What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

Are you worried about what kind of physical activity to let your Yorkie engage in? Well, this article is going to help you understand, what do Yorkies like to play with?

We will list down some things you can do to help your Yorkie stay physically and mentally stimulated plus give you several options to choose from. This article will cover everything that you need to know about what do Yorkies like to play with? 

So let’s directly get into it and answer the question: what do Yorkies like to play with?

What Do Yorkies Like To Play With? Top 12 Fun Things For Your Yorkie 

What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

Yorkshire terriers are energetic little pets. Thus, to keep this energy and curiosity of theirs in check, it is important to keep them active. Here are a few fun things you can do with your pup.

1. Daily Walks

It is very important to take your little Yorkie for daily walks. It helps your little pet to get the required physical exercise and it also gets to explore its surroundings. 

They get a chance to listen to different sounds in the street or in the park, look at what’s happening around them and sniff things along the way. Taking daily walks or running is also a great opportunity for you to bond with your pup. 

So, make your Yorkie a great companion dog for your daily walks too!

2. Mentally Stimulating Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and games will help mentally stimulate your Yorkie. This particular dog breed is extremely smart and hence to help challenge them a little, puzzle toys or games usually help.  

Check out this fun puzzle your pet can solve where you can add little treats to the little empty slots which your Yorkie can enjoy after solving the puzzle.

Dog Puzzles Toys Interactive Game Smart Dog Puzzle Toy for Pet Training Puppy Treat Dispenser Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Training Toy (Pink)

Also, take a look at this fun game your pet can play to encourage their foraging skills. It will also relieve built-up stress in your little pup. 

AWOOF Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs,Dog Snuffle Mat Interactive Feed Game for Boredom Stress Relief IQ Training Dogs Sniffing Mat Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for Small Medium Large Dogs

3. Hide and Seek

This is another fun and interactive game you can play with your little pet. It helps them get the mental stimulation that is required plus they learn commands like “sit” and “come”. 

 So, when you decide to play hide and seek with your Yorkie you can use commands like “sit” to ask it to say and “come” when you want them to come and find you. This will help them train better. 

Also, stay very quiet when they come and find you and keep choosing more and more difficult spots to hide so that your pet gets more skilled at trying to find you, and don’t forget to reward them when they do find you. 

Check out this adorable video of a Yorkshire terrier playing hide and seek.

4. Fetching Games

Playing fetch with your dog is another thing Yorkies have fun doing. Use a plush toy your Yorkie’s favorite dog toy and go outside and have some fun with your pup!

Plush Squeaky Dog Toys - TOYSBOOM Interactive Dog Toys for Dogs,Tough Durable Stuffed Pet Toys for Training (Pig Pink Nose)

They love running around and playing with their owners. It is also a great time for you to get some fresh air and spend quality time with your dog. 

5. Chasing Games

Yorkies enjoy following or going behind other dogs and pets. They might love chasing other dogs or people around in the dog park. If this is done in a playful way and actually causing distress to others, it can be a fun exercise for your Yorkie.

If you are at home, you can also make your pet chase you around the house or in the backyard. This will help them loosen up their body and also have some fun with you. 

However, if you have a senior dog, make sure to plan the game as per his age. 

6. Teething Toys 

Teething toys are a good way for your Yorkie to release stress and tension caused due to teething. Using teething toys is a great way of cleaning the teeth and the gums. Teething chew toys increases antibacterial saliva in your Yorkie’s mouth. 

It also keeps them busy while you are focusing on your daily activities.

There are a lot of teething toys to choose from online. What toy you choose doesn’t really matter as long as your Yorkie is acting upon it. The more use of it he makes, the better it is. 

Petstages Dogwood Stick Large

7. Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys can be really fun as they not only relieve your Yorkie from boredom, but they also provide it with fun little treats. Twist and Treat is one such fun treat-dispensing toy and it is also easy to clean and use. 

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Large

Another fun treat dispensing toy requires your Yorkie to shake the toy for treats to fall off. It also acts as a chew toy. This toy will surely keep your Yorkie occupied and engaged. 

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8. Obstacle Track

Building an obstacle track or course is an activity where you can get your whole family involved to help you and to play along with your Yorkie. You can do this easily by stacking up pillows, blankets and making tunnels and path blockers. 

At the end of this obstacle track, you can keep your Yorkie’s favorite toy or some treats. 

When your Yorkie navigates his way through the obstacle track he will know that there is something fun waiting for him on the other side and will want to keep playing it again and again. 

9. Massages

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Your Yorkie will definitely adore you as it already loves getting attention and love from its owners. It can actually be really therapeutic for them. It will help alleviate stress and tension and will relax their muscles. 

You can massage their back, neck, and leg in circular motions and even their tiny little legs. This will also increase blood circulation in their body. 

Apart from this, if your Yorkie is suffering from luxating patella, then massages can be really beneficial. Take a look at the best dog supplements for luxating patella here.

10. Poles

Poles, also called flirt poles, are an interesting way to make your Yorkie follow its instincts of chasing things. Watch your Yorkie chase the toy on the pole every time you move it around. It is one of the cutest things you will ever see!

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11. Tug of War

This is another fun solution to the question, what do Yorkies like to play with? You can use a rope toy or any other toy that you have. Playing tug of war with your Yorkie brings out their natural instinct to chew and wrestle. 

ZippyPaws - Monkey RopeTugz, Squeaky and Plush Rope Tug Dog Toy - Blue

This is a great game to play when you cannot go outdoors. It helps your Yorkie get the physical stimulation it needs. 

12. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a fun way to get your Yorkie to think and search. This dog breed killed rats in clothing mill factories and therefore are very good at finding things.

To play this game, first, introduce your Yorkie to the toy that you will be hiding. Make sure your pet is familiar with it and likes playing with it. Next, slowly start hiding it behind the pillow or under the carpet where your Yorkie will easily find it.

Starting off with an easy place will help your Yorkie understand what exactly is happening and then keep building up the difficulty level. Every time your dog finds the toy, make sure to praise him. 

Which Games Can Be Dangerous For Your Yorkie?

What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

Yorkies are tiny little pets who are filled with excitement. Sometimes they can take this excitement to the next level and hurt themselves while playing. Therefore it is important to take breaks and give them commands to “sit” or “stay” several points in time. 

Yorkies are also excellent chewers. They love to play with chew toys. However, make sure that these toys aren’t too small or tiny that can be easily dislodged as they might swallow or even choke on them. 

Also, as these pups are small in size, they get hurt easily. Therefore, make sure they aren’t jumping from a height as they can easily fracture or break a leg. 

When playing tug of war with your little pet, make sure you do not pull too hard or get too aggressive as this too might hurt your pet. 

Can Yorkies Play By Themselves? 

When given the right stimulating toys, Yorkies can still for hours playing by themselves. They do enjoy spending some alone time with their favorite toy. Think of your Yorkie as a baby. Babies too, enjoy spending time by themselves playing with their toys.

It gives them time to explore and soothe themselves. Like babies, Yorkies learn to use their problem-solving skills, imagination, and energy while playing by themselves. And what better way to do this to pass the time rather than doing nothing? 

This also gives you enough time to focus on your own work. You can complete all your pent-up tasks while your Yorkie is busy enjoying himself. 

However, this toy bread requires your undivided attention too. Otherwise, your Yorkie might start suffering from separation anxiety. So, if you are a Yorkie owner, make sure to spend some quality time with your dear pet daily.

How Do I Teach My Yorkie To Play By Himself?

What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

Now that we have answered the question, what do Yorkies like to play with? Let’s look at some ways you can train your dog to play alone. 

While it is usually easy to train your Yorkie if you have got him for a reputable breeder, a Yorkie who has been abused in the past might have difficulty in getting trained.

Step 1

You can start by praising your dog saying things like “You’re such a good pup” whenever your Yorkie does something correctly. In this way, it will learn the association between doing something and the praise given to them. 

Step 2

The next thing you can do is give your Yorkie some toys to play with. Observe which of the toys he likes best. This might take some time as Yorkies take time to get used to toys. You will know if they like a particular toy if they continuously play and chew on it

Step 3

Encourage your Yorkie to continue chewing and playing with this toy of theirs by rewarding them with praise like “good dog” or by giving it treats. Gradually,  once you observe them busy playing with their toy, leave them alone for 10 minutes and then slowly increase the duration.

Make sure every time you leave them alone you provide them with praise or a treat during the training process.  

Step 4

Keep rewarding this good behavior of your Yorkie and discourage behaviors like chewing on furniture or not sitting still by saying “no” or “ That’s enough”. 

Keep exposing them to long hours of playing alone and they will slowly enjoy playing by themselves. 

FAQs on What Do Yorkies Like To Play With?

1. What Do Yorkies Do For Fun?

Yorkies enjoy spending time with their owners. The more you play with them the more they feel loved and wanted. Yorkies enjoy playing fetch or any game that involves running. 

Yorkies also enjoy spending time by themselves by playing with their favorite plush or chew toy. They do not have a special preference and therefore any indoor or outdoor game is a fun activity they always look forward to. 

2. Do Yorkies Like Car Rides?

This depends from Yorkie to Yorkie. Some enjoy car rides while others may continue excessive barking or fuss around in the car while some others are doing so because they are experiencing motion sickness. 

There are some things you can do about this. First, give your Yorkie their favorite toy to play with in the car. Next, you can start the engine and keep it that way for about 5-10 minutes till your Yorkie gets used to it.

After this, you can start by going to nearby places like the grocery store or around the neighborhood.  Praise your Yorkie along with a way for doing good. Slowly, you can keep increasing the distance as your pet gets used to being in the car.

To keep check of motion sickness, you will need to keep track of your Yorkies’ food timings and schedules. Make sure to not feed it just before going out in the car. If your Yorkie continues to fuss in the car, you can give it a small piece of dry biscuit. This will help get their stomach settled.  

Take a look at a detailed guide for a road trip with your dear Yorkie here.

3. How Do Yorkie Puppies Play?

Yorkie puppies like being cuddled and also enjoy outdoor games. They like taking walks and playing with their chew toys. Yorkie puppies usually play rough. 

They love chasing, barking, and pouncing. Make sure your Yorkie puppy gets enough outdoor time to calm these natural instincts. 


Along with answering the question: what do Yorkies like to play with? This article also recommends some great toys for your Yorkie to play with. Make sure you do not overdo playtime as this can make your Yorkie overly aggressive and overstimulated.

Playtime should be something that not only helps your Yorkie release built-up stress and energy but also about you spending enough time with them.

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