indicate that your pet is experiencing sexual frustration.

According to AKC, dog humping is also a sign of being stressed.

Spend more time with them. Play with your dogs more and take them for walks on a routine basis.

Your dog will probably have no time to think about any other activities with all your attention.

7. Walk Alongside With Them

Though it is natural to assume that your dog’s unusual behavior of endless humping and whining is sexual frustration, that is not always the case.

It can also be because of boredom.

Dogs that are not taken out for walks enough will try to relieve their boredom by humping.

There is no better option other than active physical activity that can help relieve their frustration.

Not a fan of any tedious physical activity?

Just a simple walk along with your dog is enough to lift their spirits.

8. Distract Your Dog

Distract Your Dog

Whenever you see your dog humping, call out their name.

Calling their name out of nowhere will immediately draw their attention to you and take them out of the mood.

Do this every time you see them humping.

If calling their name doesn’t work, try using a firm tone or strong commands like ‘stop’ or ‘no.’

You can also distract them by showing their favorite toys and inviting them to play.

Usually, calling their names and commands will stop them from further continuing, so try not to yell or shout at your dogs.

9. Use Timeout 

Even after trying out all possible methods, your dogs haven’t seen to be calmed down?

Now, you have no options but give your dogs timeouts.

Time out is a dog training method where the owner isolates a dog whenever the canine does something unruly.

Here we talk about humping and other extreme behavior like excessive whining, barking etc.

How to Do Doggy Time Out?

When you see your pup humping:

  • Command them to use strict commands like ‘stop’ or ‘enough or ‘time out.’
  • Grasp his collar gently and walk them to a room or space where your pet will feel bored and leave them there alone for not more than 30 seconds.

Your dog’s irregular behavior will most likely be calmed down after a short time.

Timeouts are one of the most effective methods for controlling your dog’s undesirable behavior.

However, make sure not to be too harsh on them and try not to stretch their sentence. It only takes 30 seconds to one minute to revert your dog to its usual demeanor.

10. Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement Methods

Humping is a natural primal instinct of canines.

According to Dr. Wailani Sung, MS, Ph.D., DVM, DACVB, dogs spending most of their time humping is hardly a good sign and maybe a sign of compulsive behavior.

Try tackling this by reinforcing positive methods. Use command words like ‘stop’ or no.’

Though it is not easy to handle your pet’s behavior with just commands, try using them with a firm undertone. Your pet will probably sense the sudden tone change and stop whatever it does.

Once they have stopped, treat them with their favorite treats.

Though controlling your pet’s behavior with orders is challenging, consider employing them with a firm undertone. Your pet will most likely notice the sudden tone shift and halt whatever it does.

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11. Use Soothing And Calming Medicines

Treats do help to control your pet’s unruly behaviors. Not always, though.

If your pet exhibits unpredictable behavior such as excessive perspiration, barking, or panting, they are likely suffering from anxiety.

In such dire circumstances, it is recommended that you take your pet to the vet right away and have them administered medication to help them relax. You can also give them CBD supplements.

According to PetMD, offering your dog CBD oils or chews will help soothe their anxiousness.

Soothing meds will help bring back your pet to its usual cheery behavior.

Aromatherapy can also be used to improve your dog’s mood. Utilize natural scents like lavender or chamomile in your diffusers, or use relaxing fragrances in scented candles. Because dogs have a natural propensity for smelling even the slightest odors, the soothing aromas will bring them peace and tranquility.

Here are some essential oil recommendations: Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil, MAJESTIC PURE Chamomile Oil, and Gya Labs Rosemary Essential Oil.

12. Opt For Chemical Castration

Opt For Chemical Castration

Chemical castration is another effective but temporary method of controlling your dog’s sexual aggressiveness.

Chemical castration is an alternate form of neutering that involves implanting a hormonal chip called Suprelorin between the dog’s shoulders, releasing active components to suppress the dog’s testosterone levels.

The results are similar to neutering in that your dog will be free of sexual impulses for a short period.

Chemical castration is a temporary yet effective solution for reducing your dog’s sexual drives, and it lasts for around six months.

Owners will not need to worry about chemical castration as there are no detrimental effects. According to the VCA Hospital, however, some noticeable adverse effects include weight gain, which can be managed by taking your pet for walks, and changes in coat quality. 

13. Keep Female Dogs Away

Controlling a dog’s sexual frustration is complex, and things can get considerably worse if a female dog appears in the picture. The male dogs might start to act more vehemently or try to mount and exhibit more unusual behavior.

If you raise male and female dogs in the same environment, the scenario becomes even harder to handle.

According to Dr. Michael Kearley, DVM, a female unspayed dog’s estrus or heat cycle can last anywhere from a few days to four weeks.

The simplest way to avoid dog pregnancy is to separate the male and female dogs by putting them in a separate room or kennel.

Another thing to keep in mind is that female dogs only have heat cycles twice a year, so you won’t have to undergo such a hard time frequently.

14. Mask Any Female Dog’s Scent In The House

According to Dr. Michael Kearley, DVM, when a female dog goes through a heat cycle, it releases a scent to attract male dogs.

So you have no choice but to take some measures to mask away from the female dogs’ scent.

Cleaning your pet’s toys and environment can assist, but it’s not the greatest option. To keep the odor under control, utilize enzyme cleaners like ANGRY ORANGE, Rocco and Roxie, and BUBBAS to keep the scent in control. 

The enzyme cleaners are effective because they contain ingredients like peppermint oils, citrus oils, shea butter, beeswax, and many more, which are adept at controlling any kind of smell.  

15. Mask Any Urine Smell In The House

You’ve most probably heard that animals use urine to mark their territory. True, but if your well-behaved female dog does it out of nowhere, she is not marking her territory but instead diffusing the scent to attract other male dogs.

To get rid of the scent, you will need to clean the area with good soap and enzyme cleaners.

Enzyme cleaners are products that use beneficial microbes that produce enzymes that break down compounds present in organic materials such as urine, feces, and food.

According to PetMD, dogs can smell 100,000 times better than humans. So, even if you clean the exact location several times, the odor will go away for you but not for the dogs. So it is necessary to use enzyme cleaners. 

16. Board Them With A Relative Or Friend 

If you are a pet lover who raises many pups of both genders, you will have difficulty separating your male and female dogs during the estrus cycle.

If separate rooms or kennels do not make things better, seek the assistance of a friend or relative.

Leaving your pets with a relative or friend for a while will help to de-escalate the situation and any potential aggressive behavior.

7 Signs Of A Sexually Frustrated Dog

7 Signs Of A Sexually Frustrated Dog

Now that we’ve discuss how to provide relief for sexually frustrated male dog, it’s also important to understand the signs of it.

There is a widespread misconception that a dog humping indicates that it is sexually frustrated. However, humping is not necessarily a sign of sexual dissatisfaction, and there are seven other signs of sexual frustrations in dogs that dog owners should be aware of:

1. Licks His Genitals

When you notice your dog licking its genitals, it’s likely one of their many ways of expressing their frustration. One of the ways they relieve their sexual frustration is by licking their swollen genitals.

According to the VCA Hospital, dogs licking their genitals frequently can indicate that they have sores, allergies, or a urinary tract infection. 

2. Masturbating Or Humping

Humping is an obvious symptom that your dog is experiencing sexual dissatisfaction. It’s also an unsettling behavior, so take your dogs on walks or give them their favorite treats to divert their attention away from their primitive instincts.

It’s also worth noting that humping doesn’t always imply sexual desire. According to the AKC, excessive humping can signify prostate problems or other infections.

3. Whines All Day  

Are you unable to understand why your dog is whining all day? Did you check for all possible wounds and infections? Then it’s possible that your dog might be feeling sexually frustrated and needs to be calmed down. 

You can use essential oil-scented spray or diffusers to get the pup out of its slump.

4. Remains Irritated

Is your pet exhibiting tantrum-like behavior by refusing to heed your commands and displaying signs of irritation?

This can be an indication that your dog is feeling sexually frustrated. 

5. Aggressive Behavior

If your normally peaceful dog becomes aggressive for no apparent reason, it’s possible that they’re agitated or suffering from severe sexual frustration.

According to PetMD, dogs with high testosterone levels may show violent aggression.

6. Restlessness

To relieve its primal urges, a dog usually runs around circles, humps, growls, and does every other energy-draining activity. So it is no surprise that they will feel restless after a while.

Distracting them from the beginning is the best way to keep them from becoming restless.

7. Not Adhering To Any Commands 

If your dog exhibits any of the above-mentioned symptoms, they indeed are sexually frustrated. But adding to the list, are they not also listening to your commands?

They are, without a doubt, at the peak of sexual frustration and aggressiveness.

How To Keep A Male Dog From Smelling A Female In Heat?

How To Keep A Male Dog From Smelling A Female In Heat

Aggressive humping, growling, whining, and mounting indicate that a male dog wants to mate. When a male dog and a female dog in heat are in the same area, the symptoms can worsen. Follow the appropriate measures to keep a male dog from sniffing a female in heat.

  • Separate the dogs by placing the female or male dog in a different room or space until the heat cycle has passed.
  • Use enzyme cleaners to conceal female dogs’ scents during heat cycles.
  • Take your dog for a stroll and play with them until they’re exhausted.
  • Consider using a doggy diaper. Putting a diaper on your female dog during her heat cycle will collect the discharges and mask their scent. As a result, the male dogs’ behavior is brought under control. 
Unneutered Male Dog Behavior 

Unneutered Male Dog Behavior 

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