When To Neuter A Yorkie?

When To Neuter A Yorkie?

I just got home a little Yorkie puppy and just wanted to cuddle with him. But I need to take care of all the medical decisions that I take for my small dog. The most important of the decisions is to neuter which led me to wonder: When To Neuter A Yorkie?

Me being an inquisitive person and a loving pet owner, I had to know all about When To Neuter A Yorkie, for which I asked my veterinarian and got some wonderful answers.

Have a close look at what my veterinarian said for When To Neuter A Yorkie, the advantages and disadvantages of neutering, and the potential changes that you may observe after the procedure is done. 

When To Neuter A Yorkie?

Neutering should happen at the right time because as the Yorkie gets older, there will be more complications to the surgery. You should consult with your vet about the time you want to get your Yorkie neutered.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to having your dog neutered. It is important to understand what is best for your dog. 

There might be complications after the surgery but if not, then your Yorkie wouldn’t have that aggression or behavioral challenges associated with mating.

What Is The Ideal Age To Neuter A Yorkie?

If you want to go through with the neutering then it is recommended that you do it before your Yorkie becomes 1 year old. The right time to get your Yorkie neutered may vary from male to female. 

You should consult your veterinarian before you decide to neuter your Yorkshire Terrier. 

When Should You Neuter A Male Yorkie?

When To Neuter A Yorkie?

A male Yorkshire Terrier should be neutered when it is around 4 to 6 months old. Neutering your Yorkie before he hits puberty will be beneficial to his health in the long term. 

It also helps get rid of any aggressive behavior in your Yorkie. The testosterone levels are naturally high in a male dog and as the pet parent, it becomes difficult for you sometimes to deal with the tantrums. 

Neutering your Yorkie will help decrease the behavioral challenges that you have with him.

When Should You Spay A Female Yorkie?

Female Yorkies should be spayed when they are around 3 to 4 months old, that is before their 1st heat. This will help your Yorkie stay away from any sudden mood swings or aggressive behavior at the time of mating. 

If you decide to spay your Yorkie after its second heat, then it is possible that she will have mammary cancer or mammary tumors. However, consulting your vet is more suitable if you want personalized answers.

What Are The Advantages Of Neutering/Spaying Your Yorkie? 6 Advantages

Below are few advantages of neutering or spaying your pet Yorkie:

When To Neuter A Yorkie?
  1. There would be no breeding problems
  2. Your Yorkie will remain healthy without any risk of testicular cancer in male Yorkies and the risk of breast/uterus cancer in female Yorkies
  3. There will be fewer chances of aggressive behavior and territorial marking
  4. Your Yorkie will remain happy for most of the time as opposed to intact dogs
  5. Neutered Yorkies tend to live longer than intact Yorkies
  6. It is hard enough for dogs to get adopted, so neutering will keep the unwanted puppies away

What Are The Disadvantages Of Neutering/Spaying Your Yorkie?

Some of the known risks of neutering/ spaying are:

  • Urinary incontinence(weak bladder) becomes common in females that have been spayed
  • It is possible that your Yorkie will develop hyperthyroidism which can result in weight gain
  • There can be some health complications if the surgery is performed at the wrong age
  • If your dog suffers from heart disease, then the surgery could be harmful to your Yorkie
  • Even though the risk of testicular cancer or uterus cancer can be avoided, the risk of other cancers become highly probable
  • Risk of cardiac tumors mostly in females
  • The growth plates close a bit later than the normal time which causes your Yorkie’s legs to become longer
  • Small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers can have adverse reactions to anesthesia

If you are confused about whether you should get your Yorkie neutered or not, then this video will probably help you make a decision. 

What Is The Cost Of Neutering A Yorkie?

When To Neuter A Yorkie?

The cost of neutering depends on factors like sex, breed, weight, type of anesthesia, and the vet that you go to. On average, the cost for neutering a male Yorkshire Terrier is from $150 to $200 and the cost of spaying a female Yorkie is between $200 to $400. 

The price may differ depending on the geographical location. It is important to consider various health and maintenance charges when you adopt a Yorkie. This guide will definitely help you out.

Possible Side Effects of Anesthesia On Yorkies Used During Neutering/Spaying Procedure

It is possible for your Yorkie to react adversely to the anesthesia given before the neutering. The risk of anesthesia is higher in small dogs who are underweight. The dangers of anesthesia in dogs with low weight are:

  • Hypotension: Anesthesia may cause your Yorkie’s blood pressure to drop which is damaging for their brain and kidneys. If your Yorkie has low blood pressure while sedated, then it must be given IV fluids to prevent any danger.
  • Hypothermia: Anesthesia may also cause your Yorkie’s temperature to rise

These things can be easily monitored before starting the neutering procedure and the vet can take necessary actions for the same.

The Physical And Behavioral Changes In Your Yorkie After Neutering

When To Neuter A Yorkie?

The physical and behavioral changes do not always happen but it is safe to look for any signs of change in case your Yorkie gets sick.

It takes time for your Yorkie to get stronger after the neuter surgery. The male Yorkies take less time to recover than the female Yorkies. You should not give any water to your pet for at least 1 hour after the neutering. 

Your Yorkie might also not want to eat as much, but things will get normal after 48 hours of the surgery.

A. Physical Changes

There is no visible change in Yorkie’s physical appearance immediately after neutering. However, they may develop longer legs than other Yorkies in the future. Their hair may also grow a bit thicker than usual.

The surgery may cause an increase in your Yorkie’s appetite which may cause it to become overweight. You must take your neutered dog for a walk or exercise regularly to avoid obesity.

If you have a female Yorkshire Terrier then you should look for any signs of vomiting, gum bleeding, or tremors because it means that there have been some health complications. Rush to the vet in such cases. 

Do not let your Yorkie lick her stitches because it may cause infection. If your dog can’t help but lick her stitches then you can get a protective dog collar.

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar (Large, Blue)

If you have a male Yorkie then you will notice a bit of swelling or bruising around the treated area. It does not cause discomfort in most dogs or need any pain medication. However, if your dog feels restless from the pain, you can get some toys for him for distraction.

Take a look at this great interactive toy that can successfully distract your Yorkie from the pain.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Intermediate

Your Yorkie will be ready to play just after a few days. However, make sure that your Yorkie’s incision heals properly before he starts to run around the house.

It is advised that you take your Yorkshire Terrier for a check-up 10 days after the surgery. 

B. Behavioral Changes

The major change in your Yorkie after the removal of its testicles/ovaries will be in the balance of its hormones which influences its mind.

If you have a male Yorkie then you must have seen him exhibit signs of aggression and restlessness because of the testosterone levels. Neutering dogs will help take down the aggression level in your Yorkie and make him calmer. 

Excessive barking or the attempt to run as a result of sexual desires will also decrease in the neutered male.

If your Terrier’s aggressive behavior was rooted from testosterone, only then will his behavior change. Any other behavior disorders would not have any impact after the surgery. 

You can try some calming supplements if your Yorkie has aggression issues.

You can check out this calming aid that will probably save you from dealing with the destructive behavior of your Yorkie here.

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The female Yorkie will have different behavioral changes on being spayed. They will roam less as their desire to search for their male counterparts becomes less.

Spayed females tend to pee less that is usually frequent when she goes through her heat cycle. Subsequently, there would be fewer mood swings and even lesser aggression related to any sexual desires

Keeping Your Yorkie Comfortable After Neutering 

Follow the below tips to keep your Yorkie comfortable after the neutering/spaying procedure:

When To Neuter A Yorkie?
  • Get a comfortable bed and blanket for your Yorkie to sleep in since it will spend most of its time sleeping and healing
  • Keep the pain killers ready in case your Yorkie can’t seem to bear the pain
  • Give your Yorkie its favorite toys to distract it from any pain
  • Provide comfort food to your Yorkie
  • Talk to your Yorkie in a soothing tone to assure him that you are there for him

FAQs on When To Neuter A Yorkie?

1. Will Neutering The Yorkie Calm Him Down?

Neutering can only help those Yorkies to calm down whose high-energy behaviors were a result of their sexual frustration. The sexual desires of a male dog lead him out to the street to find a mate and if he doesn’t find one, he feels unwanted. The same goes for a female dog.

Neutering/Spaying can help calm their sex drives which in turn tones down their neurotic behavior. Any stress that comes from sexual frustration will become less and you will have a happy and healthy dog at your place.  

As a dog owner, you will be relieved of the constant mood swings and tantrums that you normally deal with.

Since their sex drives calm down, there will be less roaming around of your Yorkie in search of the opposite sex to mate with, so you won’t have to go about looking for your Yorkie everywhere.

2. What Happens If You Neuter The Dog Too Early?

It is risky to get your Yorkie neutered early. If you neuter/spay your Yorkie too early then, it will have a risk of hip dysplasia, uterine infection, or bone cancer. It can also alter the secretion of growth hormones in their body which can lead to long legs in your Yorkie.

If you have a female dog, then you should wait until your Yorkie goes through at least 1 heat cycle before you get her spayed. This will regulate the flow of growth hormones necessary for future development. After the 2nd heat cycle, there will be health complications post the surgery.

3. Do Neutered Dogs Live Longer?

Neutered dogs are seen to live longer than those who aren’t neutered. This is because the risk of deadly infections or diseases becomes less likely. 

They are happy and healthy for the most part of their lives because their aggressive behavior and other behavioral challenges tone down after the surgery.


So, the answer to your question, When To Neuter A Yorkie, is before it turns 1 year old. For male Yorkies, it has to be done when they are 4 to 6 months old and for female Yorkies, it has to be done when they are 3 to 4 months old.

Keep a close eye on your Yorkie after the surgery to look out for any health complications.

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