What Cream Can I Put On My Dog’s Sore Bum?

Sore bums are not so uncommon in dogs. When I became a new pet parent, it was hard to see my dog suffering from a sore bum and not knowing what to do. I did not know back then- What Cream Can I Put On My Dog’s Sore Bum. But now, I know! So, if you are struggling too, this post is for you.

In this article, we will cover:

  • 4 Creams For My Dog’s Sore Bum
  • Can I Use Petroleum Jelly On My Dog’s Sore Bum?
  • 5 Home Remedies
  • And more….
What Cream Can I Put On My Dog’s Sore Bum

What Cream Can I Put On My Dog’s Sore Bum?

The best creams for your dog’s sore bum are Sudocrem, Zinc Cream, Neosporin, and Castor Oil Cream. If they are unavailable to you right now, you can apply Bepanthen Cream, Aquaphor, Benadryl Cream, or Germolene on your dog’s sore bum after exercising certain precautions.

Being a parent to a dog means you should be ready to experience the ugly side too. As much as you hate treating sensitive areas of your dogs, it is vital to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. 

So, when your dog is suffering from a sore bum, you need to step up and take all possible actions for treating sore bums. To soothe the pain in the bum, we have listed in detail the creams you can apply to them. So, let us dive into it!

4 Creams For My Dog’s Sore Bum   

Creams For My Dog’s Sore Bum   

1. Sudocrem

Sudocrem is an over-the-counter antiseptic cream used to treat diaper rashes in babies. It is an antibacterial, antifungal, and water-repellent cream that acts as a barrier to irritation and infections on the skin.

The main ingredients of Sudocrem are zinc-oxide and lanolin. While zinc-oxide is responsible for the protection against infections, lanolin hydrates and softens the skin.

Although it is not specifically designed for dogs, you can still use it to treat sore bum in dogs because of its versatile properties. However, it should not be applied in large quantities. 

Therefore, take a small quantity and gently dab it on the swollen part. Repeat it two times a day for effective results.

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2. Zinc Oxide Cream 

Zinc Oxide is processed synthetically from zinc materials. It is one of the main ingredients in anti-dandruff shampoos, baby diaper creams, astringent lotions, and antiseptics because it provides a protective layer to the skin and prevents abrasions and irritation.

For this reason, you can use it on your dog’s sore bum. Take a generous amount of cream on your hand and rub it on your dog’s bum. Repeat it twice a day, every day by the time the soreness vanishes.

3. Neosporin

It is an antibiotic cream to treat skin infections caused due to bacteria. It has primarily three antibiotics- neomycin, polymyxin B, and bacitracin. Together, they kill the bacteria on the skin surface to prevent infections.

The American Kennel Club states that bacitracin and polymyxin B are safe for topical use in animals, however the same cannot be said about neomycin. Thus, it is best to ask your veterinarian before applying it to your dog’s bum.

Also, if your vet approves of Neosporin, first, take a patch test as some dogs have an allergic reaction to this cream. If your dog isn’t allergic, clean your dog’s bum with warm water and apply twice daily.

4. Castor Oil Cream

Castor oil is a multipurpose and unscented oil derived from the seeds of the castor plants. It is widely used in ointments for nappy rashes and skin irritation. 

Additionally, castor oil has vitamin-E and fatty acids. More than 90% of the fatty acids are ricinoleic acid. It has pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. It is why you can use it for your dog’s sore bum.

Just like zinc cream, apply a small amount of cream on your dog’s bum and rub it thoroughly. Do it twice a day every day till the anal issue is resolved.

Remember one thing– These creams are only for topical uses in dogs. Therefore, watch your dog diligently so that it does not lick its bum after you have applied the cream.

Can I Use Petroleum Jelly On My Dog’s Sore Bum?

Can I Use Petroleum Jelly On My Dogs Sore Bum

Petroleum Jelly is a thick and wax-like paste that people use to treat minor bruises. In addition, it relieves and moisturizes dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Although it is not prepared specifically for canines, some people apply it to their dogs’ skin.  

But, never put petroleum jelly on your dog’s sore bum unless instructed by your veterinarian since there is no concrete evidence that it works. At times, dogs have adverse reactions to petroleum jelly that further aggravate the problem.

Can I Use Bepanthen On My Dogs Sore Bum?

Bepanthen is a nappy-care ointment for babies as it creates a barrier over irritated skin and prevents infections from increasing further. It is also popular among young people who look for moisturizers for their tattoos.

You can put Bepanthen on your dog’s sore after cleaning the bum area thoroughly as it contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep the dog’s bum hydrated and aids speedy recovery.

Additionally, bepanthen cream is waterproof. Hence, a few licks wouldn’t wear it off. However, if you have applied a heavy layer and your dog continuously tries to lick it off, it might have an upset stomach. So, keep a watch on your dog.

Can I Use E45 Cream On My Dogs Sore Bum?

E45 is a skincare product that moisturizes dry and cracked skin. It is also beneficial for people with eczema as it contains lanolin, white-soft paraffin, and liquid paraffin as its active ingredients. 

Generally, it is safe to use E45 on dogs as a moisturizer. But it does not have a substantial effect on sore bums as it does not fight bacterial infections in dogs. Also, lanolin smells tempting to a few dogs, so they might want to taste it. 

So, it is okay to use E45 temporarily till you find the precise antibacterial cream for your dog.

Can I Put Aquaphor On My Dogs Sore Bum?

Aquaphor is a healing ointment that treats skin burns from radiation therapy and restores smooth and healthy skin in humans. It is a dermatologist recommended for dry and cracked skin.

Many pet parents use Aquaphor for the same reason in dogs. But, it is safe to use Aquaphor on their sore bum also. The main ingredient of Aquaphor is hydrogen peroxide which is ideal for combating skin infections and bacterial infections.

Again, use it in a small amount for a few days as your dog might get a gastric upset if it licks it constantly.

Can I Put Vaseline On My Dogs Sore Bum?

Can I Put Vaseline On My Dogs Sore Bum

Vaseline is a specific brand of petroleum-jelly products that have anti-inflammatory properties. Just like other petroleum jellies, there is no proof that it can treat sore bum in dogs. 

 In many cases, dogs lick it as soon as you apply it around their rectum leading to a bad stomach, in worst cases, even death.

Can I Put Benadryl Cream On My Sore Dog?

Benadryl was developed by Johnsons and Johnsons and is sold all over the world today. It is given orally as tablets or applied topically as a cream. The main ingredient of Benadryl, diphenhydramine is known to treat allergies by reducing symptoms such as swelling and itchiness.

While it is a complete no to give human medications to dogs, it is not the case with Benadryl cream if given after your vet’s recommendation. 

Benadryl cream is completely safe for dogs if applied in a small amount. So, apply the cream twice a day for up to two days and see if there is any difference in your dog’s sore bum.

Can I Use Germolene On My Dogs Sore Bum?

Germolene is a dual-action antiseptic cream that can soothe the skin and prevent further flare-ups of infections. It treats insect stings, burns, cuts, bruises, and chapped skin in humans.

Again, Germolene is not made specifically for dog use, but you can still use it as your last resort around your furry friend’s genitals and bum. Just take a little amount of cream and dab it on your dog’s bum. Make sure your dog doesn’t lick Germolene as it contains ingredients unsuitable for the dog’s consumption.

If you are looking to use Germolene for a longer time, it is best to ask your veterinarian about it. Generally, we recommend using creams specifically made for dogs in the long term.

Can I Put Savlon On My Dogs Sore Bum?

Savlon cream is an antiseptic cream deemed safe for human use externally. It is safe for everyday use by humans and heals minor skin lesions and cuts. 

The main ingredients of Savlon are cetrimide and chlorhexidine gluconate which are toxic for both humans and dogs. So, if you have other options available to you, you must avoid putting Savlon on your dog’s sore bum as they might lick it.

In desperate times, it is okay to use it once or twice in very small amounts. But do not leave your dog unattended. Savlon is never a long-term solution for dogs, so buy the appropriate creams mentioned above as soon as possible.

Causes Of Sore Bum In My Dog 

To understand the prevention and treatment of sore bum in your dogs, the first thing is to know the reasons for sore bum in dogs. Most of these reasons are controllable if you take care of your dog’s health properly. 

The most common reason for sore bums in dogs is anal gland dysfunction. At times, the anal glands are infected and impacted. When your dog defecates, the anal glands empty the fluid to pass the poop easily.

When this does not happen, the soreness in the bum is supposed to happen. It is called anal impaction. Besides this, there are other reasons as well like:

  1. Bacterial Infections
  2. Constipation
  3. Food Allergies
  4. Rectal Tumors
  5. Grooming Cuts
  6. Skin Infections
  7. Ulcers

What Are The Signs Of Sore Bum In Dogs?

What Are The Signs Of Sore Bum In Dogs

A dog may show multiple symptoms if it has a sore bum. These signs are an indication that your dog is in great pain and discomfort. The most common sign is scooting on the floor or grass. 

The Animal Kennel Club states scooting as a sign of clogged or injured anal sacs in dogs. You also see this sign in breeds that go for frequent grooming sessions or have food allergies. Generally, scooting is clubbed with other symptoms such as:

  1. Licking the tail area
  2. Lethargy
  3. Lack of appetite
  4. Restlessness
  5. Biting the bum area
  6. Repeatedly scratching the bum area
  7. Foul odor
  8. Wound in the anal area
  9. Blood in stool
  10. Protruding anal tissue

Watch out for these signs. If you see more than one sign in your dog, it is best to consult a veterinarian and get the treatment started immediately to avoid trouble and complications in the future.

5 Home Remedies For My Dog’s Sore Bum

Apart from applying ointments and creams, here are five home remedies that you can try to relieve pain and prevent it from happening again.

1. Apply Warm Compress

Soak a towel in a mix of warm water and two spoons of Epsom salt. It is known to reduce pain and inflammation. Besides, it makes it easier for pups to pass stools next time.

Make your dog sit on it for around 10-15 minutes. Use your hands to make sure your dog stays in place. Repeat it twice a day till the soreness in the bum disappears.

2. Increase Good Bacteria

If your dog has anal gland issues that lead to soreness in the bum, you need to provide them with supplements that boost their functioning. 

The and for dogs is our recommendation for you! Follow the instructions on the pack. You are good to go!

3. Add Fiber In Diet

Add Fiber In Diet

Fibers have a stool-softening effect as they improve the defecation rate significantly. Thus, it is easy for dogs to pass their stools. It is why adding fiber in the form of supplements and food products is beneficial for your dog’s sore bum.

Introduce fiber slowly in their diet like boiled carrots and pumpkins. Avoid giving them all too much fiber at once as it can cause constipation.

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4. Increase Water Intake

Besides increased fiber intake, drinking an adequate amount of water is equally important. Dehydration can often lead to impacted anal glands and constipation. In case, your dog isn’t interested in drinking water, introduce more liquid to its food.

5. Regular Exercising

Finally, encourage your dog to exercise by giving him apt incentives. It is crucial for two reasons. First, active dogs can digest food faster, thereby increasing their urge to defecate. As a result, they put more pressure on the anal sacs to empty.

Second, fit dogs often have a better lifestyle. Thus, they can cope with infections, allergies, and other ailments. 

How To Prevent My Dog From Licking Their Sore Bum?

How To Prevent My Dog From Licking Their Sore Bum

By far, we have discussed how dogs should not lick some creams and ointments as they are hazardous to their health. So, how do you prevent your dog from licking its sore bum?

  1. Use a dog cone to prevent him from licking the infected wound or area. The dog cones are safe for your dog as they can easily sleep, eat, walk, sit, and poop while wearing them.
  1. Buy onesies for dogs to keep them covered after you apply the cream. It is an alternative to the cones and provides more comfort.
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