Best Cat Shampoo for Shedding

best cat shampoo for shedding

The best cat shampoo for shedding eliminates dead hair and dander, controls shedding, and makes your cat’s fur healthier.

If you are tired of finding stray cat hair everywhere, then these 5 cat shedding and dandruff shampoos can help.

Just in case you are in a hurry, click on our short summary below to view our Top 5 reviewed products for the best cat shampoo for shedding:

  1. FURminator Deshedding Shampoo for Cats and Dogs
  2. Shed-X deshedding Shampoo for Cats
  3. Nature's Specialty EZ-Out
  4. 8-in-1 Perfect Coat Shampoo
  5. Top Performance Shed Patrol

Best Cat Shampoo for Shedding – 2022 Top 5 Picks

best cat shampoo for shedding

Furminator deshedding shampoo for cats and dogs has received hundreds of rave reviews from real pet parents as it has helped put a stop to unnatural shedding in their furry pets.

The main ingredients in this shampoo are proteins and omegas 3 and 6 which nourish and soothe the skin and coat, reduce dryness and dandruff, and also remove loose and dead hairs. (This means that you might see a lot of loose hair while bathing your pet and also when you towel it off. However, once your pet is dry, the shedding will be much less pronounced.)

Furminator’s thick formula lasts long and a little goes a long way, so this is the shampoo to select if you keep several pets.

Many pet parents loved how well the shampoo lathered up and also the fact that it rinses off easily. Bath times will be less of a hassle with this best deshedding cat shampoo!

Its gentle, non-drying, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic formula is great for kittens as well as cats with allergies or sensitive skin.

With all these features, it is little wonder that this great cat shedding shampoo is recommended by vets and professional groomers as well!

What we like about it

  • Furminator deshedding shampoo for cats is recommended by vets and professional groomers
  • Its omega and protein content soothes, heals, nourishes
  • Hypoallergenic- good for kittens and cats with sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting and thick formula
  • Mild scent – pleasant for cats and cat parents

What we don’t like

  • Didn’t stop shedding in some cats. However, shedding can have many reasons as we will discuss later in the guide. The shampoo is formulated to curb unhealthy non-seasonal shedding caused due to skin issues.
Furminator deShedding Shampoo for Dogs and Cats, 16 Ounces
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat to reduce excess shedding
  • Enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids loaded with vitamins and proteins
  • Perfect on both cats and dogs
  • Non-drying, non-irritating hypoallergenic formulation
  • Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers worldwide
best cat shampoo for shedding

Shed-X de-shedding shampoo for cats releases cat’s dead and loose hair (which you can then easily remove with the best shedding glove for cats). It also gently exfoliates your pet’s skin to reduce dandruff and dander.

This fantastic dog and cat shedding shampoo provides healthy antioxidants and vitamins to your pet’s skin and hair roots to further control unhealthy and unseasonal shedding.

Your pet’s skin and coat also receive omegas, and amino acids thanks to the shampoo’s flaxseed oil, oatmeal, and wheat protein content. All these ingredients are wonderfully nourishing for your cat’s skin and coat.

Apart from gently cleaning your pet’s fur, Shed-X also leaves behind a pleasant gingery fragrance – all the better for you when you cuddle with your pet!

This shampoo’s premium ingredients won’t harm your pet’s skin and are also great for cats with sensitive skin.

What we like about it

  • Effective for controlling non-seasonal shedding
  • Packed with premium hair nourishing ingredients- proteins, amino acids, vitamins, omegas
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Wonderful fragrance

What we don’t like

  • Left some cats with a greasy coat. Not really an issue as long as its fur is soft and nonseasonal shedding is controlled.
Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo for Dogs, 16 oz – Reduce Shedding – Shampoo Infuses Skin and Coat with Vitamins and Antioxidants to Clean, Release Excess Hair, and Exfoliate
  • HELP CONTROL EXCESSIVE SHEDDING – Excessive shedding can result from unhealthy skin and coat. Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo for dogs gently cleans, releases excess hair and exfoliates to reduce shedding.
  • NOURISHES THE SKIN – Shed Control Shampoo infuses your pet’s skin and coat with essential amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A, D and E and antioxidants. This dog shampoo promotes healthy skin and leaves the coat clean, soft and shiny.
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE – The pleasant pomelo fragrance of this shampoo for shedding will leave your dog clean, soft and smelling amazing long after bath time is over.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS – Wet coat thoroughly with warm water and massage dog shedding shampoo into coat and skin. Allow the lather to remain for several minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Suitable for frequent use.
best cat shampoo for shedding

Nature’s Specialties EZ Out is a vitamin-rich shampoo with an aloe base that removes all of your pet’s loose undercoat and dead hairs. This means fewer hair on your carpets, clothes, and furniture!

EZ Out is a great shampoo for long-haired and short-haired cats. Apart from shedding control, it also promotes healthy skin and fur in both cat varieties. It also adds a healthy shine and luster to your furbaby’s coat.

Hundreds of users have found that Nature’s Specialties EX Out definitely curbs unnatural shedding in cats and dogs.

What we like about it

  • Removes unwanted and loose undercoat
  • Great for long and short-haired cat varieties
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Smells great

What we don’t like

  • Does not detangle hair. Some cats needed separate conditioning product after rinsing.
Nature's Specialties EZ Out Deshedding Ultra Concentrated Dog Shampoo for Pets, Makes up to 4 Gallons, Natural Choice for Professional Groomers, Removes Unwanted Hair, Made in USA, 32 oz
  • ULTRA CONCENTRATED - One 32 oz bottle dilutes up to 4 gallon with tap water. Apply direct or dilute with warm water as desired. Massage shampoo into coat from head to tail, rinse thoroughly, repeat if needed. Don't pre-dilute and use over days, weeks, months. Only dilute the amount you plan to use same day.
  • REDUCES SHEDDING - This amazing Deshedding and Conditioning Shampoo will help remove the bulk of unwanted undercoat. It helps to promote healthy skin and coat while reducing excess shedding. Good for long or short coats.
  • CONTAINS - A Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Blend in a Proprietary Mild Shampoo Base, Aloe Vera, Deodorizing Enzymes, Conditioners, Panthenol, Vitamins A, D, E, Essential Oils, Light Fragrance, pH Balanced
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Apply direct or dilute with warm water as desired. Brush out the undercoat before rinsing to remove unwanted hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Good for cats and dogs of all breeds.
  • WHY NATURE'S SPECIALTIES - Our products are recognized in the Grooming industry as premium products for dogs and cats and are used by many competitive groomers and pet loving consumers.
best cat shampoo for shedding

Perfect Coat shampoo is especially formulated for cats to curb shedding and hairball formation. Its aloe gel base, omegas 3 and 6, and antioxidant ingredients gently remove dead and loose hairs and also moisturize the skin to prevent hair breakage, hairball issue, brittle hair, and other fur-and-skin problems in cats.

Please note: the name of this product is misleading. 8-in-1 shampoo does not mean that the shampoo imparts 8 benefits, it is just a brand name the company has chosen for this great shampoo!

There are no harsh chemicals in this best cat shampoo for shedding and dandruff. As your cat’s skin condition improves with regular use of Perfect Coat de-shedding shampoo, its hair fall and shedding also minimize.

What we like about it

  • Reduced shedding and allergens in several cats
  • Made the fur clean and soft while imparting a great fragrance
  • Ideal for cats with sensitive skin

What we don’t like

  • Does not bubble or lather up. That is because it does not have chemicals and surfactants – making it ideal for cats’ sensitive skin.
8 In 1 Pet Products CEOM637 Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control Cat Shampoo, 10-Ounce
  • Perfect Coat shed and hairball control shampoo is specially formulated for cats
  • It helps to control excess shedding and reduce hairballs
  • Fortified with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids to moisturize and leave coat shiny and healthy
  • Long-lasting fragrance leaves your cat smelling fresh and clean
  • Available in 10-ounce
best cat shampoo for shedding

Top Performance Shed Patrol de-shedding cat shampoo is well-loved as the best deshedding shampoo for cats and has helped hundreds of pets reduce unnatural shedding.

Its wheat germ oil and aloe vera both reduce unnatural shedding by soothing dry skin and healing skin issues that lead to hairball and hair loss in cats.

This is a completely natural shampoo that moisturizes, conditions, and prevents dryness of the coat. As your cat’s skin gets moisturized, it naturally reduces dandruff and related shedding as well.

Top Performance Shed Patrol shampoo contains healing and nourishing aloe vera that soothes your cat’s skin while also providing antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

Your pet’s fur will also smell nice and clean thanks to this great shampoo. It is safe for use on young cats and also for pets with sensitive skin.

What we like about it

  • Used by professional groomers to reduce unnatural shedding in cats and dogs
  • Aloe vera and wheat germ moisturize, protect, heal, nourish, and soothe the skin and coat
  • Light mandarin scent
  • Good for kittens and pets with sensitive skin

What we don’t like

  • Some users found the scent too strong. You can dilute it with water while washing if that is the case.
Top Performance Shed Patrol De-Shedding Dog and Cat Shampoo, 17-Ounce
  • Formulated with natural ingredients to reduce unwanted shedding and enhance the health and vitality of the coat
  • Made with soothing aloe vera to relieve dry, itchy skin
  • Leaves coats smelling fresh and clean

What are the Causes of Unnatural Shedding in Cats?

To some extent, shedding in cats is natural and even healthy as it paves way for the growth of healthy, new hair on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Shedding in cats is a constant phenomenon as all hair follicles have to die out at some point or the other and a new hair follicle takes its place. That is why cats shed in spring and around fall to get rid of the old coat and form new healthy coats.

Here are some causes of unnatural shedding in cats:

A) Dietary Deficiencies

A poor diet can be the number one factor behind unnatural shedding.

Your cat needs a healthy balance of omegas, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. If the diet is lacking in these nutrients, then your pet could show signs of a poor coat with unhealthy shedding.

B) Stress

Changes in your cat’s environment can also cause its hair to fall out.

Your cat could get stressed due to perceived competition from other cats. Being left alone for hours can also build up stress.

If you have recently changed your residence, then your cat might feel stressed and anxious. Loud noises from the street, AC vents, or other noisy machinery could also cause stress and subsequent hair fall in cats.

C) Natural aging

Sometimes, as cats get older, they could shed because of reduced appetite.

Older cats also groom themselves less frequently as they age due to arthritis or lethargy. This can cause matted hair and increased shedding.

D) Diseases

Some underlying health issues which lead to hormonal imbalances can also contribute to unnatural shedding in cats.

Thyroid, diabetes, and other endocrine or adrenal problems can cause weight and appetite changes, which, in turn, can cause tremendous shedding.

Food allergies and sensitives can also cause unnatural shedding in cats. (Check out our guide on the best cat food for skin allergies).

In some cats, the presence of parasites or intestinal worms can also lead to deficiencies and unnatural shedding of hair.

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E) Skin and coat issues

Dandruff, dry skin, ringworm, fungal and bacterial skin infections, and poor grooming on the part of the owners can also manifest in the form of excess and unnatural shedding in cats.

Thankfully, this type of shedding can be quickly reversed through proper bathing, grooming, and regular brushing of your pet’s coat.

Talk to your vet about any existing skin issues so you can treat your pet with the right topical or systemic medicines for eliminating skin diseases. Once the infection is under control, the shedding will stop too.

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What Home Remedies Can You Use to Prevent Unnatural Shedding in Your Cat?

1) Groom your pet regularly

Grooming your pet includes daily/weekly brushing.

Brushing stimulates your pet’s skin so it can produce natural oils to moisturize it and also carry vital nutrients to the roots. Use a brushing glove or a soft, natural bristle brush to brush your cat regularly.

This will also reduce loose flyaway hairs on your furniture and clothes. (Check out our guide on Pet hair remover brush for clothing or furniture).

Grooming also includes bathing your cat once a month. Bathing helps remove dirt, parasites, and debris that could cause shedding.

By using a vet-approved best cat shampoo for shedding, you can loosen up and exfoliate the hair and skin. A good shampoo also moisturizes, nourishes, heals, and protects the skin and fur to prevent unnatural shedding.

2) Get rid of health issues

If your cat has skin or underlying health issues, take the steps to remedy them.

Once these infections are eliminated, the shedding will also stop.

3)  Feed it a nutritious diet

The best cat food for shedding control can help prevent dietary deficiencies that lead to unnatural shedding.

Look for a food high in protein, balanced omegas, and vitamins and minerals. These are necessary to reduce dandruff, shedding, and hair ball in cats.

You can also speak to your vet about supplementing your cat’s diet with skin and coat nourishing supplements.

4) Keep your pet hydrated

Make sure your pet has access to fresh drinking water. Water hydrates the skin and can prevent shedding.

If your cat is on a dry food diet, then it is vital that you feed it fresh water. Alternatively, consider switching to wet food which has over 70% water.

What are the Features to Look for in the Best Cat Shampoo for Shedding?

Here are some features to consider when selecting the best cat shampoo for shedding:

A) Exfoliates skin and reduces dandruff

Look for the best cat shampoo for shedding and dandruff. These remove stray hairs, exfoliate the skin, and loosen the unwanted dead undercoat. You might see a lot of hair while bathing and toweling but once your pet is dry, the shedding will reduce dramatically.

The best cat shampoo for shedding also provides omegas, antioxidants and protein to your cat’s skin and coat. These reduce dandruff and dander to curb shedding and hairball.

B) Is especially formulated for cats

Look for products that clearly state that it is for cats – all breeds and long and short coat-types. This way, yo u know it is gentle and pH balanced for cats’ sensitive skin.

Never use human or dog shampoos as they could harm your pet due to their toxic/chemical content. It is a good idea to choose a product that is recommended by vets and professional groomers.

C) Is free from chemicals

Read the product label. Steer clear from shampoos that contain a list of difficult-to-pronounce chemicals.

 Instead, select gentle shampoos with ingredients like aloe vera. These are soothing and non-irritating for cats.

Avoid shampoos with parabens, surfactants, dyes, chemicals, and fragrances.

D) Is non-irritating and hypoallergenic

Make sure that the product you choose won’t irritate your pet’s skin.

Look for shampoos that are gentle enough for kittens as well as cats having sensitive skin or allergies.

E) Has a mild scent that is pleasant for you and your cats

Avoid shampoos with harsh scents or fragrances. These can be very irritating to your pet (as cats are very sensitive to smells).


The best cat shampoo for shedding reduces dander, dandruff, and allergens. It also helps nourish, heal, and protect your furbaby’s skin and coat to improve its condition and curb unnatural shedding.

We recommend the Furminator deshedding shampoo for cats which is recommended by professional groomers and vets especially for heavy unnatural shedding in cats and dogs. It has balanced omegas and proteins and is also non-irritating, non-drying, and hypoallergenic.

Also check out our other recommendations in the category.

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