Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

do yorkies like to cuddle

Do Yorkies like to cuddle? If you are wondering whether your Yorkshire Terrier likes to cuddle, then the answer is yes, most Yorkies love to cuddle with their loved ones, all the time.

There are a few Yorkies who might be a bit aloof but, in general, this dog breed is very affectionate, loyal, and loving.

So, you can expect plenty of licks, puppy-eyed expression, and love from your gorgeous pet!

And if you are planning to buy or adopt a Yorkie soon, then be forewarned: they are cuteness overload but they can be quite clingy.

So that means not leaving them alone for prolonged periods too!

In this guide, we will tell you exactly why most Yorkies like to cuddle. We will also cover some other topics as follows:

  • Do Yorkies like to cuddle?
  • Why do Yorkies like to cuddle – Root causes of this behavior
  • Why Do Yorkies like to be held? Should you encourage this behavior?
  • Do Yorkies like to cuddle with one person or all people in the family?
  • Possible Reasons why your Yorkie does not like cuddling
  • FAQs

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Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

do Yorkies like to cuddle

Yes, the Yorkshire terrier breed is an extremely affectionate, loyal, and loving.

Yorkies love to show you their affection by being ‘clingy’. You might find your pet following you all around the house. It will also sit by your feet or, if you allow it, in your lap.

Yorkies pup especially love cuddling. They will sleep right next to you in your bed snuggling close to you.

While they are active, energetic, and also playful dogs, they wouldn’t mind spending all day lazing by your side on the couch.

In short: most Yorkies love to cuddle. It is their nature and they cannot help it. They’ re more than just a lap dog!

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Why do Yorkies Like to Cuddle? Root Cause of the Behavior

Some dog breeds are big on cuddling and Yorkshire Terriers are certainly one of them. They are known for being an affectionate dog.

In most cases, your Yorkie will initiate the cuddling too – it will just come close to you, place its wet nose in your hand, and demand attention.

Here are some reasons why your Yorkie loves cuddles:

1. For warmth

The very definition of cuddling is ‘to be close to another person or animal or huddle together for warmth’. Yorkies love cuddling with their humans because of the basic need for warmth.

Just like you pull your blanket close under your chin on cold nights, your Yorkie wants to be super close to you for your body warmth.

2. For comfort and security

The need for cuddling has evolutionary roots as well.

When man first domesticated dogs, they probably huddled together in caves around the fire, for warmth and protection. This kept both, the humans and dogs, from freezing in minus temperatures.

Domesticated dogs of today still have that instinct in them. It is just more prominent in some breeds than others.

Yorkies are small dogs and they need their humans to protect them. At the same time, their loyalty and fiercely protective nature makes them believe that they are protecting their humans in return!

When your Yorkie cuddles or snuggles close to you, it means that it wants you to protect it but also wants to protect you in return!

3. For love and affection

When your Yorkie is a tiny puppy, it might cuddle for love and affection.

Chances are, it is still missing its dam (mother) and littermates. The separation anxiety can make them go looking for more affection.

Since you are spending a lot of time training your pet in this critical early phase, it looks up to you as its parent.

That is why, your Yorkie will look for petting and cuddling. When you encourage this behavior and give love and affection by cuddling, it will grow into its adulthood as well.

4. For bonding

Yorkies, and all dogs, love to form bonds with their owners. This is a common dog behavior.

In general, Yorkies are one-person dogs – meaning that they bond closely with one person more than others.

Don’t get us wrong, they still love all members of their family equally but with this one person, they are different.

Yorkies take this bonding very seriously and to show how serious they are, they will constantly cuddle with their favorite person.

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5. It is all in the Chemistry!

Cuddling helps your Yorkie relieve stress.

When it cuddles and you respond by petting, kissing, and showering kisses on your pet, its brain signals neurotransmitters to release oxytocin – the love hormone.

It also releases endorphins in your pet that relieve stress. So even if you just simply caress your yorkie’s coat, they can take it as a cuddle session!

The best thing in this equation is that even you will relieve stress by cuddling with your pet! So it is a win win situation for both!

6. It is all in the breeding

Small breed dogs like Maltese, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians are bred to specifically be used as lap dops.

These are also known as the Velcro dog breeds that don’t like to be left alone. They will always gladly follow their pawrents everywhere they go!

Yorkies definitely don’t take separation from their owners too well. It can trigger their temperament. They get stressed and might even cry, howl, or indulge in other bad behaviors.

Genetics is also one of the main reasons why they love cuddling with their humans. If you’re a dog lover but hates cuddling, then a yorkie puppy may not suit you.

7. It is their way of showing that they understand and care!

Ever noticed how your Yorkie shows you special attention when you are sick?

It might sleep by your feet or by your bed and might even lick your face.

It is your pet’s way of showing you that it is worried about you and cares about you.

Male yorkies and female yorkies are both caring to their owners.

8.  To show gratitude

My dog always comes to me after eating; she sits by my side and nuzzles my leg.

I think it is her way of saying thank you especially after being given her favorite dog food!

Yorkies that love to cuddle after meals might do so to show you appreciation.

Isn’t that sweet!

We might never exactly know why our pets cuddle but we like to think that it is their way of showing gratitude and love for being in their lives!

That’s why they say a dog owner is lucky since they always get undivided attention and love from their beloved dog such as a teacup yorkie or a yorkshire terrier.

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Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle with One Person Only? Why is it so?

Some yorkies only snuggle or cuddle with one person and not with all family members.

Here are some reasons behind this trait:

1. The socialization period

Your Yorkie chooses its ‘favorite person’ in the first 6 months (from the time it comes to your home to the time it is nearly 8 to 9 months of age).

This is the crucial socialization phase when this little dog selects the human that closely matches its energy levels and personality.

For a young Yorkie, it is not difficult to tell which associations are positive and which are negative.

Even if all members of the family have taken time in training, feeding, and looking after your Yorkie, your pet might still select someone that it finds most appealing, loving, and caring.

2.  Alpha or dominance factor

Dogs live in packs and they know who their alpha is. If you do not train your Yorkie firmly during this phase, it might get into dominance state.

Dominance state is when your Yorkie starts believing it is alpha and ends up being stubborn; sometimes having an unpredictable temperament. In this state, it is not going to cuddle.

The ‘followers’ or the submissive dogs are the cuddlers.

In a pack, the alpha or the leader usually wants to be by itself. When you show your pet that you are the dominant leader, it will make your pet seek you more and would demand more cuddling.

3.  The cuddling matches with your sleep-cycles

Most Yorkies prefer sleeping next to one person in the household.

If you find your Yorkie only cuddling with you during sleep time, then the reason may just be that your sleep cycle matches with its sleep cycles.

Of course, Yorkies (like french bulldog, cavalier king charles spaniel and other dog breed) always sleep a lot – nearly 14+ hours a day! So they might cuddle with whoever they find sleeping that much!

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Do Yorkies Like to Be Held? Should You Encourage the Behavior?

do Yorkies like to cuddle

Yorkies love being carried around. They are tiny dogs weighing about 7 to 10 lb. Teacup Yorkies are even tinier!

Resultantly, owners get into the habit of picking up their tiny dogs and often might do so unconsciously without putting any thought into the action.

The thing is that you must carry your Yorkie only when it is absolutely necessary.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t carry your Yorkie all the time:

1. It needs exercise

Yorkies can quickly pack on pounds if they do not get adequate physical exercise. This can even translate into obesity which can lead to a plethora of health issues.

If you get your Yorkie accustomed to always being carried around, it might refuse to walk completely. This is never a good thing for any dog.

Encourage your dog to move around by giving him a toy, or by walking.

2. You might end up spoiling your pet

Other than in high risk areas or when your Yorkie is sick or injured, you should not carry your Yorkie.

Your pet could end up being spoilt and will rely on you all the time for transport. If you plan to become a Yorkie owner, remember this so you can avoid spoiling your pup.

3. They need to socialize and sniff around!

Your Yorkie, like all dogs, needs to socialize with other dogs on its walks.

Most importantly, it needs to sniff around as sniffing provides it important information about other dogs, changes in the topography, etc. All this is very important for your pet’s mental stimulation.

If you carry your Yorkie while it is supposed to sniff other dogs’ butts, it won’t learn to be friendly around other dogs.

This can lead to annoying excessive barking at other dogs.

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What Are Possible Reasons Why a Yorkie Does not Like Cuddling?

yorkie on a leash

Yes, there are some Yorkies that do not like cuddling. There is nothing wrong with it and here are some possible reasons behind this:

1. Some dogs do not like being touched

Just as some humans are not comfortable hugging or showing affection, some Yorkies do not like being touched.

A Yorkie may not want to be touched on its head. You could try petting or scratching behind its ears or under its muzzle or neck to see if it likes that instead.

2. Adopted dogs take time bonding

Yorkies that are rescued might have had negative associations with humans.

They might take time in bonding with you and may not want to cuddle, at least in the early days of your relationship.

Give your pet some time. It will surely come around!

3. It is nothing personal!

If your Yorkie does not like cuddling, please do not take it personally. It has nothing to do with you.

Your Yorkie isn’t rejecting you. Nor does it mean that you are a bad person.

4. Underlying issues

Some injuries or illness could cause your Yorkie to refrain from snuggling and cuddling.

Some senior dogs, when they know they are about to die, tend to get aloof and spend more and more time alone. They might hide under a bed as they want to distance themselves from you.

Do see your vet to rule out any underlying issues especially if your Yorkie has suddenly stopped cuddling.

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FAQS on Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle

1.  Are Yorkies affectionate?

Yes, this breed is extremely affectionate, loyal, and loving. They won’t hesitate to show their love and affection by licking, cuddling, and wanting to spend all their time with you.

2.  Are Yorkies clingy?

Yes, if you allow it, Yorkies can get overly clingy.

If you do not want your pet to follow you around all the time, then you must socialize and train it to spend time alone (a couple of hours a day, no more!).

Certainly do not carry your pet all the time as it will get lazy and habituated to being transported.

3. Should my Yorkie sleep with me?

Yes, Yorkies can sleep in your bed as they do not shed too much and they love to snuggle and cuddle for warmth.

Take care not to injure your pet in your sleep, especially if you toss and turn a lot while sleeping.

4.  How can you tell if your Yorkie loves you?

Your friendly loving pet will find many ways to show you that it loves you: by following you around, licking your face or hand, staring at you all the time, cuddling next to you on the sofa or bed, and so on.

Conclusion – Do Yorkies like to Cuddle?

do yorkies like to cuddle

Do Yorkies like to cuddle?

Yes, most Yorkshire Terriers love to cuddle, as this breed is inherently very affectionate, loyal, and loving. They are also Velcro dogs that will gladly follow their owners everywhere they go!

So you can expect plenty of licks, snuggles, cuddles and loving glances from your tiny dog!

We hope this guide gives you an insight into your Yorkie’s affectionate personality!

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