8 Best Yorkie Breeders in Utah

Getting a new dog is a big decision. You want to make sure you’re getting a healthy pup from a reputable breeder. Finding Yorkie breeders near me is always a good start in your quest of getting a good puppy.

There are many Yorkies for sale around Utah- you should check out these top Yorkie breeders in Utah. These breeders have been painstakingly researched and are verified to be breeding Yorkies:

8 Best Yorkie Breeders in Utah

8 Best Yorkie Breeders in Utah

1. Designer Yorkies

Established in 2009, Designer Yorkies is a small family-owned business located in West Haven, Utah. They are dedicated to breeding quality Yorkshire Terriers.

The breeder opens up that the journey has not always been easy, but it has been worth it. They have a variety of pups available including standard, parti, and chocolate.

Their rates start at $3,500 and if you want breeding rights, you must pay an additional $1000.

Get in touch with them through their website if you’re interested in one of their pups.

Address: West Haven, UT

Contact info: (801) 503-2186

Website: Designer Yorkies

Facebook: Designer Yorkies

2. Heirloom Yorkies

heirloom yorkies

Based in Millville, Utah, this breeder specializes in breeding Yorkshire Terriers. They are a small in-home breeder that raises their dogs with love and attention.

Heirloom Yorkies say that all of their litters are given the care and attention they need and all of their dogs are healthy and happy. They have a variety of pups including standard and parti colors.

Their puppies are from champion bloodlines and are raised according to AKC standards.

Address: Millville, Utah

Contact info: (435) 754-5570

Website: Heirloom Yorkies

Facebook: Heirloom Yorkies

3. Fancy Utah Yorkies

fancy utah yorkies

Fancy getting Yorkie puppies for sale in Utah? Fancy Utah Yorkies is a breeder that might have what you’re looking for. They state on their website that they breed and show quality Yorkshire Terriers in a family setting.

This breeder prides itself on being able to offer affordable, top-quality dogs without the hassle of going through a pet store. They have a variety of pups from Pet Traditional Yorkshire Terriers to Parti Color Yorkshires.

They have lots of grassy yards where the puppies can play and explore. If you’re interested in one of their pups, visit the Fancy Utah Yorkies website to see all of their available dogs.

Address: Utah County, USA

Contact info: 801-360-9769

Website: Fancy Utah Yorkies

4. Earthmountain Yorkies

Earthmountain Yorkies is owned by Linda Carter who, for the last 13 years, has been breeding Yorkshire Terriers. Linda is an exhibitor and has owned dogs all her life. She is very passionate about what she does.

To socialize with the pups, Linda uses Puppy Culture methods. She also starts potty training at an early age so that the puppies are well-prepared when they go to their forever homes.

She has both show and pet dogs and all of them are set according to the AKC standards.

Address: Erda, UT

Website: Earthmountain Yorkies

5. Dee’s Yorkies

Dees Yorkies

Breeding for health, temperament, and pedigree, Dee’s Yorkies is a small family-owned business located in Utah. They have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for many years now.

The dogs are raised in the house and are well-socialized with both people and other animals. Puppies are handled from day one and are shown human affection on a daily basis.

Address: Utah, USA

Website: Dee’s Yorkies

6. Vargas Rioja Yorkies

Vargas Rioja Yorkies

Providing top-quality companionship, Vargas Rioja Yorkies is a breeder located in Utah. They breed Yorkshire Terriers and have been in business for a while now.

They may not be the biggest breeder out there, but they make up for it in quality. It all starts with having quality parents which are then passed down to the puppies.

They are also very careful when it comes to inbreeding and linebreeding. This is to make sure that the pups are healthy and have a good temperament.

Address: Utah, USA

Website: Vargas Rioja Yorkies

7. Carolyn Lee’s Yorkshire Terriers

Producing adorable and affectionate dogs, Carolyn Lee’s Yorkshire Terriers is a breeder located in Utah. They have a lot of experience when it comes to taking care of these dogs.

Their puppies are released after 10 weeks and you must provide adequate information before they can let you have the pup. This is to avoid mismatch and help with the transition process.

Address: Utah, USA

Website: Carolyn Lee’s Yorkshire Terriers

8. Yorkies Ranch

Located in Eagle Mountain, Utah, Yorkies Ranch is a small-scale breeder that raises Yorkshire Terriers in a home environment. All puppies go home in good health and with great personalities.

They specialize in show dogs and each of their pups comes with a 1-year health guarantee, a veterinarian wellness letter, and a pee pad. They do not declaw their puppies or have their tails docked.

Puppies are placed in good homes with a strong focus on placement, not price. To see all of their available pups, visit their website.

Address: 2543 E Autumn Ln Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Contact info: (203) 273-0521

Website: Yorkies Ranch

Facebook: Yorkies Ranch

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