Why Is My Dog So Sleepy After Grooming? 

Grooming sessions for dogs can be somewhat traumatic and frantic.

If your dog loves to go to the grooming salon, you are indeed very lucky. For most of us, it is often not the case and we can tell by our dog’s behavior when they return. 

Are they unusually quiet? Or, do you wonder why is my dog so sleepy after grooming? 

It’s reasonable for you to be concerned about your dog’s peculiar behavior as a pet parent. So, to reassure your fears, here are a few reasons why your dog gets drowsy after a lengthy, wild grooming session:

In this article, we will learn about:

  • 8 Reasons why your dog is so sleepy after grooming
  • Solutions to avoid this issue
  • And much more
Why Is My Dog So Sleepy After Grooming

8 Reasons Why My Dog Is So Sleepy After Grooming

Your dog feels sleepy after grooming because it is feeling uncomfortable, tired or exhausted. Most dogs do not like activities that force them to sit still for a while, and grooming is one of them. Examine your dog’s body to make sure everything is alright. 

Here are the top 8 reasons why your dog feels tired after grooming: 

1. Grooming Is Exhausting For Your Dog

If your fluffy pet exudes signs of lethargy or tiredness, or sleepiness, particularly after a grooming session, you need not worry too much as this is to be expected. 

A grooming session might last for hours, so it’s natural for your dog to be exhausted afterward, especially if the session is completed without a break in the middle.

According to the AKC, if your dog is fatigued, it is recommended to let them sleep undisturbed in order to relieve their lethargy. However, if you notice your pet quivering or shivering, you should take them to the veterinarian straight soon.

2. Separation Anxiety Can Make Your Dog Tired 

When you leave your dogs to the groomer, you are leaving for a while, but your dogs may interpret them as you leaving them forever; this causes separation anxiety.

According to dog trainer Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA, separation anxiety is a response that a dog exudes when the human to whom the dog is attached is away from them. 

This anxiousness is exacerbated when the groomers force the dog to calm down throughout the session. As a result, your dog might feel overwhelmed by its contradicting emotions and feel exhausted by them. 

Despite the fact that their nervousness may subside after a full night’s sleep, it is still preferable to actively strive to soothe your pet’s feelings.

Here are some tips recommended by PetMD to ease your pup’s anxiety:

  • Take your dog on long walks and play with them until they revert to their original self.
  • Give them toys and treats as an appreciation for enduring the session until the end.

3. Grooming Can Be Stressful For Your Dog

Would you like to be forced to have a haircut that you didn’t ask for?

Obviously not. That’s the same for dogs as well.

During the grooming session, dogs are pressured to undergo multiple stages of “grief” until the session is over. Though this does not seem like a huge deal for us, it is definitely overwhelming for your pups.

According to Dr. Katie Grzyb, DVM, your dogs are under immense stress if they are showing any of the following symptoms:

  • Pacing and Shaking
  • Yawning Excessively
  • Frequent Drooling
  • Hiding or Acting Depressed
  • Shedding More

The symptoms mentioned above might take quite a toll on their mental and physical well-being, which will cause them to become overtired.

Here are some tips suggested by the VCA Hospital that can help you get your pup out of its stressed state:

  • Create a tranquil environment for your pet and encourage them to play with you.
  • Pamper your pets with treats such as AFreschi, Rachael Ray Nutrish, and Milk-Bone.
  • If they do not seem to budge, it is better to take your pet to the vet and get them diagnosed.

4. The Grooming Session Might Have Been Painful 

In a typical grooming session, your dog is forced to face the scary trio of clippers, scissors, and trimmers. As much as they fear them and trash around, there is no way out, and they are forced to endure their fear till the end. 

If your pup is exhibiting any signs of anxiety even after the session, it might be because they might have got scratches and wounds and are feeling pain from being coerced to undergo the procedure.

To ensure that, pet parents can check their pet’s whole body for any wounds. If they have any, treat the injuries right away by placing a warm compress on the wound or taking them to the vet.

Here are several grooming kit recommendations to help reduce the risk of wounds: oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets, Ceenwes, and Pet union.

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5. Your Dog Finds Grooming Uncomfortable

Another possible reason your dog feels exhausted after the grooming session might be because they feel uncomfortable.

Really, who would like to be forced? Not us, and certainly not the dogs.

They have the right to feel uncomfortable. It can be the shampoo or the instruments used during the session that makes your dogs feel uncomfortable.

Check for any allergies; if they have any, take them to the vet right away. 

If not, it is a better choice to let your dogs sleep to get them out of their sulky behavior. 

But if they continue to show dull behavior, here are some tips to cheer up their mood recommended by AKC:

1. Take A Walk With Your Dogs:

Take a walk with your dog. Rather than directing them, allow them to choose their own route and follow it.

2. Give Them Toys To Play With:

Give your dogs some chewy toys to play with to help them get over their sour mood. Since dogs enjoy chewing, giving them chew toys is perhaps the most efficient tactic to restore their usual cheerfulness. KIPRITII, Nylabone, and Nocciola are some toys we recommend for your dogs to be playful with.

3. Praise and Pat Your Pups:

Did you know that dogs adore being praised? Dogs love flattery, especially when they come from their owners. Occasionally pat your dog’s heads, massage their back, and praise their courage. Doing so will automatically cheer up your pups almost instantly.

6. The Grooming Session Was Probably Too Long For Your Dog

Sometimes the cause of their exhaustion may not be because of anxiety or pain but pure lethargy.

It is a known fact that grooming sessions take hours to complete. From cutting their fur to bathing to blow-drying to overall grooming, phew! That’s a long list of steps before your dog is finally ready to be picked up.  

Long grooming sessions can be especially draining for puppies which requires more hours of sleep than an adult dog. Adult dogs require about 12 – 14 hours of sleep while puppies require at least 18 – 20 hours of sleep. 

Therefore, your pet’s drowsiness may be due to having to sit still and go through different cleaning processes. This is not a bad thing, so let your pup sleep their stress away.

7. The Groomer Gave Your Dog A Sedative

Groomers generally use gentle approaches to deal with a pup’s erratic behavior. If the dog refuse to cooperate, some groomers may administer sedatives to them.

Using sedatives is quite common for groomers for the session to go well. However, before using sedatives, make sure the groomer gets your permission and inquires about your dog’s health condition.

According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, here are some sedatives that are safe to feed dogs orally:

  • Acepromazine and Telazol Powder 
  • Acepromazine and Diazepam 
  • Diazepam and Butorphanol
  • Phenobarbital and Diazepam
  • Dexmedetomidine and Butorphanol.

Make sure the groomers are using any one of the sedatives above.

Because sedatives are used to soothe your pet, they are expected to feel tired long after the treatment is over. So don’t be concerned about their drowsiness; instead, let them sleep.

Your pup will revert to its cheerfulness after a fulfilling sleep.

8. The Sudden Loss Of So Much Hair Might Be Depressing

Can dogs get depressed after grooming? 

According to Dr. Stephanie Howe, DVM, yes, dogs can also fall into depression.

Though their depression may not be the same as clinical depression felt by humans, the effects, however, are the same.

Unwillingly your dogs are forced to undergo grooming. While some may forget it or feel rejoiced by the sudden loss of hair, some may feel dejected. This may be because they are missing their old coat.

Your pet is most likely depressed if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • A decrease in appetite
  • Getting more sleep than normal
  • Being more clingy than usual
  • Hiding
  • Unwillingness to engage in regular play activities
  • Variation in vocalization
  • Aggressive behavior 

It is essential for pet owners to focus more on their pets to help them get back to their usual cheerfulness. To help your pet to get out of depression, you can:

1. Let Them Play With Other Dogs

Depression may cause your pet to feel lonely, so letting your dog play with other dogs may help them fill their emptiness. Or, you might also get a new dog or cat, which might be a better option.

2. Play With Them More

Give your dog more affection. Spend more time with your pups, take them for walks, and never leave them alone. Paying attention to them will undoubtedly bring out their natural enthusiasm.

3. Keep An Eye On Their Appetite

Ascertain that your pet is eating appropriately and regularly, as well as finishing their food. If your dog isn’t eating well, give them their favorite dishes as a surprise.

4. Respond To Their Needs

If your dog comes clinging to you, pay attention to them instead of pushing them away, even if you are busy. Some pats and cuddles are enough to make your pet feel better.

Solutions To Avoid Your Dog From Getting Sleepy After Grooming

1. Ask The Groomer To Keep The Grooming Sessions Short

If your dogs become too restless after a long grooming session in the past, instead of forcing them the next time, ask your groomers to shorten the session.

Shortening the sessions will make your pets less exhausted as well as less stressed.

Taking your pups regularly to grooming sessions once in a while will automatically shorten the time spent on grooming sessions. This is beneficial to the dogs, the groomers, and for you too.

2. Let Your Dog Sleep Before And After The Grooming Session

Before going to the grooming session, let your dogs rest well.

Create a serene environment for your dogs with candles lit and peaceful music in the background and let them sleep leisurely undisturbed.

Not only will they feel less drowsy after the grooming procedure, but they will also behave more calmly during it.

Why Does My Dog Act Strange After Grooming?

If you are wondering why your dog is acting strangely after a grooming session, it is probably because they are experiencing a new kind of feeling.

Your dogs are usually accustomed to their daily lifestyle of sleeping, eating, and playing. So, imagine their surprise and confusion when they are forced to sit still one day while a complete stranger trims their hair. Isn’t it reasonable for them to be perplexed?

So, if you feel like your dog is acting strange after a grooming session, it is because they are confused with their new look and are slowly getting accustomed to their new look. 

Another cause could be that they are worried. This is especially understandable given that your pet was ‘forced’ to be groomed. So, they may feel helpless and betrayed by their pet parents.

The only way to help them overthrow their strange character is to pour all your attention on them and pat their heads until they smile heartily. 

Why Is My Dog Walking Funny After Grooming?

Not all dogs walk the same way. However, if your dog appears to be walking awkwardly, especially after a grooming treatment, they are likely self-conscious about their new appearance.

Maybe your dog is not quite well adapted to their new skin, which explains a lot about why your pup is walking funnily or cowering themselves. This kind of behavior will be solved on their own after a while.

However, if your dog appears to be uncomfortable or is walking sideways days after a grooming appointment, this is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately by a veterinarian.

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