Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep Under Covers? – 5 Reasons Why Your Chi Sleeps Under Covers

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers? I am sure this is something that every Chihuahua owner has wondered about at some point or the other.

This tiny dog has a lot of insecurity and it also tends to feel cold very easily. You might find your little guy (or girl) having the shakes and shivers not only in winters but all year round!

And that is why they have this peculiar habit of burrowing and snuggling under covers.

Let us find out the exact reasons ‘why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers’.

Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep Under Covers – 5 Reasons Behind This Peculiar & Cute Behavior!

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Chihuahuas are cuddly dogs by nature. They will gladly snuggle with you and find ways to be close to you. It is little wonder that they like sleeping under covers.

Here are 5 reasons why this tiny dog is so fond of snuggling under sheets and blankets:

1. For warmth

The most obvious solution to why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers is for warmth. This smallest dog breed is prone to getting shivery very quickly especially in cold weather.

Resultantly, it needs covers to keep it warm and cozy. Not only at night will you see your little pet do this but even during the day. Even in peak summers, you might see your Chihuahua burrowing under the sheets or pet bed linen.

2. It is one of the Chihuahua traits!

With some Chihuahuas, the ‘snuggling-under-the-covers’ may be because of a habit! Your pet might be so used to burrowing since puppyhood, that it is no surprise the behavior continues into adulthood as well.

We must not forget the fact that Chihuahuas – like all dogs – are pack animals. If your Chi puppy would be with its littermates – they would all huddle together while sleeping.

This is why your Chihuahua pup might use covers and blankets to emulate the warmth of its mother’s and siblings’ bodies.

3. Due to anxiety, stress, or fear

Another common cause behind why Chihuahuas sleep under the covers is that they suffer from separation anxiety. At least: most of them do.

We can never generalize here – no two dogs from the same breed are exactly the same. However, many Chis get anxious and nervous at the slightest of noises and especially more during fireworks and thunderstorms. Snuggling, cuddling with humans, or covering themselves with sheets or heavy blankets keeps their anxiety levels low and makes them feel safe and protected. This could be one of the explanations as to why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers.

4.  They love dark and cozy spaces

Most dogs, small and large, love dark/shaded and cozy spaces. Size has nothing to do with this as much as evolution does.

Since early days, dogs in the wild, and their wild ancestors – wolves – have slept in caves and cozy den-like structures.

It is little wonder that this has stuck with domestic dogs too. Almost all dogs love sleeping and resting under beds, behind furniture, and underneath covers. This may be partly because of the fact that they like to have a dark, warm, and cozy atmosphere or because the light disturbs them during daytime naps.

5.  To feel safe

No dog likes to feel vulnerable and unprotected and this is especially true for small dogs like Chihuahua. Your tiny dog wants to feel safe all the time and especially while sleeping.

A cover helps provide a secure feeling as it puts warmth and pressure on your sleeping pet. That is why your companion dog feels more secure and comfortable while napping. This is also the reason why your Chihuahua burrows and digs and goes deeper inside the bed sheets and bed covers.

Can Chihuahuas Breathe Under Covers?

Why do Chihuahuas burrow?

Breathe a sigh of relief! Your pet is absolutely safe under the covers.

Definitely as Chihuahua owner, you are likely to feel anxious that your little fella will suffocate.

This is highly unlikely. Of course, you can check from time to time to see that the covers are not too tight around its little face and neck.

However, all dogs have very sharp dog’s instincts. No dog, including your Chihuahua will cover or swaddle itself to the point of suffocation.

So you can rest assured that your buddy will come up for air when it needs!

To answer the question, can Chihuahuas breathe under covers, yes – they can. So you need not worry too much. Just take care that the cover is soft and breathable, preferably lightweight too. Your Chi might have its own preferences in materials and thickness, so let him or her choose the cover.

Will A Chihuahua Get Over-heated Under the Covers?

Why do Chihuahuas burrow?

Your Chihuahua might get warm under the covers but it will instinctively know when to come out from under the cover.

It is a good idea to use light, soft, and breathable blankets when you know your Chi will burrow in them.

If your Chihuahua is anxious or fearful, it will want the warmth and protection given by the blankets or covers. So don’t worry, your pet won’t get overheated. In fact, it needs that warmth to reduce its anxiety and feel safe and comfortable.

As long as your Chihuahua does not have mobility issues or other health conditions, then you can safely let him/her sleep under covers.

If needed, please check with your vet about this habit.

Should You let Your Chihuahua Sleep Under Covers?

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers

Now that you know the answers to why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers, you may want to allow your pet to do so.

Whether your Chi has its own dog bed or it sleeps next to you in your bed, it is okay to let it sleep the way it wants – even if it means being covered with blankets and bed sheets.

A Chihuahua needs that protection, safety, warmth, and security of covers. It will definitely be a better-rested dog if it gets what it wants. And a well-rested Chihuahua is definitely a better-behaved Chihuahua!

If you are concerned about it suffocating or getting too warm, please check on your pet from time to time. Don’t worry, your Chi is very smart and it will come up for air frequently.

It will also come out if it gets too warm during the course of the night. So, go ahead and let your Chihuahua sleep under covers.

What Alternatives Can You Provide to Your Chihuahua If It Sleeps Under Covers?

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers

There are many things you can do to make your Chihuahua feel safe, warm, and comfortable.

You can provide one of the following accessories to your pet which will take the place of covers and give the same warmth, security, and comfort to your buddy:

1. Covered or hooded dog bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed - Orthopedic Round Cuddle Nest Micro Velvet Snuggery Blanket Burrow Pet Bed with Removable Cover for Dogs and Cats, Silver, 18-Inch

A hooded dog bed is just the thing your Chihuahua needs to replicate the softness and safety of blankets or sheets. The best part is that it won’t suffocate or overheat your Chi and yet give it the same feeling of sleeping in a burrow/den/cave.

We recommend the FURHAVEN hooded bed .

2. Weighted dog blankets (anti-anxiety dog blanket)

Weighted dog blankets provide gentle, soft, and even compression all over its body without suffocating or weighing down your Chi.

The blankets use Deep Touch Stimulus technology that makes your Chihuahua feel protected, safe, and secure. A weighted blanket is made with Sherpa fleece and microfiber and is filled with safe beads that provide a gentle and comfortable pressure on your Chi’s body.

We recommend the hypoallergenic weighted dog blanket for your small dog.

3. Anti-anxiety vests

ThunderShirt for Dogs, Heather Gray Classic - Dog Anxiety Vest

Dog vests for anxiety such as the Thundershirt have helped hundreds of thousands of Chihuahuas deal with the stress and anxiety brought on by firework, loud noises, and thunderstorms, etc.

Anti-anxiety dog vests place gentle, even pressure on your Chihuahua’s body to reduce anxiety, fear, shaking, etc.

Your dog can easily sleep in the anti-anxiety vests too.

4. Crate

iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit | 22-Inch Dog Crate Kit Ideal for XS Dog Breeds (weighing up to 12 Pounds) || Includes Dog Crate, Pet Bed, 2 Dog Bowls & Dog Crate Cover

A covered crate is the next best thing to a den! Your Chi will feel protected and safe in a crate. Of course, you will have to train it to sleep in the crate – and preferably this training should be done in puppyhood.

Add a crate pad, plenty of blankets, and a stuffed toy/stuffed animal to make your Chi feel happy and comfortable in it.

How To Know if Your Chihuahua is Too Warm or Too Cold?

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers

Signs that your Chi is warm while sleeping

Here are some signs of that your Chihuahua may be warm at night:

  • Panting
  • Restlessness
  • Drooling
  • Thirst – drinking too much water
  • Sleeping on the floor/cool surface
  • Seeking the air vents/sleeping near or under a fan/near the window.

What to do

Place your Chihuahua in an air conditioned room. You can also feed it some cool water. Place some cold towels on its body. Wet its ears and paws.

Signs that your Chi is cold

Here are the signs that your Chi is cold:

  • Shivering
  • Shaking
  • Whimpering or crying
  • Seeking warmth
  • Burrowing, scratching, and digging its bed
  • Trying to jump on your bed
  • Snuggling with you
  • Covering itself with blankets.

What to do

LOPHIPETS Dog Sweaters for Puppy Small Dogs Puppy Chihuahua Yorkie Clothes Cold Weather Coat-Atrovirens/XS

Dress up your Chihuahua in a sweater. You can also place it a warmer room with a safe space heater. Provide several soft blankets to it. Hold it close to your body for warmth.

Should You let Your Chihuahua Sleep in Your Bed?

Why do Chihuahuas sleep under covers

Whether or not you let your Chi sleep in your bed is an entirely personal decision.

These dogs are not hypoallergenic. So, if you are allergic to dogs, then having your Chi sleep next to you isn’t a good idea. It could aggravate your allergies.

Most vets also recommend against letting dogs sleep in the same beds as their humans.

We should not forget that Chihuahuas are tiny dogs and they love to sleep between their owner’s legs. While this may seem very cute, it could be harmful to your Chi. You could accidentally hurt your pet when you are in deep sleep.

Of course, there are benefits to letting your Chi sleep in the same bed as you. Your Chi will be much calmer and happier and if it suffers from anxiety, then it might feel more relaxed with you by its side.

Also, for a pet parent, having a dog to cuddle with is also stress-busting and enhances relaxation while promoting more restful sleep.

FAQs on Why do Chihuahuas Sleep Under Covers?

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1. How should I get my Chihuahua to sleep through the night?

Make sure you exercise your Chihuahua well throughout the day. Provide it with good food and take it for one last potty before settling in for the night.

Keep the crate /bed/sleeping area free from noises, light, and distraction. If your Chi still does not sleep through the night, then consider a medical exam to rule out health issues.

2. Why is my senior Chihuahua suddenly anxious at night?

Night time anxiety in a Chihuahua – especially an aging one – can occur due to dementia or old-age cognitive failure. Your pet might not see or hear as well as it used to which can cause stress and anxiety in it.

3. Do Chihuahuas like being carried?

Most Chihuahuas like being carried by their humans as it gives them a chance to snuggle and cuddle and even lick them! However, some Chis might view it as an act of threat and might not take it too well to being carried around.

Conclusion – Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep Under Covers

Chihuahuas sleep under covers for five reasons: stress (anxiety or fear), for warmth, for feeling safe and secure, for a den-like atmosphere, and because they prefer dark and cozy spaces.

You need not worry about your Chi getting too warm or even suffocating due to this sleeping position as long as the blanket you use is light in weight and soft and breathable. You can also provide your Chihuahua with a covered crate, a weighted blanket, a hooded dog bed, or an anti-anxiety dog vest.

We hope this guide helps your Chi feel safe and well-rested night after night!

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