How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

As I was watching the Labradors running at an immense speed on a Discovery documentary, I couldn’t help but wonder, How fast Can A Yorkie Run? 

The reason I had this question was, I just got a Yorkie home! And I couldn’t help but wonder if this tiny dog could run at a speed anywhere near the other big dogs. After all, Yorkie is a toy breed.

So, I started looking out at various sources, and I was impressed. For such small creatures, they did run at a good speed. Read on to know more…

How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

An average Yorkie that measures around 7 to 8 inches can run at a speed of 10 miles per hour. Purebred Yorkies who grow up to 12 inches can run at a speed of 20 miles per hour. 

If you want to compare it with an average human’s running speed, then you would be surprised to know that on average, a man between 20 to 40 years of age can run at a speed of 5.9 miles per hour, whereas a woman of the same age can run at the speed of 5 miles per hour.

So, you can now understand that Yorkies are really swift and full of energy which is why you may sometimes find it difficult to keep up with them. 

However, due to the tiny legs, the Yorkie cannot match up to the speed of other big dogs.

So, the speed might seem a bit slow as compared to the other dogs, who usually run at a speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour, but you shouldn’t forget that your Yorkie is one of the smaller dogs breed.

Also, you need to consider that their speed depends on their age and physical condition. Thus, the more young and physically active a Yorkie, the faster it will run.

How Fast Can a Yorkie Puppy Run?

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Don’t confuse the size of this little dog breed with its speed! Yorkshire Terrier puppies are agile and fast. They have tiny legs and thus they take smaller steps compared to bigger dogs like German Shepherds, but these steps of theirs even though short, are quick and fast. 

If we talk about the average figures, then you can expect your Yorkie pup to run at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

However, you can expect your pup to run at this speed only after the age of 6 to 7 months. 

Even though the speed might seem to be great for a small breed like Yorkie, a fun fact to know here is that the fastest runner in the dog breed is the Greyhound, which has a lightning speed of 45 miles per hour.

How Many Miles Can a Yorkie Run? 

Yorkies are small dogs, that are not meant for intense running sessions. So, you can expect your Yorkie to run for around 1.5 to 1.8 miles before they start panting.

If we take into consideration the time factor, then 25 minutes would be an ideal running time for Yorkies.

Check out this video of agility training of a Yorkie and be amazed.

How Far Can a Yorkie Run Without Stopping? 

It is a no-brainer that Yorkies are tiny little creatures and therefore may not be able to keep up pace with other big dogs. Thus, they can run up to 1 to 2 miles without stopping. 

A younger, more agile Yorkie can run up to 3 miles too. Yorkies may seem small and tiny but they are definitely good runners considering their small size!

Is Running a Good Exercise for Your Yorkie?

Running indeed is a good exercise for your Yorkie. While the amount and the duration of exercise vary across the Yorkies, you can consider that a daily walk of 25 to 30 minutes should be sufficient for your Yorkie.

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The running duration can be anywhere between 20 minutes to 80 minutes. However, keep a close watch on your Yorkie, and make sure that he is not overly panting or out of breath. 

Below are the key benefits of running as an exercise for your Yorkie:

  • The main benefit of regular running is that it keeps the metabolism and the heart strong. This can prevent other diseases like depression and digestive issues.
  • A low maintenance activity like running daily can ensure that your Yorkie’s energy is not pent up and is released in a positive manner, rather than in an irritating behavior.
  • Regular muscle movements will ensure a healthy and energetic Yorkie.
  • Daily running will ensure that your Yorkie has some fresh air and undivided attention from your end. This will essentially prevent the chances of depression or other mental illness in your four-legged friend.

When Can I Start Running With My Yorkie? 

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While it is always advisable to wait till 6 months of age to start running with your Yorkie, you should consult a vet before setting your pet’s running routine. 

If you make your Yorkie run any earlier than 6 months, it can pose a risk to his joints and muscles. Hence, you should wait till your little dog becomes an adult dog.

Introduce running to your Yorkie very slowly, and in a polite manner. Your pet friend should first be comfortable walking next to you.

Always consider the fact that what might be a brisk walk for you, is running for your Yorkie, owing to his small little legs. Hence, maintain your pace accordingly and do not let your Yorkie be out of breath.

Check out our extensive guide to train your Yorkie here.

What Should I Prepare for a Run With My Yorkie?

Since smaller dogs like Yorkie are not meant for intense running sessions, it is best that you prepare yourself, and keep all the essentials handy. Take a look at the below checklist

1. Leash Suitable For Your Yorkie

Use a leash specially designed for smaller dog breeds. I found this amazing no pull leash and harness online. This is a must for a safe running session with your Yorkie. 

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After all, few breeds like Yorkie Poo are very confident, and can run away without the leash around! Hence, this is a must for all dog walkers.

2. Compact Water Bowl Suitable For Travelling

It is better to be prepared than to cut short your running plan. Always keep a compact bowl handy to keep your Yorkie well hydrated.

Check out this product I have used for my Yorkie. It works great!

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3. LED Collar

Planning to take your Yorkie running after sunset or early morning? It is best to use a LED collar.

Check out this LED collar specially designed for small dogs. It even fits perfectly on teacup Yorkies!

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Apart from the above-mentioned things, be patient with your pup, and use techniques for positive reinforcement to encourage him for daily running sessions.

Top 8 Exercises for Your Yorkie

How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

Well, the easiest way to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy is to allow him to properly exercise his body and mind. It is always better to have a healthy, well-rested, and well-behaved dog than an irritated and unhealthy one.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 exercises for your Yorkie.

  1. Short Walks
  2. Training Exercises
  3. Fetch Games
  4. Hunting Games
  5. Agility Games
  6. Cardio Exercise
  7. Stair Sprints
  8. Scenting And Nose Games

When Should You Stop Your Yorkie From Running?

Sometimes, even without you knowing, your Yorkie might be facing health issues due to excessive running or any other exercise. Immediately stop your Yorkie from running if you see the below effects:

1. Injuries on Paw Pads

If your Yorkie loves playing and getting his daily dose of exercise, in all probability he will continue to do so till his paw pads actually get torn or severely injured.

Compare the pain you will get if you try to walk with blister-covered feet. Painful isn’t it? It would exactly how your Yorkie would feel if he tries to walk or run with a torn paw pad. In short, it would be extremely painful.

So, to save your pet friend from any sort of trouble, try to check his paws regularly. If the skin on the paws appears to be red or worn away, or flaky, then this can indicate an overworked paw. 

In such a case, it is best that you stop your Yorkie from running, and give him rest. You can also apply some paw soother to give your little pet some relief.

Take a look at this all-natural paw soother cream which works really well for my pet Yorkie.

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2. Injury in Joints

Extreme physical exercises or excessive running can lead to an injury in the joints of your Yorkie. 

Somethings, your Yorkie might also suffer from Patellar Luxation. In this condition, the kneecap can slip out of its place. Sprains can also occur in your four-legged friend. Check out our detailed review for the best supplements to boost your Yorkie’s joint health.

3. Soreness in Muscles

Imagine you and your Yorkie had a nice running session, and then both of you had a good rest. 

If after the resting period, your Yorkie refuses to get up, or walk down the stairs, or just doesn’t come to get his food, or in the worst case, if he starts crying, these are all the signs that your Yorkie is suffering from muscle soreness.

It’s best to not take your Yorkie for a run till the time he heals.

4. Heat Sickness

If your Yorkie has had a run during hot weather, then the direct sun can cause heat sickness in your pet friend. 

Check out for the various signs of heat sickness here.

Top 7 Adverse Effects of Yorkie Not Getting Enough Exercise

How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

At first, you might think that Yorkies are just regal and classy dogs, but they do have an athletic side to them. They require a lot of attention and exercise just like any other dog breed. 

If you do not provide ample outdoor activity or exercise to your Yorkie, it can result in obesity and other diseases. Hence, never should you leave your four-legged friend in a corner with no exercise. 

Here are a few adverse effects of your Yorkie not getting enough physical and mental exercise

1. Destructive Behaviour

Chewed shoes and overturned cans are not the sights you would be looking for when you get home! So, don’t let things get any worse, and let your Yorkie release his pent-up energy by exercising or a quick run outdoors.

2. Obesity

Lack of running can lead to obesity in your Yorkie. This can lead to depression or other diseases and disorders like metabolism-related issues and poor digestion. 

Always use high-quality dog food along with some regular running sessions to avoid obesity and related health issues in your Yorkshire Terrier. Check out this dry food , made especially for small dogs like Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and Yorkshire Terriers.

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3. Restlessness

Your Yorkie might appear restless, which can lead to sleepless nights for him and you. This is a clear indication that your four-legged friend cannot release his pent-up energy in any way possible.

This is bound to mess up your Yorkie’s sleep schedule.

4. Weak Limbs

Exercise is good for improving Yorkie’s muscle strength. Lack of exercise can lead to walking issues for your dog.

Your Yorkie might also suffer from stiffness in joints and acute pain in the muscle. This may be caused due to obesity and the weak limbs of your four-legged friend.

5. Depression

Your Yorkie might get used to a sedentary lifestyle due to no outdoor activity. This can eventually lead to him losing interest in doing any activities and that might lead to depression.

No playtime with the dog owner can also lead to separation anxiety in your Yorkie.

6. Overly Irritated Behavior

Be prepared to encounter constant barking, and you might be shocked to see a very loving pet turn into an annoying one in very little time. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? 

All this just because your dear Yorkie was devoid of some regular exercise routine!

7. Chances of Severe Diseases

Just like humans, dogs too require a fair share of exercise to maintain their health. Hence, in case if your Yorkie doesn’t get proper exercise time, he is more prone to diseases like premature heart diseases, cancers, muscle issues, and irregular bladder functionings.

So, now that you know the adverse effects of your Yorkie not getting enough exercise, make a routine and take your Yorkie out for a walk.

FAQs on How Fast Can a Yorkie Run?

1. Are Yorkies Good Running Dogs?

Yorkies love to run. However, do not expect them to be as good runners as the bigger dog breeds. 

You can take your Yorkie for a run in the park, but it is important to keep a close watch on him and have a leash around. Never let your Yorkie start panting or getting out of breath. A 20 minutes walk should suffice.

2. Why Does My Yorkie Suddenly Zoom Around Like a Crazy Dog? 

The behavior is common in Yorkies, and is often referred to as “The Zoomies”. This behavior is noticed when your Yorkie is extremely happy and wants to release all his happy energy.

So, there is nothing to worry about with this behavior.

3. Do Yorkshire Terriers Need a Lot of Exercises?

Yorkies require a moderate amount of exercise. Too much exercise can have adverse effects on these small breeds. The Kennel Club usually suggests a 30-minute exercise for your Yorkie.


In conclusion, the answer to How Fast Can a Yorkie Run is 10 miles/hour.  A nice run of around 20 to 30 minutes can help increase the quality and length of your Yorkie’s life and will also be a nice bonding time for him and you. 

These small creatures are packed with energy. So try to channel this energy into some sort of physical exercise. 

Make sure not to wear out your Yorkie completely and give them just the right amount of required exercise that is not too much, not too little.


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