Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Dogs

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

I wondered are French bulldogs good with other dogs when I watched a cute video showing the interaction between Maui – a gorgeous Golden retriever and her best buddy Ruby – a Corgi. I followed the duo on a popular social media site and their videos always bring a smile to my face.

No- I wasn’t planning on adding another dog to my household but I often got asked if I could foster stray dogs before they found their forever homes.

So, if you are wondering whether French bulldogs are good pets in a multi-dog household, then this post is for you.

Here we will discuss:

  • Are French Bulldogs good with other dogs and, if yes, why?
  • Why are some French Bulldogs not so great with other dogs?
  • How can you socialize your Frenchie to get along with other dogs?
  • FAQs

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Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Dogs

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

Yes. French bulldogs are notoriously good with other dogs.

After all, they were bred to be companion dog breeds and this rich history makes them get along well with kids, humans, and other house pets.

In general, most Frenchies are very good with other dogs for the following reasons:

1. Breed and genetics

Certain dog breeds are inherently known to get along rather well with other dogs and the Frenchie is one of them. These dogs have the natural disposition towards being sociable, adaptable, and loving.

The French Bulldog breed is friendly and genetically they are wired to easily get along well with other dogs and house pets.

Note that this is very thin guideline to consider if you are getting other dogs to join your household. Even the so-called friendly dog breeds have sometimes had a very tough time in sharing their humans with other dogs.

Which brings us to the next point:

2. Early training and socialization

Early training and socialization can definitely ensure that your French bulldog gets along with other dogs. Training will always be a factor in guaranteeing that all dogs get along well with each other when they live under the same roof.

Some rescue dogs from shelters are generally known to be docile and friendly with other dogs. They are more willing to share attention and will not act out when their humans give attention to other dogs in the house.

Also, puppies exposed to other dogs in not just their own litters but other dog breeds in the breeder’s home or at a puppy obedience school are more likely to get along well with other pets.

3. They are inherently social and out-going

The French dog breed is inherently social, friendly, and outgoing. These dogs love being in packs and they love getting involved in all household activities.

Mostly, they love playing with other dogs and that makes them ideal for homes having other dogs.

4.  They hate being alone

French bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety and hate being all by themselves.

At such times, they would want other dogs to be around them and will even be grateful for it! It is no wonder that a Frenchie won’t mind having even a cat, hamster, or even children around rather than being left alone for hours.

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

5. They are adaptable dogs

If you already have a Frenchie, and plan on getting another dog, chances are that your guy/gal will easily adapt to the newcomer sooner than many other breeds.

This little dog loves to play and it won’t harass or harm other dogs as long as the other dogs reciprocate in kind. So, a new playmate having similar personality will likely be very welcome.

6.  They form bonds with ease

As long as the other dogs all respect each other’s personal spaces, and have their own food and treats and dog beds, then there won’t be any territory wars.

Frenchies mostly form bonds with other dogs quite easily and won’t really care if you bring other pets. Of course, you must play your part and praise, reward, and love your Frenchie for being so friendly and forming quick alliances with other dogs.

7. They are mostly-calm

A French bulldog temperament is inherently quite calm and it loves its naps. It even loves cuddling and snuggling so your pet will likely welcome other companion dog to cuddle with.

As long as the other dogs are calm and low-energy too, then there should not be any tussles.

8. They are pack animals

Historically, the French bulldogs were bred to hunt vermin in packs and that is another reason why you might find this little dog get along well with other dogs.

It is a social breed that loves company and might even prefer to hang out with other pets over humans.

Why Are Some French Bulldogs Not Good with Other Dogs

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

Just like we humans like some humans but also want a break from others, your Frenchie might like some dogs but not all.

Here are some of the reasons why some French bulldogs are not so good with other dogs:

1. Fear

Your Frenchie is a small dog and it is aware of its small size. Often, it might feel threatened by dogs larger than itself.

A past traumatic experience can trigger such fear. Your Frenchie may have been attacked by another dog and it may not have been able to escape that attack or might have even been injured.

Many adopted or rescued dogs from animal shelter often become aggressive due to fear-based traumatic events and might unknowingly show fear-based aggression.

2. Limited or insufficient early socialization

Are French bulldogs good with other dogs? This question can often be answered through early and adequate socialization.

 You need to provide your French bulldog puppy with early socialization to other dogs so it can interact playfully and comfortably with all dogs.

3. Wrong owner signals

Often dog parents end up being responsible for their pet’s fear aggression and discomfort with other dogs.

If you are anxious, fearful, or frustrated about your dog’s behavior when another dog approaches, then your pet might read into that reaction and associate it with the approach of the other dog.

This could even trigger your pet to behave aggressively. In turn, you might tighten its leash or threaten or punish your pet to stop that behavior. This would only serve to heighten your pet’s fear and anxiety.

So, owners too need to understand how to calm a dog when it is meeting other dogs.

4. Constant restraining and poor control

Is your Frenchie tied up all day? Do you make use of choke or pinch collars? Often, dog owners having poor control over their pets end up having defensive dogs.

When such dogs are faced with other dogs, they display aggression because they cannot escape.

5. Learned behavior from other dogs

Young Frenchie puppies could also learn aggression from other dogs.

For example, when multiple dogs are present, and one dog is highly aroused, and not controlled or calmed properly by the owner, then it might incite the other dogs to become aggressive and defensive. This can result in aggressive displays from all dogs present.

6. Jealousy

Your Frenchie might be afraid to lose your love and attention and may see the other dog as rival for your attention.

In such cases, your Frenchie might not let the other pet dog snuggle or cuddle with you. It might even attack the pet that gets close to you.

7. Possessiveness

A Frenchie might also show possession or possessive behavior for its toys/treats. Another pet taking its favorite toy or treat could cause it to growl or snap when that pet approaches the toy.

It is your Frenchie’s way of saying: ‘This is mine, get your own!’

A possessive dog won’t back down even if there is no real threat. Such dogs are always on guard, stressed out, and insecure and they do not trust their dog owner to protect them.

How to Make Sure That Your French Bulldog Gets Along with Other Dogs

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

If you are about to get another dog and already have a Frenchie at home, then the following tips can help so that your pets get along harmoniously:

1. Make sure their personalities match

If your French bulldog is quiet and calm, then get another dog that is also quiet. This way, it will complement your pet’s lifestyle and energy levels.

2. Early socialization is key

Training and early socialization are very important here. If you are planning to bring a second (third or even a fourth pet) then make sure you socialize your existing dogs first.

Take your Frenchie puppy to dog parks or people having pets. Make sure your puppy meets many dogs before you bring home your other dogs. If needed, enroll your pupper in dog obedience or puppy kindergarten so that it can get used to all kinds of dogs.

If you have an adult un-socialized French bulldog at home, then make sure that the other dog you get is at least social.

3. Introduce them in neutral location first

Your home-team Frenchie will want to protect its territory from other dogs.

So make the two pets meet in a neutral turf. This can be a dog park or an enclosed yard or a large playground. Allow them to run, play and sniff each other.

4. Supervise all interactions

This is especially true when you introduce a Frenchie puppy to an adult dog. Reckless puppies often attempt to play with adult dogs without knowing boundaries.

So, for your pet’s safety supervise the interaction at all times.

5. Provide separate resources

Remember: all dogs are wired to be possessive of their dog food.

So, do not feed your pets from the same bowl. Always separate treats, beds, and food. This way, you can assure both pets and there won’t be any competition or tussle for resources.

6. Never punish or threaten your dog

If your Frenchie does not get along with the other dog, do not threaten or punish it. Instead, seek help from a canine behaviorist or a dog trainer.

7. Be positive

Adding a new dog to the household can be a rewarding experience provided you keep a positive mindset about it. Be patient and consistent with the training and disciplining.

8. Ignore jealous or possessive behavior

If your Frenchie shows jealousy or tries to stop you from petting the other dog, then ignore it. You must give your dogs attention on your own terms. Soon your pet will understand and respect it.

FAQs on Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Dogs

are French bulldogs good with other dogs

1. Should I get a second French bulldog?

Yes. If you leave your Frenchie home alone for prolonged periods, then it might help if you can get another Frenchie to give it company. French bulldogs are pack dogs and they love company. So, the chances of them getting along with another Frenchie are quite high.

2. What dogs get along well with French bulldogs?

I have seen many Frenchies get along well with Boston terriers, Pugs, Cocker spaniels and Papillion dogs. These dogs have more or less similar personalities and energy levels as French bulldog breed. Golden retrievers that usually get along well with all dogs can also be a great choice for your Frenchie.

3. Are French bulldogs aggressive towards other dogs?

Mostly, French bulldogs are not inherently aggressive and they tend to get along well with other dogs. Some unspayed female Frenchies could show aggression towards other female dogs and likewise, unneutered male Frenchie could try to show dominance over other intact dogs.

4. Is it better to have two French bulldogs?

Yes. Studies show that Frenchies can live happier, healthier, and longer lives when they have each other for company.


are French bulldogs good with other dogs

Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Dogs?

Yes, mostly this dog breed is known to get along quite beautifully with other dogs. It can also help them live happier and healthier lives when they have a companion dog with them.

Naturally, you must train and socialize your Frenchie from an early age and get them accustomed to other dogs. This way, it will have lesser chance of showing aggression or jealousy towards them. 

I hope the above tips and guidelines help you create a positive experience for all dogs.

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