Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?


Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?
Benny the chihuahua was fussy about his food. His owner had to make him six different meals a day and Benny refused to eat anything unless it was in one small dish and served in a particular order.

Okay, I understand that this is an extreme story of a Chihuahua called Benny. But it could a true story and you may have wondered – Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?

This article will talk about whether or not chihuahuas are fussy eaters. I will be discussing the topic and giving some reasons why they may or may not be fussy eaters.

Along with this, there is a list of common foods that you should avoid feeding to them in order to prevent any possible health issues from occurring. After reading this article, it would be best for you to come up with your own conclusion on whether or not Chihuahuas are fussier eaters than other dogs.

Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?


In general, chihuahuas aren’t fussy eaters by themselves. However, some chihuahuas may grow to be fussy eaters if they are spoiled with extra food or treats when there is no need for it.

Some chihuahuas have preferences as to what type of dog food they eat which results in them being fussy eaters too.

Of course every dog is a little different and they all have their own unique preferences, but as a general rule most chihuahuas will be pretty specific when it comes to what and how they are fed.

How Do You Know If Your Chihuahua Is A Fussy Eater?

There are a number of signs that your chihuahua may be a fussy eater.

1. Turn Their Nose Up

One is if you notice that they turn their nose up at the food you provide them with. They are also most likely to be a fussy eater if they refuse to eat or if they only eat one type of food.

2. Demand Different Food Every Day

Another sign is if your chihuahua usually demands something different every day and cries when it’s not given to him/her.

3. Picks & Eat Only Certain Food Items

You may notice that your chihuahua will only eat in small portions. Or it will only eat certain food item served in a dish. If your chihuahua likes chicken, it may only pick up the chicken pieces and leave the rest of the items untouched.

4. Knocks over Food Dish

Your chihuahua may knock over its food dishes in an effort to find the pieces of food that it like. Your chihuahua may also throw its food on the floor in an attempt to pick out what looks good.

5. Loves Treats & Will Only Eat Them

Another indication is if your chihuahua loves treats and will eat them but refuses to eat his/her regular food. Your chihuahua may even boycott their regular meals in hope that you will feed them treats instead.


Why Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters? 6 Top Reasons

Dogs are often considered to be fussy eaters. However, chihuahuas have been known for being particularly so. Here are the main reasons why your dog may be a finicky eater:

Here are top 6 reasons why Chihuahuas may be fussier eaters than other dogs.

1. Chihuahuas Are Picky Eater

Your chihuahua may be picky about what it eats because it may have tasted other “more tastier” food items. Some Chihuahuas may develop a preference for snacks and treats as they may associate them with happy times.

2. Change in Diet

A change in diet can also cause your Chihuahua to become a fussy eater. If your Chihuahua is already a picky eater, then switching to another brand of food or introducing a new food type may cause it to have a hard time adjusting.

If you are planning on switching foods for your chihuahua, it is recommended that you do so gradually. Start with mixing in the new food with the old one and slowly change to feeding him 100% of the new food.

3. Vet Visits

Not all dogs like going to the vet and getting their shots and vitamins. Your Chihuahua may begin to refuse meals when they know that a visit to the vet is scheduled for later that day.  It can be really stressful for your pet, so if you are going to take it for a vet visit, try to allow him to eat beforehand.

4. Stressful Situations

If your Chihuahua is faced with stressful situations, such as moving to another home/location or being punished consistently for doing something bad, then they may refuse food in order to show some form of protest. This can be resolved by not being too harsh with them and treating them nicely.

5. Treats and Spoiling


If you feed your dog treats all the time, this can lead to him or her becoming a fussy eater as they get used to eating extra food when it isn’t necessary. Although feeding one or two light treats per day isn’t usually enough to cause a Chihuahua to be a fussy eater, many treats throughout the day can easily make this happen.

Chihuahuas aren’t as likely to eat their food if they know that there are other things waiting for them after dinner!

6. Health Issues

There are health issues that can cause your Chihuahua to eat less than he normally would.  This may include dental problems, bladder stones, etc… If you notice that there is a sudden change in his eating habits, talk to your vet to determine the cause.

Also, if you notice that he is eating very little but doesn’t seem to be showing any other signs of illness, then it may be that your Chihuahua just can’t stomach a particular brand food anymore. It could be because he has developed an allergy or intolerance towards one or more ingredients in the food.

How To Change Your Chihuahua’s Fussy Eating Habits?

1. Be Firm

If your chihuahua won’t eat his dinner, then you should be firm with him and not give in to temptation. Make sure that you have no other food options for him as this will only encourage him to picky eat even more.

2. Set a fix time for each meal

You should also set a specific time of day for your Chihuahua to have his meals and limit each meal duration to not more than 30 minutes. During this time, make sure your chihuahua understands that there are no other food options available and that you don’t give him any treats or human food.

If your dog doesn’t eat the food that is left out for him, then simply take it away!

3. Repeat For Next Meal

For the next meal, simply repeat your firmness with your chihuahua and leave the same type of food out for 30 minutes. If it isn’t eaten, then take it away and don’t give in and give him any treats or human food. Your chihuahua will soon learn that he can only get his food at the intervals you have set and that he doesn’t have any other food options to choose from.

4. Don’t Give In!

Even if this behavior continues a few days, then don’t give in and simply allow your chihuahua to eat what he wants. This will only reinforce his fussy eating habits!

Once your chihuahua understands that you are serious and won’t give in to his fussy eating ways, then he will start eating what is put in front of him.  But the most important thing is to not get frustrated. Your Chihuahua may try your patience at first but with persistence, soon will be eating what is put in front of him without worrying about how long it will be there!

8 Tips To Help Your Chihuahua’s Fussy Eating Habits

If you think that your Chihuahua may have developed a fussy eating habit, then here are some tips for helping to eliminate this.  

1. Cut Out The Treats!

It may be that your Chihuahua is used to getting treats along with his meals, so try removing these from his diet. By doing this, you are helping to show him that everything he eats doesn’t have a bonus of treats and human food attached to it.

2. Only Feed Your Chihuahua From A Bowl

If you feed your Chihuahua out of a bowl, soon it will understand that the only way to get his food is from the bowl. This will help to eliminate any begging that your Chihuahua may do for extra things like treats and human food. Using a No Spill Dog Food Bowl makes feeding manageable.

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3.  Have A Fixed Feeding Schedule

Try keeping your Chihuahua in a routine for his feeding times.  So if he’s used to getting treats and human food with his meals then try removing this from the equation by putting him on a set meal time schedule.  This will help to eliminate any fussy eating habits that may have developed because of the fear that your Chihuahua may miss out on anything tasty.

4. Limit The Time Of Meal

Try limiting your chihuahua’s meal to just 30 minutes so he won’t be able to try and get more food in this period of time. You will soon find that once you do this, your Chihuahua will adjust his fussy eating habits very quickly and no longer want to picky eat.

5. Ensure Enough Nutrition


One of the most important steps is to make sure that your Chihuahua is getting enough nutrition and calories through his every meal. If he isn’t eating properly, consider changing the brand of food you feed him or giving him treats to ensure that he gets all the nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for his health.

6. Make the Food More Appealing

If changing brands of food or adding treats doesn’t work, then you should try to make the food more appealing by making it taste better.

You can do this by:  Adding a few drops of gravy flavoring to his food – Just one drop will be enough!  Make sure you don’t add too much as you can make him sick.

Consider microwaving the food to give it a warm, fresh smell – This will attract your Chihuahua’s attention and his nose will let him know that the food is good for eating too!  

7. Make Sure There Are No Temptations for Your Chihuahua

It’s also important that you remove any temptations from your house that can cause your Chihuahua to picky eat.  This includes anything that can be eaten by your dog, like gum or candy!

If you don’t want to ask guests not to bring these things into the house then think about placing them in high cupboards so that your Chihuahua can’t reach them!

Also, keep the trash cans out of reach of your dog.  If even the slightest morsel can be found in there, then your Chihuahua will soon find a way to get into it!

8. Know the Cause of Your Chihuahua’s Fussy Eating Habits

The final step is simply to know what the cause of your dog’s fussy eating habits is.  You can do this by examining his diet, changes in his diet, veterinary visits and demands, and what is happening in his life. Once you identify the cause of the problem, it will be easier to know how to solve it. Are Chihuahuas fussy eaters occasionally only? It depends on how you tolerate the habit.

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List Of Common Foods That You Should Avoid Feeding A Fussy Chihuahua

  1. Human food that are seasoned with sauces and spices
  2. Cheese  – different types of cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, etc.)
  3. Gum and candy  – can be very harmful to a dogs digestion system because they can get stuck in their stomach and block the digestive tract.
  4. Fatty meat products like bacon and sausages
  5. Packaged treats or snacks with lots of preservatives or salty ingredients.
  6. Fried chicken bones such as wings or drumsticks
  7. Salty hot dogs, ham, salami, pepperoni
  8. Onion or any food cooked with onion because onions are toxic to dogs
  9. Alcoholic beverages
  10. Coffee, tea or chocolate

Conclusion: Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters?

After having read this article on Are Chihuahuas Fussy Eaters? , we hope that you have a better understanding of how to deal with your dogs fussy eating habits.

If you need any help identifying the cause of your dogs fussy eating habits, then we recommend that you visit your local vet.  Your vet will be able to identify any issues with your dog’s diet easily and they may even have the answers to what is causing your dog to become a picky eater!


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