Is My Dog In Heaven Waiting For Me?

You may have heard people talking about how they often see their dead pet dogs in dreams and during difficult life situations. They also believe that their dogs are waiting to meet and hug them in heaven. Hearing all this, do you wonder Is My Dog In Heaven Waiting For Me? Let’s find out!

In this article, we will cover:

  • 12 signs that your dog is waiting for you in heaven
  • Will I reunite with my dog in heaven?
  • Do our pets miss us when they die? 
  • And more…

Is My Dog In Heaven Waiting For Me?

Animal communicators believe that dogs might send some signs to you by visiting you in dreams, or by making their presence felt around you. These are considered signs from pets in heaven waiting for you. 

12 Signs That Your Dog Is Waiting For You In Heaven 

A bond between a pet parent and their dog is the most special bond. It is filled with love and affection for each other. Such a bond can’t be broken even if your dog has gone to the heavenly abode. 

So, here are 12 signs that your dog is looking down from heaven on you and waiting for you:

1. You can still smell your dog 

You can still smell your dog

Dogs generally communicate via their smell. It is because the smell is a very unique and distinct characteristic of a dog. It is their way of showing you that they are present right there.

The smells can be the body odour of your dog, or the smell of their toys. In addition, you can also smell their poop or food for a split of seconds. Mostly, this scent or smell is something you can easily recognize your dog with.

So, if you feel a particular smell that your dog had even though its belongings are not around you, it could mean that your dead dog is trying to connect with you!

This is a true story of a dog from heaven communicating via smell: 

Suddenly after the passing of black labrador Midnight, she started communicating through signs. The pet’s parents recognised the smell of Midnight one day. It continued for months and then eventually stopped.

2. You can still feel your dog nearby 

There are moments where the pet parents have actually felt the presence of their dog. How? Even after death, if you see things happening around like they used to when your dog was alive, it could be a signal.

There have been instances of the same. People have felt the fur of their animals on their hand, or see the door open suddenly like their dog used to do when it was alive.

When you see these signs, you will know in an instant that your pet dog is around you . Because, a parent’s soul can always recognize their baby!

3. You can still hear your dog 

The study on grief conducted in 2013 talks about false recognitions pet parents face after losing their pet. In this study, it was found that 84% of the pet parents experienced sounds relating to their dead dog.

But, animal communicators believe it is a way of your dead dog telling you about how much they love and miss you. It is also a way of telling the pet parents that “I am okay” and you should move on from your grief. 

Even, at times, people have reported that they heard their dog’s bark out of nowhere, even when they were not thinking about their pet. Others claim to have heard their dog’s footsteps as well.

4. You can still feel the touch your dog 


Do you wonder “Will my dead dog visit me again?” There have been cases when they have visited their owners. Don’t believe us? 

Read this true story to know about it.

Midnight, one black labrador passed away in 2014 due to a spleen tumour. Her owners felt her touch one night. So, one night the husband went to the kitchen to make a sandwich while his wife and three other dogs were in the living room.

He constantly felt the presence of one of his dogs in the kitchen bumping him. Later, he asked his wife which dog left the living room to follow him. The wife told him none of the dogs moved from their place.

It is when he realised that it was his dog Midnight trying to make contact with him.

5. You see your dog in your dreams

In the book How to Interpret and Re-experience Visitation Dreams of Deceased Pets by Preston Ni, visitation dreams are defined as strong dreams where a loved one returns to give a message or guide the person to the right path. 

The book specifically talks about characteristics of visitation dreams of deceased pets and how they show the amazing human-pet bond.

In addition, Preston Ni talks about how the real life experiences of people show that the dreams occur in a realistic setting and their dead dogs arrive in a healthy state in such dreams.

The pet owners wake up with a sudden realisation and are filled with intense emotions of sadness and longing towards their pet dogs. Such dreams even provide comfort to grieving pet parents.

6. Your dog’s name appear repeatedly

Other ways deceased dogs try to make contact is showing you their name again and again. This could be considered a reminder from your pet dog that they are with you.

So, if you spot their name somewhere unexpected, it is a sign that your dog is waiting to meet you in heaven. Here is a real life incident that happened with animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon.

After her dog Bella passed away, one day she saw her name on TV out of nowhere. Later that day, when she was out grocery shopping, she found a brand named “Bella” as well.

7. You recall a telepathic feelings with your dog all of a sudden


Sometimes you receive a communication from your beloved dog out of nowhere. Many people do not understand it at first, but the memory you get is a message from your dog. 

Suppose you are working and not even thinking about your dog, but suddenly you remember a happy memory that makes you laugh or a sad memory that makes you cry. This isn’t anything regular.

The sad or happy memories are a dog’s way of conveying you the exact same message. It is up to you how you interpret it.

8. Your dog’s things moved 

It might sound a little creepy to you, but there are instances in real life when people have found that the toys or clothes of their dog were not in their actual place. The dog moved them to send a message.

When Teena’s dog Madie died on a Monday in 2012, she contacted an animal communicator to talk to her dog Madie and ask her to give a sign to her Mama Teena. 

According to Teena, she slept with Madie’s collar on the bed. But, the next morning she found Madie’s collar tucked under her blanket just like Madie used to do with bones. 

Teena was sure it was Madie trying to tell her that she is safe. Madie has crossed over peacefully.

9. You catch a glimpse of your dog out of the corner of your eye

According to animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon, seeing your pet out of the corner of your eye can be a sign of communication. Dogs tend to give a vision of them for a few seconds.

Many people have reported that they saw their pet running in the backyard or hallway. There have been claims that they saw their pooch behind them. But as soon as they turned around to check, there was nothing!

10. You had other living forms pay you a visit

You had other living forms pay you a visit

Nature works in a mysterious way. If you are missing your dog or waiting for a signal, sometimes your pets do not visit on their own but send little messengers of nature to give you a sign.

Have you ever faced a strong gust of wind on your face when you are thinking about your pet dog? This could be a sign that they are resting and okay. There are other elements of nature at play as well.

Butterflies and dragonflies are visible at times. It is a way for your pet to ask you to accept the change in your life and move forward.

There are birds like Red Robins and Blue Jays that showcase freedom your dog has achieved after passing away. Insects like ladybugs start to appear suddenly. They symbolise living life to the fullest and not grieving over the sorrow.

So, if you witness any such signs, know that your pet dog has crossed the rainbow bridge and is doing fine!

11. You react to your thoughts in unexpected ways

Since dogs cannot tell you their condition directly, they send signals. These signals make you do unexpected things out of the blue. 

Generally, these signals include numbers. Suddenly, you look at a clock and the time is 11:11. This is a signal that everything is going in the right direction.

Sometimes, these reactions make you see something or read something that shows their date of birth, anniversary dates, date of death, time of death, or any number that can instantly remind you about them.

There are times when you look in the sky and see a cloud forming your pet’s shape. This is again a sign from your pet dog waiting for you in heaven.

12. You had a near death experience

You had a near death experience 

Lastly, there are instances where the pet owners face near death experiences. During those times, the pet owners generally imagine a happy memory with their dog. 

The Near Death Research Foundation’s case report reported a seaman saw his childhood dog and himself in a green field after a near death experience. 

While people were trying to make him conscious, he saw his dog and felt utmost peace. It was like the dog was waiting for him.

Will I Reunite With My Dog In Heaven? 3 Reasons

Losing your beloved pet is the most heartbreaking experience in life. There is a constant thought running in our minds- I want to see my dead dog again. But, in reality, can you meet with your dog even though they have crossed the rainbow bridge?

Well, there are three reasons why people believe that it is possible for you to reunite with your dog in heaven:

1. Context Of Religion

There is no concrete statement as to whether the dogs go to heaven or not, but it is believed that Isaiah 11: 6-9 of the Bible tells us that animals will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.  

Moreover, famous christians like Randy Alcorn wrote in his book Heaven that he believes animals will go to the Kingdom of Heaven. In addition, there have been various Christian clergy and pastors who believe the same thing.

In other religions that mention heaven and hell in their books, they mention animals in heaven and hell too. In most of these religions, animals go to heaven.

2. Common Assumption Of Dogs Going To Heaven

Since most religions mention that animals go to heaven, it is a common assumption that dogs go to heaven too. 

You can hold onto this fact and connect with your dog in the afterlife. It will be waiting for you with open arms.

3. The Strength Of Belief

The Strength Of Belief

In the end, it all comes to our own beliefs as well. Although scientists have not been able to establish that we can talk to the departed souls, beliefs are beyond science and not fact-based.

The strong love and bond we share with our pet dogs is beyond any logical reasoning. Even after years, the memories of our departed dog keep rushing to us. It just shows how strong our bond was.

Thus, this love we share with our dogs makes us believe we will see our fur babies in the afterlife. They will be waiting to meet us and greet us with the same enthusiasm as they did when they were alive.

Do Our Pets Miss Us When They Die? 

Pets miss us when they die. We can know this for sure as the pets use channels of communication like smell, sounds, and touch to make us feel their presence in our homes. 

If you are seeing any of the above-mentioned signs, this is a way of your pet dog telling you that they love you, miss you and are waiting to see you again!

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