Male vs Female Chihuahua

male vs female chihuahua

Male vs. female Chihuahua?

Which makes a better pet? Actually, there are no clear-cut answers here.

Ask the proud owner of a male Chihuahua and they’d likely tell you that male Chis are the best. Ask a proud owner of a female Chihuahua, and they might say females are better!

The bottom-line here is that when the right dog comes along it usually won’t matter. What matters is how you bond emotionally with your pet and how well you train it to be the companion dog you deserve.

Having said that, there are a few differences between male chi and female Chi. And that is what this post is all about!

Male Vs Female Chihuahua

Male vs female Chihuahua

When it comes to male vs female Chihuahua comparison, there are some basic differences. We have categorized these as below:

1. Physical differences

On an average, a male Chihuahua could be slightly bigger than the female. Note that a Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. So, in any case, you have a tiny dog or a toy breed that won’t occupy too much space.

This makes both – male and female Chihuahua – good for apartments. The height of a male Chihuahua at withers is about 6 to 10 inches whereas, for females, it is between 5 to 9 inches. The average weight of both sexes is 4 to 6 lb.

2. Personality or behavioral differences

When it comes to male vs female Chihuahua comparison, most people refer to the personality of the pet.

Some believe that male dogs are more affectionate while females could get more aggressive because of their possessive and jealous natures.

Others believe that male dogs are more aggressive and territorial while females are docile and calm. However, dog experts will tell you that a dog’s personality and behavior will mostly depend on its environment and training and not just its gender.

Male Chihuahuas are more likely to hump everything and everyone in sight. They might also mark their territory by urinating indoors. Female Chis might also mark their territory when they are in heat. And yes female dogs could also hump – at least when they are young.

A male Chi is more likely to run away when a female dog is in heat nearby. You can obviously prevent such behaviors by neutering your small dog.

3. Differences in degrees of affection and bonding

Often, a pet owner might prefer a female Chihuahua believing it might be more affectionate and loyal compared to males. Some others might believe the same of the male dogs.

In the Chihuahua breed, this hardly matters. They are inherently very loyal and affectionate dogs known to form deep, loving bonds with their Chihuahua owner. And when it comes to love, you get back what you send out! The more loving and affectionate you are with your Chi, the more it will give back in kind- irrespective of gender!

4. Differences in trainability

Some pet parents believe that male dogs are easier to train. There is a possible explanation behind this. Female Chihuahuas are known to have hormonal changes in their bodies – especially if they are unspayed.

Resultantly, training them could be a challenge with them as they could get moody, aggressive, or clingy. Of course, an unfixed male could also be aggressive and violent if a female is in heat nearby. Training a distracted dog can be a challenge irrespective of its gender.

That is why vets recommend neutering/spaying all pet dogs becomes they reach adulthood. Also, beginning the training from an early age could result in greater success since there is not much difference in trainability levels and gender does not really matter in most cases. I will speak about this in detail in the next section.

5. Different health issues in unfixed Chihuahuas

Male Chihuahuas are at risk of developing testicular or prostate cancer while females are more likely to develop mammary tumors, pyometra, or uterine cysts. You can prevent both these health problems by spaying or neutering your dog.

Are Female Chihuahuas Easier to Train?

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Many dog owners report that female dogs are easier to house train. This is because they are more attentive to their owners than male dogs. Also, female Chihuahuas mature faster than males and that too could play a role in trainability.

Male Chihuahuas are more likely to appear aloof and often display a stubborn streak. They are also not too keen to please their owners and this trait could pose a problem during training.

While many pet parents believe that female Chihuahuas are easier to house train, there are no scientific studies to prove this for a fact. A male dog could also be easily house trained provided you have it ‘fixed’ and also start the training from an early age.

With consistency and positive reinforcement, any dog can be properly house trained within weeks. After all, there are very few learning differences at puppyhood and gender does not really make a difference.

Are Male or Female Chihuahuas More Aggressive?

Male vs female Chihuahua

Aggression isn’t at all a normal dog behavior. Most cases of aggression arise out of poor environments and inadequate training and socialization.

Having said that, some Chi owners believe that male dogs could be more aggressive – especially if they haven’t been fixed. It could result in territorial and sexual aggression.

Female dogs also become aggressive or reactive during certain phases of their heat cycle.

In both genders, fixing surgery helps stabilize hormones and could prevent aggression of this sort.

 You will, in any case, want to desensitize and socialize your Chihuahua (irrespective of its gender) and also train it to prevent aggression.

Male Vs Female Chihuahua – Which Gender Should I Get?


Here is a table showing the pros and cons of each gender:

FeatureMale ChihuahuaFemale Chihuahua
SizeSlightly larger than femaleA bit smaller than a male Chihuahua. Size depends on bloodlines too.
Ease of TrainingNeeds firm, assertive training. More likely to wander off or lose interest. Many have a stubborn streak.Easier to train, more attentive, slightly more eager to please
Good with kidsNot much parental instinct. Need socialization to kids from puppyhood.More parental instinct, loving, friendly with children. However, early socialization to kids is still necessary.
TemperamentMore loving, highly affectionateCould be temperamental, moody. However, some are also docile and affectionate.
Other behavioral aspectsUn-neutered male dogs can get aggressive, dominant, more prone to wander or run offUn-spayed females tend to get clingy, moody, and reactive during heat.

As stated earlier, the gender of a dog really does not matter. Both male and female Chihuahua can make excellent house-pets but you have to put in the efforts.

 You must spend time in training them and socializing them to other dogs, humans, and social experiences. Aside from biological differences, there aren’t too many differences in Chihuahuas as long as you raise them right.

Which Gender Should My Second Chihuahua Be?

Male vs female Chihuahua

When it comes to getting a second Chihuahua, the general rule of thumb is: the opposite gender works. A male and female Chihuahua will have fewer issues with one another. This simply has to do with the canine genetic makeup: two male Chihuahuas will be more likely to fight due to territorial aggression.

When you get a second Chi of the opposite gender, it is more likely to be a harmonious match. Each dog will get to be the alpha/queen in the house and that can considerably reduce the risk of fights.

Naturally, if you don’t want to have puppies, it best to fix both or at least one of the dogs.

In general, keep the following factors in mind when getting your second Chihuahua:

1. Your existing dog’s temperament

Is your existing Chihuahua friendly? Has s/he been socialized to other dogs? If your pet gets along with other dogs at the Dog Park, then it might easily accept another Chi at home.

2. Age

Also consider your Chi’s age. You certainly don’t want to bring a puppy home when you have a senior or aging Chi. Senior dogs need their peace and quiet while a puppy could be noisy and boisterous.

Even if you have a young adult male Chihuahua and decide to bring home a male puppy, then territorial wars could ensue once your Chihuahua puppy is an adult.

3. Existing pet’s size

In case you plan on bringing a Chihuahua mix, it could be bigger than your existing Chihuahua. If either dog feels threatened, then dominance and aggression could lead to fights.

Bottom line- bring a second Chihuahua –preferably of the opposite gender – provided their size, temperaments, and energy levels match. Always socialize and desensitize both dogs and introduce them in a neutral setting before bringing the second Chihuahua home.

Can Two Male Chihuahuas Live Together?

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Yes, it is possible for two male Chihuahuas to live in harmony provided they are both socialized to each other from an early age.

It is also a good idea to bring home the second Chi after ensuring that both dogs are similar in age, temperament, energy levels, and personalities.

With training and strict disciplining, it is quite possible to have two male Chihuahuas living harmoniously and peacefully with each other.

Do Female Chihuahuas Prefer Male Owners and Vice a Versa?

Male vs female Chihuahua

There is always a question on every dog owner’s mind: do dogs prefer a certain gender?

There is no clear-cut answer to this. Every Chihuahua temperament is different and every dog owner is different as well.

Some Chi parents believe that the Chihuahua dog breed is a generally scared and nervous. Therefore, it might prefer a female owner because women are generally smaller, softer, and have softer voices than males. Also, most veterinarians and nurses are females too. That is why most Chihuahuas might prefer female owners.

On the other hand, your Chi might also look up to the man in the house for protection and safety. So a nervous Chi, male or female, might also bond with the alpha of the house.

It is noteworthy that no dog will use the same differentiation principles people use when selecting who they like or dislike. Take the example of your dog groomer. S/he might have the softest voice and your Chi should ideally like them. However, your pet associates its groomer with all the things it probably hates: water, bath, grooming, etc.

Bottom-line: we cannot say for sure whether a female Chi prefers a male owner and vice-a-versa and most dogs will likely bond with that person that they feel safest, most comfortable, and protected with.

FAQs on Male Vs Female Chihuahua

1. Is boy Chihuahua or girl Chihuahuas more loyal?

Both Chihuahuas are loyal and protective of their owners. Having said that, a non-neutered male Chihuahua might be more likely to wander off or run away. Therefore, some people believe that female Chihuahuas are more loyal and protective.

2. Is it better to have 2 Chihuahuas?

Yes, it could be better to have two Chis. Chihuahuas are prone to separation anxiety and many are very anxious and afraid of being left home alone. In such a case, it will do both your dogs a world of good if you get them in pairs.

3. Do some Chihuahuas like being the only dog?

Some Chihuahuas like being the only dogs because they are jealous and will not take it too well if you give your attention to some other dog or house pet.

Conclusion – Male Vs Female Chihuahua

If you are in the market for a Chihuahua, you will definitely be confused with the male vs female Chihuahua debate.

Some Chi parents believe that males are more affectionate than females. However, females could be easier to house train since they mature faster than their male counterpart.

Also, male dogs could be more likely to roam/run off than females. Females, especially the un-fixed ones, could get clingy, moody, and temperamental.

Both genders are good to have as a pet and how your Chihuahua turns out will depend entirely on the environment you provide and the way you raise it.

When the right Chihuahua will come alone- you will simply know it and its gender won’t really matter.

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