Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

Can French bulldogs eat grapes?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love grapes and their juicy goodness!

That is why most people also think that these seemingly harmless fruits can be good for dogs. However, that isn’t the case.

In this post, I will give you some valuable advice on why French bulldogs can’t eat grapes and raisins.

This advice can save a life! So please share it with fellow pet parents!

 I will also discuss what you should do if you suspect that your pet has eaten even one grape or raisin.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes? Are Grapes Bad for Frenchies?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

I will not beat around the bush here. Grapes are a strictly off-limits for dogs.

Even a single grape can be toxic to your French bulldog.

This includes all colors and varieties of grapes including red, green, seedless, seeded, etc.

So, you must strictly avoid feeding even a single grape to your beloved pet.

In fact, if you can, please avoid bringing any grapes and grape-related products in your house if you are a pet parent.

Additionally, please make sure that all your family members are also on board about this.

Teach kids never to feed grapes (not a single one!) to your Frenchie. 

I will discuss in the subsequent sections on what grape toxicity in dogs is and what to do if it occurs.

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Why Are Grapes Bad for French Bulldogs?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

Grapes are bad for dogs because they can cause renal failure in them.

As stated earlier, this is applicable to all varieties of grapes irrespective of whether they are seedless or contain seeds as well as grapes of different colors.

Grapes can cause acute grape toxicity in your French bulldog. This could result in kidney failure or renal failure.

Grapes contain a harmful nephrotoxin which can cause your Frenchie’s kidneys to fail. In addition, they could also contain heavy metals.

Even well-washed grapes can have pesticides, herbicides, and toxic chemicals that can harm our dear dogs.

Moreover, the fruit can have mold which can cause toxicity in pets.

They also contain high concentrations of vitamin D – which may benefit humans – but not our canine companions.

That is why, even a single grape can cause symptoms of grape toxicity and subsequent renal failure in dogs.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Raisins?

can French bulldogs eat raisins

No. Raisins, like grapes can cause severe renal failure and raisin poisoning in dogs.

Even a single raisin could kill your pet.

Just like the case with grapes, your Frenchie’s delicate system cannot metabolize the tannins, flavonoids, monosaccharides and nephrotoxins present in raisins which are nothing but dehydrated grapes.

So, please avoid feeding raisins or dried grapes to your Frenchie.

Also, warn kids about this as well. If possible, avoid bringing home this human food.

Don’t forget that many baked products like breads, cakes, and bagels also have raisins.

So do teach kids to avoid feeding these items as doing so can cost us very dearly.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes Jelly?

can French bulldogs eat grapes jelly

No. Grape jelly made with real grapes can also be severely toxic to our beloved Frenchies.

In addition to the harmful nephrotoxin, Grape jelly can also contain tons of sugar and preservatives – ingredients that can cause severe sensitivity and allergies in French bulldogs.

So, please avoid all grape products and recipes containing grapes for French bulldogs. This also includes grape jelly.

There are many other fruits that you can feed as treats to your Frenchie safely. I will enlist them shortly. But you must definitely avoid feeding them grapes, grape jelly, and raisins at all costs.

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Can French Bulldogs Drink Grape Juice?

can French bulldogs eat grapes juice

Again the answer is a strict No!

Grape juice made from real grapes or even dehydrated grapes can also cause symptoms of kidney failure or renal failure in Frenchies.

Besides this, commercial grape juice is packed with tons of sugar and preservatives. Both these ingredients can upset your Frenchie’s sensitive digestion.

It could trigger severe allergies like itching, diarrhea, etc. and worse – could cause your dog’s kidneys to shut down.

Continue reading to find out the exact symptoms of grape toxicity and kidney damage in Frenchies so you can stay alert.

What Parts of Grapes are Toxic to French Bulldogs?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

Some well-meaning Frenchie owners believe that if they feed just the grape pulp to their beloved pet and avoid the seeds and the skin of the grape, their pet will be fine.

This is not true.

As you probably already know, grape consists of three parts – the skin, pulp, and the seed. It is important that you do not feed any of these parts.

The other part of a grape vine is the leaf and the stem. Even these parts can be very harmful to pets.

Thankfully, these parts don’t taste too good and most dogs will instinctively stay away from them.

Here, I must mention the tragic tales of two cute dogs who died after consuming grapes. One was a Yorkshire terrier (5 years old), and the other was a Shih Tzu – just 1.5 years old.

A single grape killed both these dogs.

You can read the detailed clinical study about these cases here.

Bottom-line – No part of grapes is safe for French Bulldogs.

If you can, please avoid bringing grapes or raisins home. And don’t forget to educate everyone in the house about grape ingestion and its dangers to dogs.

I will now come to the most important part of this post: symptoms of grape toxicity in dogs.

What are the Symptoms of Grape Toxicity in Dogs

can French bulldogs eat grapes

The symptoms of grape toxicity can arise suddenly in some dogs whereas it could take 12-24 hours to manifest in others.

Doctors do not know exactly why some dogs are more vulnerable to grapes than others.

However, to keep our pets safe, we should simply assume that even a single grape or raisin can cause acute kidney failure in dogs (irrespective of their weight or size). It has the following symptoms:

1. Upset stomach

It usually starts with upset stomach. Affected dogs could experience vomiting or bouts of diarrhea after consuming even a few grapes.

This can occur immediately after consumption or it could take a couple of hours/days.

You might find the raisins of grapes in their vomit or stool.

Sometimes, there may be blood in the stool. If this occurs, see your vet immediately – do not wait. Tell your doctor that your pet may have consumed grapes.

2. Restlessness and pacing

Your Frenchie might walk about or pace restlessly. It might appear listless and anxious.

It will urinate frequently and try to retch to strain to remove the offending matter.

3. Behavioral changes

Your pet might try to sleep but wake up frequently to urinate or pass a bowel movement.

It might also vomit. But the main sign is that it will have no energy left for its daily activities. It might refuse food and feel very tired.

Your pet will be unusually quiet and might also hide or avoid interaction with you. It might show signs of distress or shock. Some dogs have trouble breathing.

4. Kidneys shutting down

Over time, a dog with acute kidney failure might completely stop urinating. It will appear severely dehydrated.

These are signs that its kidneys are shutting down.

5. Severe dehydration

In the initial stages your pet might want to drink water but later it might be too weak to do that and would need IV fluids.

Signs of dehydration in dogs include pale or whitish gums and also the skin at the back of your pet’s neck may not go back when you pull it.

Some dogs pass out and never recover.

What to Do if Your French Bulldog Has Eaten Even a Single Grape or Raisin?

How much do French bulldogs sleep

If you suspect your Frenchie has eaten even a single grape or raisin, then take it to the vet right away.

Treat this very seriously – as an emergency situation.

Frenchies are small dogs and they could get severely affected by grape or raisin toxicity.

You can call the doctor ahead and let them know that your pet has consumed grapes or raisins so they can prepare for your pet.

You can also call POISON Control Centers or ASPCA helplines. Keep the following information handy:

  • Your pet’s age and weight
  • Symptoms
  • Health history
  • How many grapes/raisins it may have eaten
  • When did this occur/how long ago

What to Expect at the Vet?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

Your dog might vomit on its own. Even if it does vomit, please take your pet to the vet.

In most cases, your doctor will treat your pet for grape consumption through ‘decontamination’.

This means that they will try to induce vomiting. to get the grapes or raisins out. Most doctors use activated charcoal or hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

These ingredients cause vomiting by binding to the toxic matter. Never try to induce vomiting at home.

Your vet might suggest hospitalizing your dog for at least 24-48 hours.

During this period your pet may be administered IV fluids. This is very important to prevent dehydration.

Your vet will also test your pet’s blood from to monitor toxicity. If the reports are normal after 2-3 days, your pet can come home.

Don’t worry: some dogs have survived grape poisoning. The tale of Leah– the Pom-Pekingese mix is an assuring one.

She had eaten about 10 grapes before her owner realized it. Thankfully, some quick work by the vets helped save Leah.

Not all dogs can be this lucky though. So please monitor your French bulldog at all times and if not, please crate it.

Which Fruits and Vegetables are Bad for French Bulldogs?

In addition to grapes, you must never feed the following vegetables or fruits to your buddy:

  • Apple seeds
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Cherry
  • Persimmon
  • Peach
  • Plum seeds and pits
  • Lemons/limes

Do check out the complete list of the 30 most toxic foods a dog should never eat.

What are Safer Alternatives to Grapes for French Bulldogs?

can French bulldogs eat watermelon

Want to treat your Frenchie? Then the following fruits are safe and healthy for them:

  • Apples without the seeds
  • Watermelon without seeds and rind
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Oranges

FAQs on Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes?

can French bulldogs eat grapes

1. Will even one grape hurt my dog?

Yes, even a single grape (or raisin) can hurt your delicate French bulldog. It could even kill your pet so please take this matter very seriously.

Avoid feeding grape and grape products to your Frenchie.

Warn your family members about the same. Do not even feed baked goods having raisins in it.

2.  Will my Frenchie be okay if he ate one grape?

Grape toxicity affects different dogs differently.

No one knows why some dogs are severely affected while some dogs survive eating even a handful of grapes. To be on the safe side, it is best to avoid feeding grapes and raisins to your pet.

If you suspect that your buddy has eaten even a single grape or raisin, please call your vet.

Most vets might advise you to bring your pet in to the clinic.

They can then induce vomiting and also do some blood-work and test to ensure that the kidneys are not affected.

If they suspect signs of toxicity, then your pet will need further treatment.

3. How many dogs die from eating grapes?

The statistics related to grape toxicity and subsequent death in dogs are quite alarming. Nearly 50 to 75% of the dogs that consume few grapes or raisins are known to have died.

4. Can a single grape kill a 60-lb. dog?

Yes. Even a single grape can cause kidney failure in a dog no matter how small or large it is.

Conclusion – Can French bulldogs eat grapes?

Can French bulldogs eat grapes?

By now, you know that there is no doubt that grapes and raisins are extremely toxic to dogs.

They contain a nephrotoxin or grape toxin which can shut down your pet’s kidneys causing acute renal failure.

It does not matter how small or large your dog is: grapes are extremely harmful and can cause serious symptoms and even death in pets.

Be very careful and please educate everyone in your family about this as well.

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