Unneutered Male Dog Behavior 

Getting a male puppy at your home is exciting until he turns into an adolescent unneutered dog. During adolescence, testosterone levels are at their highest in dogs. Thus, an unneutered dog shows some unwanted behavior! So, what does Unneutered Male Dog Behavior look like? Let’s find out!

In this article, we will cover:

  • 10 Unneutered Male Dog Behavior
  • How To Keep An Unneutered Male Dog Calm When Female Dogs Are In Heat?
  • What Is An Intact Male Dog?
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Unneutered Male Dog Behavior 

Unneutered Male Dog Behavior

If your intact dog has reached its sexual maturity, these are some unneutered male dog behaviors you will witness: peeing in the house, discharge, aggression, wild marking behavior, uncontrollable mounting, pacing and whining, difficulty in settling down, roaming freely, not obeying commands, and sexual excitement when they are petted.

10 Unneutered Male Dog Behaviors 

In all dogs, adolescence is the time when sexual excitement is at its peak. It can start anywhere between 6 – 12 months and ends after 18 months. 

During this phase, if your dog is unneutered, you will witness a drastic change in his behavior. So, let’s see the 10 most common unneutered male dog behavior signs you should know of:

1. Peeing In House  

Peeing In House

Even after training your dog to urinate at the designated place, do you see him peeing around the house in adolescence? If yes, then according to Dr. Debra Horwitz, DVM, at the VCA Hospital, your dog is engaging in urine marking behavior. 

Urine marking behavior is one of the common unneutered male dogs behaviors, but it does not mean it is right. The male dogs approach a vertical surface, sniff it, and then lift one leg and mark the area with their urine.

In order to avoid such a situation, block their access to areas where they pee the most. In addition, use belly bands for male dogs. Put the belly band wrap across your dog’s waist, and it’ll cover his genitals.  

Check out this set of belly bands for your furry friend, which might be helpful!

Make sure you clean the area thoroughly as dogs can smell their pee and come again.

2. Discharge 

According to PetMD Editorial, a little amount of yellowish-white or green discharge is normal for male dogs. This is called Smegma. However, if it is more than normal, it could be part of your unneutered male dog’s behavior.

Apart from this, if you see blood in the discharge from the penis, it could be a possible sign of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) which is common among unneutered male dogs.

So, in this case, you must visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. They will conduct an examination and guide you about what you can do. In most cases, neutering the male dog can solve the issue.

3. Aggression 

Sometimes, when you take your dog out, you might have noticed them getting aggressive with other female or male dogs. This can be because they are not neutered and their sexual hormones are at play.

Generally, unneutered dogs show aggression by barking at other people and dogs, showing their eyes, keeping their bodies stiff, and more. In extreme cases, they can even bite or engage in a fight with other dogs.

As a pet owner, you must train your dog to follow your commands and see you as the pack leader. 

4. Wild Marking Behavior

Apart from peeing inside the house, dogs tend to mark their territory outside the house as well. This again is a common unneutered male dog behavior. Basically, it happens when there is a female dog in heat and many male dogs are present.

This is their way of saying “I was here” to mark their presence. After peeing in the area, some dogs even scratch dirt present nearby to leave a visual indication of their presence.

In order to avoid such situations, neutering the dog is the best option. Till then, you must avoid frequent outdoor visits. Moreover, put your dog on a leash so that they do not run here and there. 

5. Uncontrollable Mounting

Uncontrollable Mounting

The most embarrassing situation for a pet parent is when their dogs start mounting publicly on people, other dogs, and even things like chairs and tables.

The best way to deal with such a behavior is to start training the unneutered dogs before such situations arise. 

Teach them Recall and Sit commands so that they get distracted. Then, introduce a new activity to them like toys, puzzle feeding, or playtime to keep them occupied. 

6. Pacing And Whining

This is a clear sign that your unneutered dog is sexually frustrated. He is going through a rough time as his sexual desires are at peak and he is unable to satisfy them.

In order to calm your restless dog, neutering him is the first and foremost option. On top of that, try to relax them by engaging them in activities that take up their energy. 

7. Unable To Settle Down

Again, when the dogs are in their adolescence with rising levels of testosterone, they are unable to keep calm. It is why they do not lie down on their bed. 

If this behavior is something you have not seen before, it is because your dog is at a sexual high right now. To avoid them from mating, engage your dog in other activities and train them commands like no, sit, and stay.

8. Compulsion To Roam While Seeking Females In Heat 

When unneutered dogs smell the scent of females in heat nearby, they tend to roam around in the neighborhood for hours or even days. This behavior rises when there are other male competitors in the area.

In such situations, the male dogs get into a fight which can cause serious injury to your dog. In addition, there are increased chances of vehicular accidents.

So, confine your dog to your house mostly. In case you take them out, use a leash and do not leave them unattended.

9. Not Willing To Obey Commands

Not Willing To Obey Commands

In some cases, the unneutered dog becomes highly aggressive. When this happens, the male dogs refuse to come when they are called and keep on pulling the leash.

The best option to end this behavior is to neuter your dog. Till then, keep them indoors away from female dogs in heat.

10. Sexual Excitement When Petted  

Sometimes, unneutered dogs are sexually aroused when humans pet them on their head. It is very common in dogs that are not neutered. As a result, they sometimes start humping on the humans also.

How Do You Keep An Unneutered Male Dog Calm When Female Dogs Are In Heat? Top 4 Ways

1. Keep The Two Dogs Separate

Keep The Two Dogs Separate

Keeping the male and female dogs away until the heat is over is important if you don’t want them to procreate. If there are female dogs in heat near your house, make sure you put your male dog in a room or a kennel to avoid him from getting her scent. 

In case both male and female dogs live in the same house, try to keep them in separate rooms and do not let them leave the room. When one dog comes out, make sure the other one stays in.

Also, you can keep the female dog in the house while making arrangements for the male dog outside until the female dog’s heat is over.  Here, make sure your male dog is in a kennel so that he does not wander off.

2. Keep The Female Dog’s Scent Under Control

If you have both a male and a female dog at home, it is equally important to cover the scent of the female dog in heat. How can you do this? 

Make sure you give a frequent bath to the female dog and use an odor control shampoo for her.  The TropiClean Dog Shampoo is our recommendation for your pet dog. 

In addition to this, you can add liquid chlorophyll to your female dog’s water and mask her scent by rubbing her tail with some No products found.. This will further help in keeping her scent under control. 

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5. Provide Enough Exercise To Tire Your Dog Out

As you know by now, unneutered male dogs tend to be aggressive around female dogs in heat. So, in order to lower their aggression levels, channel their energy towards walking and playtime.

Make sure you take them to a place where there are no female dogs in heat so that they do not get attracted to them. In addition, supervise your male dogs thoroughly to see if this works on them!

6. Consider A Permanent Solution: Neutering

The best solution to calm your dog is to neuter them. According to Dr. Krista Williams and Ernest Ward, DVM, neutering in dogs is a surgical procedure in which both the testicles are removed to make the dog infertile.

If you want to consider it, it is best to consult your veterinarian. Neutering dogs can prevent aggressive behavior and reduce separation anxiety. 

However, there are no alternatives available right now for this surgery. And once done, you cannot reverse it. Therefore, take the decision wisely as it will affect the life of your dog.

What Is An Intact Male Dog? 

What Is An Intact Male Dog

An intact male dog is a dog that has not been neutered. It means that intact dogs are always fertile and can mate anytime to procreate. Mostly, these dogs exhibit embarrassing behavior in public settings when female dogs in heat are around.

Thus, while keeping your dog intact is your choice, it comes with great responsibility. You are required to keep a close watch on your dog’s actions. Else, there will be a population explosion in no time!

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Neutered Vs Unneutered Male Dog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Male Dog

1. It Increases The Chances Of A Long And Healthy Life

A study published in 2013 showed that reproductive capabilities were associated with the lifespan of dogs. Data supported that the neutered dogs lived a longer and healthier life as compared to unneutered dogs.

The life expectancy of neutered male dogs increased by 13.8% and their average lifespan also increased to 9.4 years. In the case of intact dogs, the average lifespan is just 7.9 years.

2. It Will Make Them Happier

It Will Make Them Happier

Over time, male dogs become happier and calmer after neutering. It is because they are no longer looking for a female dog to mate. 

On top of that, there is no discharge on sofas, beds, or floors. Thus, dogs have a cleaner environment, making them more peaceful.

3. There Won’t Be Any Weight Problems

You might have heard that male dogs become obese after neutering. But, this is not entirely true. Just like humans, lack of exercise and improper diet is the reason for obese dogs.

So, if you take proper care of the dog after neutering and follow the vet’s advice diligently, there won’t be any weight gain problems.

4. Reduced Aggression

There is an increased urge to roam among intact dogs. Such roaming often involves the display of aggression. Unneutered dogs often pick up fights with other male dogs in the streets. Even, there are incidents of biting their own owners. 

However, once your dog is neutered, there will be a reduced urge to leave your premises. Moreover, they will be less likely to show dominance and territorial marking.

5. Reduced Risk Of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is often seen in unneutered old dogs. But, if you neuter your male dog, it eliminates this risk as the testicles are removed. Moreover, neutering also reduces the risk of other diseases. 

According to Dr. Ryan Llera and Ernest Ward, DVM, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is associated with male sex testosterone in dogs and is the most common disease relating to prostrate. Neutering reduces the risk of BPH in dogs. 

Also, you can avoid perineal hernias in neutered dogs. 

What Happens If You Don’t Neuter Your Male Dog?

If you don’t get your dog neutered at the right time, they will keep on producing testosterone. It will also increase the unwanted overall behavior of your dog.

In large dogs, they could become more aggressive. They see other male dogs and humans as their rivals and try to establish their dominance over them. As a result, they bark and bite a lot. 

In regards to health, unneutered dogs are at risk of developing testicular cancer and other diseases. It can reduce their life span by some years. Moreover, the illness can cause them tremendous discomfort and pain.

What Happens If You Don't Neuter Your Male Dog

Do Unneutered Dogs Get Sexually Frustrated?

Unneutered male dogs can get sexually frustrated when the pet parents do not allow them to mate with female dogs in heat.  

Mostly, pet parents who do not want to neuter their dog but don’t want him to mate as well put restrictions on the dog to control their overall behavior. 

As a result, the male dogs are unable to satisfy their sexual urges and tend to get disappointed.

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