Best Escape Proof Cat Harness

best escape proof cat harness

An escape proof cat harness is a must if you plan to take your cat out on a walk. The best cat harness for walking fits snugly around the cat’s body making it impossible for your pet to escape.

Today, there is a great deal of variety available in cat walking harnesses. If you are confused which one it right for your pet, our list of recommendations might help you.

Just in case you are in a hurry, click on our short summary below to view our Top 5 reviewed products for the best escape proof cat harness:

  1. Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash for Walking
  2. Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash Adjustable Soft Mesh
  3. Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash & Padded Cat Vest
  4. AWOOF Kitten Harness and Leash Escape Proof, Adjustable
  5. Heywean Cat Harness and Leash - Ultra Light Escape Proof

Best Escape Proof Cat Harness – 2022 Top 5 Picks

best escape proof cat harness

Rabbitgoo cat harness leash set offers a secure closure thanks to 4 adjustable straps (2 neck and 2 chest straps) that can be locked with sturdy safety buckles. This ensures a snug fit and an escape-proof closure.

The harness easily fits standard-sized adult cats and its breathable mesh design keeps them comfortable and cool while walking.  

Rabbitgoo’s cat harness vest design prevents straining your cat’s neck and shoulders thereby reducing injuries and sprains.

What we like about it  

  • Provides secure hold around flexible feline bodies
  • Bright, reflective strips keeps cats visible in the dark
  • Sturdy harness with reinforced stitching
  • Easy to put on and off with fast-release mechanism

What we don’t like about it

  • A small percentage of cats found rabbitgoo cat harness vest restricting and uncomfortable.
rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash for Walking, Escape Proof Soft Adjustable Vest Harnesses for Cats, Easy Control Breathable Reflective Strips Jacket, Black, XS
  • Cat Harness with Leash, Fits Average Cats: Size measuring:Neck Girth: 8.5 -11 Inches, Chest Girth: 13.5 - 16 Inches. Please measure your cat carefully and refer to the size chart before order. (Tips: Your cat's head circumference should be at least 10 inches or your cat may slip out.) Package includes: 1x Small Cat Walking Vest and 1x Walking Nylon Leash (150cm)
  • Comfortable Outdoor Harness: This real comfy cat harness will snugly fit your feline friend's body, while still keeping him or her cool with its breathable air mesh. Soft and lightweight (approx. 100g), suitable for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. Also a perfect comfort harness when you’re taking your kitty to an unfamiliar place, such as the vet or groomer
  • Escape Proof Cat Harness: This adjustable kitty harness features 4 adjusting straps which allow a just-right fit for your flexible cat. Both sides have a sturdy safety buckle for a more secured closure - never worry about your cat getting lost during outdoor adventures (Tips: The harness should be snug enough for you to fit one finger between the straps and any part of your cat's body)
  • Cat Safety Harness: You can attach the long, sturdy nylon leash to the metal leash clip on the back, allowing your kitty to explore the great nature safely and enjoyable. Its vest-style design can evenly distribute leash pressure across the chest and shoulder to prevent choking or neck strain, which is much safer and more comfortable than a basic halter or H-style harness. The reflective strips will keep your kitty always visible in dark environments
  • Hassle-Free Overhead Harness: This easy-wearing harness is simple to put on and take off with 2 snap side-buckles and 4 fully adjustable straps. (Tips: To help your sensitive friend get familiar with this new feeling of wearing a harness, try to place it near your cat during sleeping or feeding time)
best escape proof cat harness

An adjustable slider, double metal ring, and a strong buckle all make PUPTECK harness vest the best escape proof cat harness.

It is available in 4 different sizes so you can ensure a snug fit for your pet.

Soft-yet-sturdy Velcro straps at the neck combined with a plastic closure prevent your pet from wriggling out of the harness.

PUPTECK cat walking harness is made of soft breathable material that prevents overheating and keeps your pet comfortable while walking. Attach the leash securely in two metal D-rings and you are good to go!

What we like about it

  • Multiple Velcro straps make this harness completely escape-proof
  • Snug and sturdy fit
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting cat harness
  • Leash is of a reasonable length
  • Easy to put on and take off

What we don’t like about it

  • The thick band at the neck could obstruct a cat’s vision while sniffing.
PUPTECK Soft Mesh Cat Vest Harness and Leash Set Puppy Padded Pet Harnesses Escape Proof for Cats Small Dogs Rabbits Bunny, Black Medium
  • [TIMELESS DESIGN] - Compared with other very fancy cat harnesses, this one uses a very simple vest-style design, and it is a solid color, which is classic and never out of date. It's always an excellent harness no matter when your cat wearing it. The harness is suitable for cats, puppies, small breeds dogs, small animals, and rabbits. Please refer to our size information to confirm.
  • [STANDARD MATCH] - Yes, you will receive a vest harness and a walking leash for one purchase. We already put the best matching together, so you don't need to purchase them separately, you save money and time!
  • [PREMIUM MATERIAL] - The harness is made of non-toxic polyester materials, and we adopted an air-mesh design, which is very soft and breathable for cat-wearing. Even though on hot days, your cat still will feel cool and comfortable. Besides, the harness is so lightweight, your cat won't feel any pressure during walking or running.
  • [EASY TO OPERATE] - You can quickly put this harness on your cat's body even though your cat doesn't like it! Just need three steps: open the neck and chest closure, let your cat's head and front leg through, and finally reclose the harness, done! The back of the harness has two D-rings which allow you to connect the leash, it's very durable!
  • [MULTI SIZES FOR CHOICE] - [Small: Neck girth 6"-7.5", Chest girth 8.5"-10.5"]; [Medium: Neck girth 7 - 8.5", Chest girth 10.5"-12.5"]; [Large: Neck girth 8.5"-10.5", Chest girth 12.5"-16"]; [X-Large: Neck girth 10.5"-13", Chest girth 14"-17"]. Please carefully measure your cat's body size to confirm, and please leave 2 fingers room to make sure your cat is comfortable.
best escape proof cat harness

Yizhi Miaow escape proof cat harness does not use cheap plastic buckles and enclosures. Instead; it uses Magic Tape on the chest and neck enclosures which keep the best cat harness completely secure.

You can also select the cat harness leash system in multiple colors and sizes to ensure a snug fit, based on your pet’s weight.

The padded harness also keeps your cat very comfortable while walking, even if it has a tendency to pull.

Moreover, the extra breathable mesh layer makes better ventilation.

What we like about it

  • Very secure- adjustable neck and chest straps make escape impossible
  • Padded harness is comfortable and breathable; extra mesh layer provides suitable ventilation.
  • Wide range of motion
  • Sturdy and durable

What we don’t like about it

  • Some cats felt restricted due to the wide neck strap.
Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness and Leash for Walking Escape Proof for Winter, Adjustable Cat Walking Jackets, Padded Stylish Cat Vest, Polka Dot Blue, Large
  • Why choose Yizhi Miaow cat harness? Because cats are built differently than dogs, Yizhi Miaow cat harness and leash is designed specifically for cats without a lot buckles.
  • The cat harness and leash set is escape proof with durable, strong hook and loop fastener. It's lightweight, safe on delicate skin, easy to fasten & has no harsh webbing or buckles.
  • This adjustable cat harness will fit your cat properly, it's a good cat vest harness if you choose the right size. Please refer to the second photo for size chart and measure your pet chest girth and neck girth.
  • The package comes with harness, training leash and training guideline. We also added a lot videos on Amazon to help you with the cat leash training.
  • Yizhi Miaow harness is very difficult to escape from if you learn to control the leash. You need to train your cat until the harness will act as a safety mechanism rather than a tool to drag your cat around with. It's normal that your cat will keeps falling over at the very beginning, please practicing 30 minutes indoor every or twice a day. Please refer to the video for cat walking training tips.
best escape proof cat harness

AWOOF cat harness and leash is available in two sizes and can be adjusted for a secure, snug, and an escape-proof fit.

The two sizes available fit true to size and are suitable for most cats.

One strap goes around the waist and another around the cat’s neck. This dual strapping system prevents escapes.

The dual-use cat walking harness can also be used for securing your pet in the car.

The lightweight and comfortable harness from AWOOF is made of soft breathable material, and glow-in-the-dark stitching that keeps pets visible at night.

 What we like about it

  • Highly secure cat harness vest
  • Lightweight, breathable, and stretchable
  • Glows-in-the-dark
  • Stretchable and offers wide range of motion
  • Useful for securing pet in the car

What we don’t like about it

  • Some buckles were a bit stiff and difficult to buckle and unbuckle.
best escape proof cat harness

The escape proof cat harness from Yult consists of a 360-degree wraparound style that is comfortable for running and walking with your pet.  Additionally, its extra-strong three dimensional straps around the neck, waist, and chest prevent escape while also keeping your pet comfortable. As the ‘pulling pressure’ is evenly distributed, there is no strain on your cat’s delicate trachea.

What we like about it

  • Escape proof, secure vest with sturdy buckles and double heavy D-ring
  • Adjustable wide Velcro straps
  • Three-layer fabric which is lightweight
  • Can be used for grooming a cat, as well as for walking, running, hiking, etc. Also use when cat is shedding heavily.
  • Easy to put on

What we don’t like about it

  • The cat harness vest is heavy for summers
HEYWEAN Cat Harness and Leash - Ultra Light Escape Proof Kitten Collar Cat Walking Jacket with Running Cushioning Soft and Comfortable Suitable for Puppies Rabbits
  • Ultra-light: the weight of entire strap is less than 50g, and it is same with a car key’s weight. Your cat must enjoy it with free movement for this wear!
  • 360° wrap-around chest back: the pressure on the chest is even and safe to avoid pulling and suffocation,and to protect the cat from the fragile trachea and throat.
  • Added a Suture to the chest: to fit the cat's neck and chest which has a strong three-dimensional feeling.This prevent shedding cat harness has soft edges and elastic cushioning, which can prevent injury and escape.
  • High elasticity and dry: light filling material, moisture absorption, quick drying, odor reduction,toughness, wear resistance and high elastic properties.
  • Size measurement: S: Chest:9-11"/23-28cm Recommended weight:3-6 lb/1-3kg M: Chest:11-13"/28-33cm Recommended weight:6-10 lb/3-4.5kg L: Chest:13-15"/33-38cm Recommended weight:10-16 lb/4.5-7kg

Types of Cat Walking Harnesses

The best cat harness for walking is of two types:

1. H-shaped harness

As the name indicates, this type of cat walking harness consists of sturdy and thick escape-proof straps that go around the neck and chest – more or less in an H shape.

Many of these are adjustable with buckle straps or Velcro fastenings so they can fit snugly around your pet.

An advantage of H-shaped cat harness and leash is that it is more suitable during the warmer months when vest-styled harness can feel hot and stuffy to your pet.

They are also not as restrictive as vest-styled harnesses which can make some cats feel uncomfortable or trapped.

2. Vest-style harness

This style of escape proof cat harness is designed like a vest that fits snugly around the cat’s chest.

There is a sturdy D-ring on the back where you attach the leash.

This style of cat walking harness distributes pressure evenly across the shoulders and the chest to prevent straining the pet’s trachea.

It also discourages pulling. Some vest-style harnesses may feel restrictive to cats and thicker styles can be hot and uncomfortable in warmer weather.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Escape Proof Cat Harness

1. Safe and easy to control

The best cat harness for walking is the one that prevents escape and is easy for pet parents to control their pets in.

Cats are escape artists and will try to wriggle out of the harness. They may also scratch you with their long cat nails in an attempt to protect themselves.

When you have a sturdy and secure harness with enough securing straps, it should be impossible for a cat to back out and wriggle out of the harness.

2. Fits comfortably

Your pet’s comfort is paramount when it comes to using the best cat harness for walking.

The vest or H-shaped harness should fit comfortable with room for two-finger width between the harness and the pet’s body.

It should not choke the pet or pressurize its delicate neck if it pulls on the leash while walking.

It should also distribute pressure evenly across the pet’s shoulder and the chest.

Moreover, it should not bundle underneath the pet’s body causing the pet to go off balance or fall while walking.

Last but not the least, the harness should be adjustable and allow room for a younger kitten to grow.

3. Easy to put on and remove

The best cat harness and leash should not be a struggle to put on and take off daily while walking.

Otherwise, your cat will run away and hide in order to avoid wearing the harness.

4. Suitable all-year round

Winter or summer, rain or shine; your pet should be comfortable wearing the cat harness and leash.

The material should be soft and breathable. It should provide air circulation and not be bulky or restrict your pet’s movements.

It should not overheat your pet in summers and yet provide enough comfort and warmth in winters.

5. Durable and long-lasting

Once you have found the best escape proof cat harness you want it to last for a long time.

Look for a harness having reinforced stitching and tear-resistant material coupled with a sturdy leash.

This way, the cat harness and leash can last for years to come.

How to Measure Your Pet before Purchasing a Cat Walking Harness

The best cat harness fits snugly around your pet’s body without restricting movement. To choose the right size harness, here are the steps for measuring your pet:

Measure your pet around the neck and body just in front of its hind legs. The harness should fit snugly in both places and not too tightly. Make sure you can comfortably slip in two fingers underneath the harness’s loops.

Sizes vary from brand to brand, so always follow the measuring instructions given by the harness maker.

FAQs On Best Escape Proof Cat harness

1. Are harnesses good for cats?

Cat harnesses are great for walking, jogging, or hiking with a cat.

However, because of the way they are made, it is slightly more difficult getting a cat used to a harness and leash than it is with a dog.

Cats run fast and they do not like being restricted.

However, with some training from an early age, you can get your cat to walk on leash.

Leash training is a great way to take your cat everywhere you go and especially beneficial for vet-visits as well.

With an escape proof cat harness, you won’t have to every worry about your cat escaping.

2. How should I get my cat used to wearing a harness?

Always try the harness and leash indoors first, before taking your pet out on a walk in a cat walking harness.

Buy a harness that is soft, flexible, and comfortable, and put it on your cat indoors for short periods of time.

Remove the harness if your cat shows signs of discomfort or gets agitated or restless. You must take it off before she resists wearing it completely.

If your cat does not like wearing the harness, try putting it on her just before feeding her. This way, she will associate the harness with something pleasurable.

Once your kitten is used to wearing the harness for a few minutes at a time, gradually increase the time so that she is used to wearing it for at least 30 minutes each day.

At first, only let her wear the harness without a leash. She should not feel trapped or manipulated with the leash and harness system. During this time, you don’t want to actively demand anything from your pet. Rather, you want her compliance in having the thing on.

3. Why do cats fall over or freeze when they first wear a harness?

A sense of control is very important to cats. They hate feeling restricted or manipulated.

When you first put on a harness on a cat, it might freeze or lose its sense of balance and fall over because of a natural ‘fight or flight’ response triggered instinctually.

The cat believes that the harness is a predator that has caught or trapped it.

Pet owners must navigate carefully through this phase by training their pet to get used to the harness and motivating them with praise and healthy food treats.


An escape proof cat harness is a great way to enjoy walking, running, or hiking with your cat without having to worry about it escaping or wriggling out of the harness. They also are very handy during vet-clinic visits.

We recommend the rabbitgoo escape proof cat harness because of its sturdy and reliable fit thanks to multiple straps and buckles. It also has a reflective strip that enables you to see your pet in the dark. Do check out our other recommendations in the above list as well.

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