How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

It feels so good to look at pictures of well-groomed Yorkies, doesn’t it? But being a lazy human, I always found it difficult to groom my own Yorkie, and even looking for the answer to How To Groom A Yorkie Face seemed like a big task to me. 

But one day, I finally decided that I want my dog to look as pretty as the other pet dogs and looked up ways of How To Groom A Yorkie Face. 

And guess what? It is very easy to do! You just need some time and the right instruments. Then I gave my Yorkie a cute puppy cut. 

Now, let’s take a look at how you can groom your Yorkie. 

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

Grooming is an essential part of a Yorkie’s life and as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to maintain his hygiene and appearance. Yorkie’s hair is the part that requires the most attention. 

Yorkies have long silky coats but it is tough to manage them because they might get tangled and it will be difficult for your Yorkie to bear with it in the summer. So it is best to keep his hair medium length or short so that it is convenient for both your Yorkie and you. 

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

If not groomed properly, your Yorkie might get matted hair causing him immense irritation and pain. 

Let’s see what all you will need to groom your Yorkie’s face and how you should do it. 

5 Materials That Will Be Used To Groom A Yorkie Face

1. Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are important to trim or cut your Yorkie’s hair. Make sure you select the best one, as this would also be used to cut your Yorkie’s hair.

Check out this great product I found online.

2. Slicker Brush

It is best to brush your Yorkie’s hair before you take him for a bath because combing wet hair is not possible. 

Slide the brush throughout your Yorkie’s coat to remove all the knots and tangles so that it does not create any hindrances for you when you are cutting your Yorkie’s hair. Use a slicker brush to comb your Yorkie’s hair as it is compatible with long and silky hair. 

Check out this slicker brush for your Yorkie.

3. Dog Shampoo

You need to bathe your Yorkie so that your dog’s coat is cleaned. Is your Yorkie afraid of showers? Then you can make it sit in a tub or bucket and then wash and clean his long hair. 

Make sure you do not let the shampoo go into your pet friend’s eyes so keep away from that area and be very careful when applying shampoo to his facial hair. To obtain maximum results, you should use a good dog shampoo that will not dry your Yorkie’s hair and keep the moisture intact. 

Check out this oatmeal dog shampoo that moisturizes his hair! 

4. Cotton Swab

You need to make sure that your Yorkie’s eyes and ears are clean. Unwanted excess material can gather around his eyes and wax can build up in his ear just like it accumulates in your ears. 

It is very very important to keep these parts clean to maintain the overall hygiene of your furry friend. You can use a cotton swab to gently remove the wax from inside the ears. Make sure you don’t poke him accidentally. 

Here are specially designed dog cotton buds for your Yorkie. 

5. Trimmer

Lastly, you need a trimmer to cut your Yorkie’s hair in the smoothest way possible. Again, you need to be very careful while doing this because even one small mistake can be very dangerous for your dog. 

Use cordless trimmers as they have less power and work best on your Yorkie’s smooth and silky hair. Check out this clipper set that includes everything you need to give your Yorkie a nice haircut. 

ONEISALL Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dog Cat

How To Cut Hair Around Yorkies Eyes?

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

It is important to cut the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes because of the following reasons:

  • Long hair will obstruct the vision of your Yorkie
  • It might also fall back into his eyes and cause irritation
  • If the hair around your Yorkie’s nose gets too long, that might also make him uncomfortable
  • Long hair might hinder his vision 

Below are the steps for cutting the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes:

Step 1: A Calm and Still Yorkie

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

The first thing that you need to make sure of when it comes to cutting the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes is that his head is still. 

If your dog keeps moving his head while you are cutting his facial hair, you might end up hurting him badly like poking him in the eyes. 

A professional groomer usually puts a leash around the Yorkie and then holds him from the chin so that there is no scope for the Yorkie to move his head. 

Step 2: Check The Length Of Hair You Want To Cut For Your Yorkie

Comb your dog’s hair and check the length that you want to cut. Make sure that it offers a clear vision to your Yorkie. 

Step 3: Trim Your Yorkie’s Hair

Once you are done with the second step, use dog grooming scissors, which have rounded edges, to gently cut the extra fur around your Yorkie’s eyes. 

You can also use thinning shears .They have blades in the shape of a comb. 

Pet Magasin Pet Thinning Shears - Professional Thinning Scissors with Toothed Blade

You can fold up the extra fur on the Yorkie’s head into a ponytail if you do not wish to cut it. 

It is important that you be extremely careful throughout the process! 

Check out this video to get a better understanding of grooming the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes.

How Can You Make Your Yorkie Comfortable With Scissors and Clippers? 

How To Groom A Yorkie Face?

It is very much possible that your Yorkie will be uncomfortable with scissors and clippers as they are objects that he has never seen. And when you bring these sharp objects closer to him he will get scared. 

To make your Yorkie comfortable with scissors and clippers, the best option is to make him familiar with them. Keep these objects in front of your doggo and let him take a look at them and sniff them. 

Move around the trimmer over your dog’s body without actually switching it on so that he knows it is safe. 

Also, allow him to listen to the noise and vibration of the trimmer before actually cutting his hair so that he is not frightened because of the noise when you are going to trim his hair. 

5 Things To Remember While Grooming Yorkies Face

There are some important things that you must remember while grooming your Yorkie’s face. 

1. Non-Slippery Surface

Before starting to cut his hair, you must place your Yorkie on a non-slippery surface so that the grip is maintained and he doesn’t fall or slip while you are trimming his hair. 

Also, maintain a similar height between you and your Yorkie so that it is comfortable for you to cut his hair. His face and his coat must be properly visible to you. 

2. De-Matt Your Yorkie’s Hair

Make sure that your Yorkie’s hair has no tangles or knots and you don’t have to struggle while cutting it. 

Matted hair will be difficult to groom and can cause pain to your Yorkie.

3. Human Clippers and Scissors Should Never Be Used

Do not use human clippers or scissors on your Yorkie as they are very sharp and are not fitted well for the silky coat that Yorkies have. Yorkies have thick coats and human clippers are accustomed to thin hair layers. 

There is a chance of your dog’s coat getting jammed into human clippers and it will end up hurting him. 

4. Make Proper Use of Scissors, Clippers, and Trimmers

Don’t use scissors for the entire cut or else your Yorkie will get an uneven haircut that won’t look good at all! Use clippers and trimmers to get a smooth straight haircut and give a clean look to your Yorkie. 

5. Positive Reinforcement

Give treats to your Yorkie to bribe him for sitting still and maintaining his calm throughout the process. 

If your Yorkie sits properly throughout the grooming process, give him some treats or do things that he loves. This way, he will be able to associate the grooming sessions with positive things. 

Another important thing to remember is that if you have never cut your Yorkie’s hair before, you should first watch someone experienced do it and then only do it yourself. This will make sure that you don’t make any mistakes. 

How Can You Groom Your Yorkie’s Matted Hair?

Having matted hair can be really uncomfortable for a Yorkie and it doesn’t look good to have a pet with matter hair either. So it is necessary to groom your Yorkie’s matted hair. 

For this, you first need to brush your Yorkie’s hair with a slicker brush or a pin brush and then gently apply a commercial detangler. Work with your fingers and try to separate as many mats as you can. Don’t apply too much force or else it will hurt your Yorkie. 

BarkLogic Calming Leave In Conditioner & Detangling Spray for Dogs, Lavender 16 oz

Cut the mats are difficult to separate because you won’t have any other option. After this, you can level out the hair all over his body so that your Yorkie has an equal length of hair and looks well-groomed. 

Lastly, bathe him and give him treats for being calm and patient! Check out the best shampoos for your Yorkie here.

Top 4 Hairstyles For Your Yorkie

1. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a short and single-length haircut. It gives your doggo an adorable and youthful look. In this cut, usually, the length of the hair is kept around 1 to 1.5 inches. 

2. Teddy Bear Cut

This is another adorable hairstyle in which the hair all over the body is cut in the same length and the facial hair is cut in a circular manner. This makes your Yorkie look like he is a teddy bear. 

3. Westie Style

The white terrier breed of the west highland is famous for the westie style cut. In this hairstyle, the hair on the face and ear is cut longer than that on the body of the Yorkie. 

4. Kennel Cut

Kennel cut is a very popular haircut for Yorkies during summertime. In this cut, the hair on the body is cut short and a little longer hair is kept on the tail, hair, and legs. 

Want to take a look at all these hairstyles? Check out this amazing video below with many more hairstyles for your dear Yorkie.

FAQs on How To Groom A Yorkie Face

1. Can I Use Human Clippers On My Yorkie?

You should not use human clippers on your Yorkie because they are made for human hair which is much thinner in comparison to Yorkie hair. Your Yorkie’s hair will get jammed in human clippers and your Yorkie will have to suffer pain. 

Also, human clippers are sharp and they can easily injure your Yorkie. So it is best to use dog-specific clippers for grooming your Yorkie. 

2. How Can I Groom My Yorkie At Home?

You can easily groom your Yorkie at home. All you need is the right pair of instruments and the knowledge of the right methods. Yorkies don’t shed too much hair and they are also hypoallergenic so it won’t be a problem even if you are allergic to dog fur. 

3. What Is The Difference Between A Teddy Bear Cut and Puppy Cut?

Both Yorkie puppy cut and Yorkie teddy bear cut have even length all over the body but in teddy bear cut, the facial hair of the Yorkie is cut in a circular way that gives your Yorkie the look of a cute teddy bear. 


So now you know exactly How To Groom A Yorkie Face. It is not a very tough job but it needs concentration and precision. Make sure your dog is cooperative and treat him afterward. 

Ensure that you take all the necessary precautions and then only try to cut your Yorkie’s hair. If by mistake, your Yorkie is injured in the process, take him to the vet immediately. Do not delay!

Choose the haircut that you think suits your Yorkie best and have a good time with your tiny lap dog! 

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