Are Chihuahuas Loyal? 7 Reasons Why Chis Are So Loyal

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

Since times immemorial, man has formed a deep bond with dogs.

There is no doubt that dogs are a loyal pack animals and they extend their loyalty to their humans – whom they consider their pack members.

So if you are wondering ‘Are Chihuahuas loyal dog breed?’ probably because you are planning to buy or adopt one, then in this guide, we will tell you exactly why this breed is one of the most loyal ones out there.

Are Chihuahuas Loyal?

do chihuahuas shed a lot

Mostly they are. There are a number of dogs that have made their breeds famous for their loyalty.

We all know the story of Hachiko, the Akita Inu dog from Japan. This beautiful dog waited patiently at the station every day for at 3 pm to meet his master’s train. And one day, the owner died at work, but Hachiko continued to wait for him every day at the same time, until his own death nearly 9 years later. The townspeople then erected a statue in his memorial at Shibuya station as a reminder to mankind about the dog’s loyal nature.

While Chihuahuas may not be that well known for their loyalty, they are still a fairly loyal breed.

These small dogs get deeply attached to their owners and will wait for them to return home every evening. Haven’t we all experienced our beloved Chihuahuas waiting patiently by the door to greet us? They may not be great guard dogs, but don’t they make excellent watchdogs too?

So, definitely, we can say that Chihuahuas are loyal. Naturally, no two dogs are the same. Even in the same breed, there may be differences. While one dog will show a great deal of loyalty, another may be very independent, aloof, and not-that-eager-to please.

So we won’t generalize but we can say that most Chihuahuas show a great deal of loyalty.

Why Are Chihuahuas Loyal?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

While we would never know what goes on in a Chihuahua’s mind, there are some theories that can help explain why these beautiful dogs are loyal:

1. You feed it

This is the simplest explanation for the question: why are Chihuahuas loyal.

Food and shelter are a great incentive for loyalty. That is the reason why a Chihuahua rescue might be even more loyal. After all, these dogs have had to compete for food and shelter and when they get it from you so easily, they pledge their undying loyalty to you.

Of course, your pet Chihuahua will still be loyal to you once you return from that long vacation – even if you haven’t been feeding it!

2. Their ancestry

It is believed that cavemen might have developed a relationship with wolves who happen to be the ancestors of dogs.

Perhaps, early man might have fed and given wolves shelter and in turn, the wolves might have shown loyalty by not hunting them.

This could explain why Chihuahuas show more loyalty to the person who feeds them. However, as many Chihuahua owners might tell you that that isn’t the case always and some Chihuahuas might be more loyal to the one they consider as the alpha.

3. They are pack animals

Chihuahuas and all dogs are born to be pack animals. Once you bring home your Chihuahua puppy from the breeder or shelter, it might start looking up to you as its pack member. It definitely depends on you to feed it, give it warmth and comfort, and also train it.

Naturally, it forms a bond with you and that makes it show loyalty.

In the wild, dogs look up to their pack members to protect them and look out for each other. In return, there is unspoken loyalty between the members.

4. All dogs are capable of showing love

Loyalty in your Chihuahua also stems from love. There are scientific experiments conducted which show that Chihuahuas and all dogs show love.

Scientists took the brain scans of dogs after getting them to sniff their humans’ clothes. These brain scans showed certain areas of the brain actually lit up. Also, when a stranger was rude or aggressive towards the owner, the dogs snubbed that stranger in return as a display of loyalty.

5. There are different degrees of loyalty in Chihuahuas

Naturally, there are going to be differences. Just like some dog breeds are more loyal than others, similarly, one Chihuahua might show more loyalty than another Chi. It all depends on the dog’s upbringing and training too.

It can also depend on the Chihuahua’s parentage or bloodlines. If the mother and father dogs were loving and loyal, the puppies would be too. And some Chihuahuas might simply show more loyalty, love, and affection to the owners.

6. Small dog syndrome

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed. Their small and diminutive sizes make them vulnerable and scared. Many Chihuahuas are always scared all the time and some even jump at the slightest of noises.

This makes them clingier too. Your Chihuahua will follow you all around the house and will gladly go out with you as well. This can be viewed as loyal behavior too.

7. Separation anxiety

Chihuahuas are known for having separation anxiety which makes them very anxious and stressed at the mere thought of being left alone.

 Resultantly, it will constantly follow you around and cry when you are about to leave. The same Chihuahua will shower you with kisses upon your return. Your dog’s anxiety might foster feelings of love and loyalty too.

Are Chihuahuas Loyal to Everyone or Just Their Owners?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

Most Chihuahuas will be deeply loyal to just their humans.

You might have observed this when you leave on a long vacation. You decide to board your Chihuahua at the pet boarding facility or a pet hostel.

When you return after several days, your Chihuahua will gladly jump in your car ready to be driven home!

This clearly shows that Chihuahuas will mostly be loyal to their owners because of years of attachment to them. They certainly cannot and will not bond with an attendant at the hostel or even a pet sitter no matter how familiar or nice that person was to them.

Sure, your Chihuahua might have known the attendants or your pet sitter for years, but it knows you are its owner and will go back to you. It simply cannot show the same loyalty to these other people.

Are Chihuahuas Loyal to Just One Person?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

Some Chihuahuas are friendly with everyone and will willingly show love and affection to all humans and not just to their immediate family members.

There are also some Chihuahuas that might appear to aloof with strangers but will be loving and loyal only to all their family members.

Other times, a Chihuahua might only show fierce loyalty towards one person.

Naturally, such dogs have to be very well trained and socialized otherwise, they won’t hesitate to be over-protective of that person. In such cases, your pet might even bite or show aggression to strangers, other family members, or house pets because it stakes its claim on that one person and starts guarding her/him as if they are its ‘resource’.

It can be very flattering to have a Chihuahua be loyal to you but it should not cross the limits into being clingy and overly dependent on you.

Are Chihuahua Puppies Loyal?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

Yes, even Chihuahua puppies are capable of showing love, affection, and loyalty.

They get bonded with the person who trains and feeds them. So it is very much possible that a puppy might try and attack anyone that seems like a threat to its owner.

A Chihuahua pup will show its loyalty by guarding you, sitting at your feet, wagging its tail, looking at you with those puppy eyes, leaping on you, and even urine marking the floor to show you are its property.

You will want to nip some of these behaviors in the bud – especially marking and aggression – since these behaviors can become a habit.

Of course, this is also the time you’d be potty training your pup, so chances are that such behaviors won’t be a regular occurrence.

What Factors should you Consider Regarding a Chihuahua’s Loyalty?

Are Chihuahuas loyal?

The following factors are very important to note about your loyal Chihuahua:

1. Your Chihuahua’s personality and temperament

If your pet Chihuahua’s personality and energy levels match yours, chances are it will form a close bond with you. That will include loyalty in the equation as well.

But you must always remember that loyalty and stubborn temperament should not go hand in hand.

If you are about to bring home a Chihuahua puppy from the breeder, you might want to avoid a dog that shows a stubborn streak. Because that could be a great hindrance while training.

2. Training and socialization

A Chihuahua that strongly attaches to one person and becomes loyal to the point of becoming overprotective or clingy will need firm socializing and handling.

Sure, loyalty is a good thing, but it should not mean that you let the pet go un-socialized.

In the next section we will discuss how to tone down excess loyalty in your Chihuahua dog breed?

How to Tone Down Excess Loyalty in your Chihuahua?

There is something called excess loyalty in a Chihuahua or any dog.

Too much loyalty can make your dog overly dependent on you. Furthermore, it can make your Chi aggressive and even clingy. Aggression in Chihuahua can lead to harmful behaviors like snapping, biting, or growling even at other family members.

Here are some ways to tone this down:

1. Train your Chi to be alone

Train your loyal companion to be alone for prolonged periods. This will help it come more independent.

Of course, you’d want to do so from its puppyhood. This way there will be a greater chance that your Chi can stay alone in adulthood and become more self-reliant.

Check out our guide on ‘Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?’ for tips on how to do this.

2. Socialize it

This may seem like advice contrary to the above point. However, socializing your Chi to different environments can also go a long way it making it more independent and confident.

Socialization can also curb clinginess and make your Chi braver, more confident, and less aggressive. So, take your pet to the mall, shops, beaches, and to visit friends that have dogs etc. This will widen its horizons and help tone down that overly loyal behavior as well.

3. Train it

Start your Chihuahua’s obedience training from an early age. Basic commands like come, sit, stay, heel etc. might not seem like much but they will get your Chi to listen to you. Most importantly, it will help your Chi to stop those growling and nipping behaviors that it might display out of loyalty.

FAQs on Are Chihuahuas Loyal?

1. Are Chihuahuas the most loyal breed?

Yes, many Chihuahuas are loyal, and even the American Kennel Club describes the breed as one of the most loyal and affectionate dog breeds out there.

2. Can Chihuahuas protect their owners?

Never underestimate your Chihuahua’s protective abilities due to its small size. There are Chihuahuas that are protective and have been known to bark and scare away burglars. A Chi named BooBoo even saved her owner’s life when he had a stroke. Many a Chi has protected a small child too.

So definitely this small dog has a lot of courage and protective abilities in it.

3. Which dog breeds are the most loyal?

History has shown us that breeds like Akita, Border collie, Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd, and Golden retrievers are some of the most loyal dog breeds.

4. Do Chihuahuas get angry with their owners?

One of the emotions that Chihuahuas are capable of feeling towards their owners is anger but it does not have the same connotations of blame like humans do. Naturally, your Chi cannot stay mad or angry with you forever!


Are Chihuahuas loyal? Yes, Chihuahuas are loyal dogs and they show loyalty in return for the food, love, shelter, and care that you give it.

Sometimes, they will show loyalty to one person, and might even get clingy or aggressive when doing so. That is why a loyal Chihuahua will need plenty of training and socialization from the start to nip aggressive behavior and curb clinginess as well.

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