18 Things NEVER to Say to a Chihuahua Dog Parent!

Things NEVER to Say to a Chihuahua Dog Parent

1. “Why would you own a dog that can fit in your purse?”

Errmm… excuse me, I love the fact that I can bring my chihuahua everywhere I go!

2. “Um… So I hear Chihuahua’s are like Mexican rat terriers. Is that true?”

The joke was funny the first time I heard it, but maybe you can come up with something of your own?

3. “Do you just want another accessory?”

Excuse me!? My fur baby is my best friend! He’s not an accessory or a handbag!

4. “I’ll bet it takes up all your time to take care of that dog!”.

Chihuahua’s are very active dogs. I train him, play with him, take care of his grooming needs… yeah busy!

5. “That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life!!”

My dog is beautiful, he has unique features and I love him for who he is.

Yes, my Chihuahua does not look like your pitbull/golden retriever/siberian husky … but neither do you!

6. “Is that a teacup?”

No, it’s not a teacup. It’s also not an iPhone! (duh!!)

7. “I can’t tell if it’s a dog or a rat”

I can’t tell if it’s a human or an ape either. I don’t discriminate.

8. “Is that a handbag?”

You’re not wrong, but he’s also a dog! I prefer to carry him in my purse rather than carrying a purse myself… why would I need another accessory?

9. “That’s NOT your baby… that’s your dog! Blah blah blah.”

MOM. SHUT UP! I love my Chihuahua, he’s my best friend and part of the family!!!

10. “Chihuahuas are just dogs for rich people who don’t have kids”

NO, actually Chihuahuas are for people who have kids too! I grew up with a chihuahua and I think it’s the best dog in the world.

11. “Oh, I didn’t know that’s a real dog!?”

Yeah, my chihuahua is a real dog and I still love him!

12. “I know someone who had one and they were mean!”

Everyone knows someone that has been bitten by a Chihuahua, yet most people haven’t. Just like any other dog!

13. “Chihuahuas are too small to be service dogs!”

Actually, they are the smallest breed of service dogs. Chihuahuas are great at detecting seizures and diabetes in their owners!

14. “Does it have health problems because its so small?”

No, my dog is healthy for his size and breed. Just like any other dog!

15. “Why is your chihuahua smaller than my cat?”

Why is your cat nastier than my chihuahua?!

16. “His eyes look like he is popping out…! Is he okay?”

Just like any other dog, my chihuahua’s eyes appear to be “popping out” because of his eye sockets. That’s normal!

17. “Chihuahuas bark all the time, they are so noisy!”

Chihuahua’s bark a lot because of their size. They are fierce and protective but also friendly!

18. “Why don’t you get a real dog?”

Why don’t you be a real friend and not ask about my real dog?!

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