How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

I was looking out for an answer to How Do Yorkies Show Affection? After all, I got my Yorkie Pup just a week back from the Yorkshire Terrier breeder, and I desperately wanted to get my pet friend’s affection.

After all, aren’t lap dogs famous for showing love and affection, and being all cute and cuddly? I didn’t want to miss out on any sign of my Yorkie Puppy showing me affection.

And you know what? I was overjoyed. There were already so many ways in which my little friend had shown her admiration towards me, and I wasn’t even aware of those. So, let’s take a look at the several ways on How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

How Do Yorkies Show Affection? Top 15 Ways

The answers to How Do Yorkies Show Affection are not limited to just kisses and cuddles. There are a plethora of emotions and actions that your small dog can emote to show his affection. 

Below are the top 15 ways how Yorkshire Terriers show their affection.

1. By Making an Eye Contact

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

If your Yorkshire Terrier Dog makes eye contact with you and keeps gazing at you, this is definitely a sign that he adores you and is showering his affection on you.

Dog breeds emote a lot with their eyes. Direct eye contact is an indication that your pup loves, trusts, and respects you.

So, if you see your puppy looking intently at you, with calm and composed eyes, it is an indication of his sheer love for you.

2. Showing Its Affection by Ears and Eyebrows

Though your Yorkshire Terrier puppy cannot speak, if you closely observe his face, you can see that several signs are showing his love and affection for you.

Trust me, hadn’t I come across this point in my research, I wouldn’t have known that this is one of the love showering signs from the Yorkies.

If you see your little friend lifting his eyebrows on seeing you, and moving his ears back, this is the sign that he loves you. And he sees no harm in showing his affection towards you, in a little different way though!

3. Showering You With Kisses and Licking You

How I wish my Yorkie did this when I got him! This is the ultimate thing that any dog owner would want. 

Your Yorkie is going to shower you with kisses and his licks to show his love and admiration for you. So be prepared for some really nice kisses here and there!

This is the toy breed’s way of smelling you and trying to create an even closer bond with you. Want to know more about why is your Yorkie licking you? Then take a look at our detailed finding in this article.

4. Wagging Its Tail

A wagging tail is a sign of a happy Yorkie. And if he wags his tail on seeing you, then what more of an indication you want that he is delighted to see you, and wants to show his affection towards you?

However, a thing to note here is that, if your pup is wagging his tail, and seems a bit stiff, it can indicate that he is irritated.

5. Showing off Its Toys to You

Don’t be surprised if your Yorkie brings his favorite toys to you by putting them in his mouth. 

This is an indication that your little dog trusts you, and doesn’t mind sharing his favorite toys with him! 

So, pat yourself on the back, as your Yorkie wants to play with you all the time. This means you made a good companion and they love your company.

Check out this adorable video of a Yorkie playing with his toys.

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6. Nudging Your Nose

Is your Yorkie constantly nose nudging you? Then it can indicate one of the below two things:

  • He wants your attention
  • He wants to express his affection

If you are confused whether it is a demand for attention or a display of affection, just take a look at your Yorkie’s eyes.

As discussed before, if your Yorkie looks at you with love-filled eyes, along with nudging his nose, then it is a clear indication that he adores you, and is showering his affection on you.

However, if the lovey-dovey eyes are missing, then just pull up your socks and be ready to give your Yorkie some undivided attention!

7. Leaning on You

Your Yorkie will only adore you if he trusts you and feels safe in your company. So, if your Yorkie is leaning against you, and trying to snuggle close to you, he is showing his trust and affection towards you.

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And these Yorkie dogs are smart creatures! Expect them to lean on you and shower you with all of their love when they are tired, maybe while running or any exercise.

They just want you to hold them, and carry them around. In most cases, you Yorkie might just fall asleep while you are carrying him.  This is an indication of the level of trust that your Yorkie has in you.

8. Sniffing You

Sniffing is typical behavior of Yorkie, no matter male Yorkies or female Yorkies. And your Yorkie is no different.

Yorkies tend to smell and sniff when they want to make themselves familiar with a person, or when they are trying to learn more about a person.

So, if your four legged friend is sniffing you constantly, it means that he wants to know more and more about you, as you have caught his interest. This indicates his growing fondness for you.

9. Following You 

A pet dog following the owner. This will surely ring a bell, and you might be able to recall multiple movies or commercials where this behavior is shown!

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This is classic Yorkie behavior. Following you like a detective! Just that this is not for spying, but for showing his affection. Yorkies are great companion dogs.

Considered as “Man’s Best Friend”, your Yorkie dog is sure to follow you wherever you go, if he loves you and enjoys being in your company. Moreover, Yorkies are quite susceptible to Separation Anxiety.

Hence, it is always advisable no to keep your Yorkie alone for a long time and spend ample quality time with him daily.

10. Cuddling You While Sleeping

Any living being is in the most vulnerable state while sleeping. Without knowing what will happen, he is helpless. This also goes for dogs.

So, if your Yorkie cuddles you while he sleeps, and snuggles close to you, this shows that he has placed his full trust in you, and believes that he is safe when with you. That you won’t cause him any harm.

This is the behavior that has been passed on to them from their ancestors, or basically the dogs that lived in the wild. They would often sleep in small and confined spaces, with their pack members. 

Your Yorkie just shows this same behavior and considers you as his pack member. Hence, he has no qualms in showing his affection towards you, by snuggling close to you while sleeping.

However, will your Yorkie like if you cuddle him? Check out our detailed research here.

11. Barking At Strangers 

Yorkies are territorial. And they are extra protective of the things that they love. So, if you see your Yorkie barking at others, but not you, it is a clear sign that he wants to protect you and sees you as his territory only.

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This is one of the most common reasons why Yorkies tend to bark at strangers that may pay a visit to your house. At Least my Yorkie did when I had an office party at my residence. He thought all my colleagues were potential threats and wanted to warn me!

So, be prepared to encounter the below behavior if you have a Yorkie or any other small dog like a Shih Tzu.  Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you have a teacup Yorkies, or biewer terrier, or scotch terrier, or parti Yorkies. This is a common Yorkshire Terrier temperament.  

  • Barking at other fellow dogs when you take them out for a walk
  • Unnecessarily barking at almost anything that passes out of your house
  • Barking at other people when outside
  • Barking at your unknown guests

12. Giving You a Warm Welcome at Home

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

Once, I had a hard day at work, and I thought that nothing could uplift my mood. But I was so wrong. 

As soon as I reached home, my Yorkie Poo came running at me and gave me the warmest welcome I had ever received. He jumped, wagged his tail, and started spinning around.

And just like that, I was no longer a sulky face. That’s when I realized how much my baby Yorkie adored me.

So, if your Yorkie does the same thing as mine did, just understand that he loves you immensely and this is just his way of showing his care, love, and affection for you.

13. Playfully Running Away With Your Things

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

Yorkies, just like other dogs, have an extremely heightened sense of smell as per the research.

And, all your belongings smell of you. So, if your Yorkie runs away with your things and belongings, it is a sign of affection. As he wants to keep your smell close to him. This is a source of joy and happiness for your four legged friend.

14. Grinning at Your Voice

If you get a grin from your Yorkie, which is only reserved for his other dog buddies and the humans that they love, then this is a direct display of affection for you. You can even see all of your dog’s teeth.

So, if your Yorkie grins just by the sound of you, believe us, he loves you immensely and doesn’t have any qualms in showing his affection for you.

15. Cuddling You After Meal

Food is one of the most important activities for your Yorkie. After all, who likes to stay hungry?

Yorkies usually like to stay in their comfort zone after a scrumptious meal. So, if your Yorkie cuddles you and hugs you right after his meal, then it is an indication that you are his comfort zone, and that he loves you a bit too much!

Your four legged friend might also keep his head or paws on your knees to show his love.

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FAQs on How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

1. How Do You Know if Your Yorkie Loves You?

Yorkies show their love in a variety of ways. Check out a few of the signs below:

  • Licking and kissing
  • Wagging their tail
  • Constantly staring at you
  • Bringing their toys to you
  • Cuddling with you

2. Are Yorkies Jealous Dogs?

Yorkies are territorial in nature, and this personality trait automatically makes them a jealous dog. But, this is all in the best interest of their owners, as they do not want their owners to get hurt.

Jealousy can lead to excessive barking, which might be considered rude behavior by other people. So, it is essential to practice socialization with your Yorkie, to reduce the intensity of the jealous nature.

3. Do Yorkies Like Kisses?

Yorkies do like kisses, and being held. This shows them that their owner loves them. Apart from that, Yorkies love some undivided attention. So, when they get kissed, it is like an attention fest for them, which they love.


There are not just one or two ways for How Do Yorkies Show Affection. The list includes a lot of actions. You just need to have a keen eye for the less obvious actions.

While Yorkies tend to show a lot of affection, if you feel that they are not attached to you, and seem withdrawn or lazy, and to some extent unresponsive, it might be an indication that they need more of your time and attention.

So, give your Yorkie some much-needed love and attention.

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