How Fast Can Chihuahuas Run?

how fast can Chihuahuas run

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

Our tiny dogs love to run, don’t they? They will gladly run inside the house, in the backyard while chasing squirrels, and especially when you take them to the beach or the Dog Park.

Being small does not stop this dog breed from running fast! Chihuahuas can run quite fast and might even reach human running speeds (or outrun them!) when they want to give you a chase!

Naturally, you must follow some safety tips and rules if you want to take your Chi running with you.

In this guide, we will answer the question: How fast can Chihuahuas run, how many miles can a Chi run safely per day, along with other important health and safety tips.

How Fast Can Chihuahuas Run?

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

At full sprint, Chihuahua toy breed like any healthy, average dog can run nearly 15 miles per hour. To help you put things in perspective: the fastest human running speed in miles per hour is about 27 ½ miles per hour (by world’s Fastest Human – Usain Bolt.)

 So you can get an idea as to how fast can Chihuahuas run.

Also, the fastest dog breed is the Greyhound. Greyhounds are capable of attaining speeds of nearly 45 miles per hour. The cheetah is no doubt the fastest animal on the planet as it can reach 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds at dog racing event!

If we compare our dear Chihuahua with this, we can say that despite its small size, it is capable of reaching 1/3rd the speed of the fastest dog breed – the greyhound.

Isn’t that impressive! Especially considering the fact that this is the smallest dog breed we are talking about! Perhaps, its small and diminutive size is what gives our little dog the advantage of running so fast! After all: lighter the body, better the aerodynamics and that is what increases this smaller dog speed and agility.

What Factors Influence How Fast Can Chihuahuas Run?

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

Various factors can influence how fast can Chihuahuas run. The two main considerations are age and health of the Chihuahua.

1. Age

Younger dogs can run much faster while older or senior Chihuahuas aged 8 and above might slow down due to joint aches, pains, and other health problems.

2. Injuries and health issues

If your Chihuahua has been running since its puppyhood, then wear-and-tear of the joints and injuries could also slow down your pet.

3. Your Chihuahua’s parentage

Genes and bloodlines can also impact your dog’s running speed. There is a reason why certain dog breeds are simply slow runners – you just cannot expect or train a Shih Tzu or a Corgi with its short legs to cross the 6 mph speed!

If your Chihuahua’s parents were fast and agile, then chances are it is fast too. Likewise, if the parents are slow, then you might have to invest a bit more into training your Chihuahua to run faster.

4. Training

Yes, a dog can be trained to run fast and participate in dog racing. You can start training your Chi to jog and run from puppyhood. We will tell you exactly how to do it shortly.

How Fast Can Chihuahuas Puppies Run?

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

People have been known to train their Chihuahua breed puppies to run from a young age.

There are Chihuahua owners that take their Chi puppies on jogs and the young dogs can easily run about 8-10 mph for a few miles before slowing down.

Furthermore, some Chis are even capable of keeping up with a skateboard which is definitely faster than a human.

To answer the question: how fast can Chihuahua puppy run on its little legs? The answer is between 8 to 15 mph. Some can even reach speeds up to 18 mph.

Breeders often breed fast Chihuahuas but inherently and genetically, this breed is not really known for speed racing like Greyhounds.

 Can Chihuahuas Run Faster than Humans?

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

The key principle here is that the fastest dog can easily beat the fastest human over a short distance but the fastest man might be able to run faster than the fastest dog over a longer distance.

Experts from Active Sweatband performed some tests where they timed different animals for a 100-meter dash. It seems that the tiny Chihuahua did very well in this and it clocked 32 kmph (19.88 mph) for 100 meters. This shows that a Chihuahua might even be able to outrun Usain Bolt who is considered the fastest human being.

We are sure that most humans will definitely take longer than 32 kph for a distance of 100 mt.

So yes, a Chihuahua could outrun a human! In general, all dogs are faster than humans but it varies from breed to breed. Some breeds like Corgis are just too slow and cannot be expected to run faster than humans.

Do Chihuahuas Like to Run?

are chihuahuas better in pairs

Yes, Chihuahuas, like most dogs like to run. They are also equipped for running thanks to their special body structures.

In the wild, all dogs have to chase their prey in order to eat. That is why, nature has equipped your Chi to have all the necessary qualities to be a good runner.

Here are reasons why most Chihuahuas like to run:

1) They love spending time with you

Chihuahuas love to be part of a pack and many even have separation anxiety. They consider their humans as their pack members. So, if you go running, chances are that your Chi will gladly join you on your run too.

Running with a Chihuahua owner is a great way for a Chi to bond with them. Hence Chihuahuas love to go on runs with their pet parents.

2) They love the exercise

Although Chihuahuas are bred to be lapdogs, they certainly dislike being couch potatoes. Resultantly, they will gladly join you on your walks or jogs as it provides them with leaner muscles, calmer mind, and healthier body.

Chihuahuas that run reap many benefits of this great exercise. Chances are they understand this and that is why they love to run!

3) It helps them satisfy many natural instincts

In the wild, Chihuahuas will chase squirrels, birds, and other small prey. But if you are an apartment dweller, your Chi won’t get those means to satisfy this urge to run and chase.

Unless you have mice or other house pets and your Chi isn’t trained not to chase them, then it will gladly run behind them – which you must curb!

 That is why taking your Chi out for a jog is a great way to help them expend energy and also satisfy those urges.

What Are Limitations to a Chihuahuas Running?

When it comes to running, a Chihuahua could one or more of the following limitations:

1. Training limitations

If your Chihuahua is not trained and socialized to other dogs or kids at the park (or the road where you run) then it might jump, lunge, or bark at them. This is certainly not conducive for a dog while running. You don’t want your Chihuahua to be distracted with these.

However, if your pet is used to running since a young age, chances are that it is socialized and desensitized as well. So, you should not have issues getting your buddy to obey and behave during the run.

2. Physical limitations

Certain ailments, especially in an older Chihuahua, including hip or elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, etc. could also be a limitation for running. Your Chihuahua will experience pain and running and other strenuous activities might even aggravate the problem.

How Long Can a Chihuahua Run Every Day? How Many Miles Can A Chihuahua Run?

Are Chihuahuas smart?

Your vet will be the best to answer this.

Also, the time your Chihuahua can safely run for will vary based on its overall health, age, and training.

A younger Chihuahua can easily run longer than an older or senior Chihuahua. Naturally, you must not over-exert a Chihuahua if it has health issues and joint problems.

Training can also determine how long a Chihuahua can run. A well-trained Chihuahua can easily clock 10-20 miles per week. This means that if you run 5 times a week, your Chi’s daily run should be within the 4 mile/day limit.

Most people take about 45 minutes to run 4 miles – so your Chi and you can both run for 45 minutes daily. Always confirm with your vet if your Chihuahua can handle this sort of exercise. Your pet will also find out ways to tell you if it is comfortable with the distance and duration of the run.

Is it Safe to Take Your Chihuahua Jogging with You?

When Do Chihuahua Puppies Ears Stand Up?

As stated earlier, please consult your vet before starting a jogging program with your Chihuahua.

If your pet is healthy overall, eats a balanced diet, and is young, then you can definitely take it jogging.

Always start slow and keep the jogging sessions short before slowly increasing the duration.

In the next section, we will tell you how to prepare for taking your Chi for a run.

How Should I Prepare For A Run With My Chihuahua?

Here are some tips to prepare for a run with your Chihuahua:

1. Assess your Chihuahua’s age and health

As always, first check with your vet and get her/his approval before starting a running program with your Chi.

2. Start slow

If you are planning to set your own record or break some past record, please don’t take your Chi with you. This is especially the case if your pet is used to slow walking for 10 minutes a day. You cannot expect it to suddenly clock 4 miles at the speed of 5 mph! So keep the sessions short and make sure your Chihuahua can cope.

Begin running for 10 minutes every other day of the week and then slowly add to it.

3. Train your Chi first in basic commands and obedience

Always teach your Chihuahua basic commands like Heel, Stop, Go, etc. before starting running with it daily. This way, your pet will be under your control and will not run off or get aggressive with other dogs.

4. Get the right gear

You will need to invest in some running gear for you and your Chi.

CestMall Dog Running Leash Hands Free Dog Leash for Small and Medium Dog, Dog Waist Leash for Running, Training, Walking Up to 33 Ib, Adjustable Waist Belt with Zipper Bag, Reflective Stitches (Green)

A harness or hands-free belt-leash combo like this one can help your Chi stay by your side. The belt and leash move together and give you hands-free comfort.

5. Always check your Chi from time to time

Remember: dogs do not sweat and your tiny Chihuahua might slow down or stop if it is very hot or breathless. So, be aware of its body language and slow down when it wants to.

FAQs on How Fast Can Chihuahuas Run?

How fast can Chihuahuas run?

1. Can a Chihuahua run 5K?

Yes, you can train your Chihuahua to run the 5K. These days, there are special training apps and companies that also train you to go from the Couch to 5K so you and your Chi can both train for the same.

2. Is it bad for your Chihuahua to run on concrete?

Your Chihuahua is running barefoot so it should be able to run long distance on soft grass. However, running on concrete or asphalt could hurt its paws and also put tremendous pressure on its joints.

3. Why does my Chihuahua bite the leash while running?

Many reasons can cause Chis to bite the leash when running:

  • They want to play. Your Chi wants your attention for which it bites or tugs on the leash.
  • Secondly, it might try to bite to satisfy its chase and prey instinct. All dogs give a chase when they want to catch their prey. The leash biting satisfies that urge.
  • Leash biting can also be an indication it does not want to run, is bored, in pain, or just some social behavioral issue as well.

Conclusion – How Fast Can Chihuahuas Run

Chihuahuas are fast runners. They are known to clock about 8 to 15 mph. Some Chihuahuas can easily do a 100 meter dash in a few seconds and could even outrun humans over a shorter distance.

You can train your Chihuahua to run with you on a daily basis. Running is a great form of exercise and can stimulate your Chi mentally and physically.

Always follow all safety rules and consult your vet before starting a running program with your companion dog.

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