9 Best Yorkie Breeders in Colorado

Having a Yorkie as a pet is one of the best things that you could ever do. They are perfect as family dogs and will easily become your new best friend. However, before you can get a Yorkie, you need to find a reputable breeder who can provide you with a healthy and happy pup.

There are many Yorkies for sale around Colorado- you should check out these top Yorkie breeders in Colorado. These breeders have been painstakingly researched and are verified to be breeding Yorkies:

9 Best Yorkie Breeders in Colorado

9 Best Yorkie Breeders in Colorado

1. Royal Dynasty Yorkies of Colorado

For over 28 years, Royal Dynasty Yorkies of Colorado has been breeding dogs and during this time, they have become one of the best breeders in the state. They are known for their quality dogs.

Apart from being stunning, their dogs are also healthy and socialized. Their puppies are a part of their family and are treated as such until they go to their forever homes.

Their pups are health tested to ensure they meet the AKC standards. You can reach out to them for more information. They are open to shipping to Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the US.

Address: Colorado, USA

Contact info:

Facebook: Royal Dynasty Yorkies of Colorado

2. Karen’s Yorkies

karens yorkies

Karen’s Yorkies is a great place to go if you’re looking for Yorkies for sale in Colorado. They have been breeding dogs for a while now and are committed to providing their puppies with the best possible care.

They are keen on A.K.C. standards to ensure that they are following all the guidelines set for breeders. Their dogs are also registered with the American Kennel Club.

They occasionally have teacup Yorkies for sale in Colorado and since their puppies are raised at home, they are very social.

Address: Colorado, USA

Contact info: 719-683-2047

Website: Karen’s Yorkies

Facebook: Karen’s Yorkies

3. Glenmore Yorkies

Don’t let their small size deceive you, Glenmore Yorkies are one of the most professional breeders on this list. They have over years of experience under their belt in breeding dogs and have won many awards for their work.

All of their dogs are AKC registered and are bred to the set standards. Their fogs have won AKC Championship titles and have been featured in many publications.

Their dogs are healthy and socialized which is evident when you see their happy puppies. You can contact them through their website to inquire about getting a puppy.

Address: Colorado USA

Contact info: 97O-541-9544

Website: Glenmore Yorkies

4. Plum Creek Parti Yorkies

plum creek parti yorkies

25 years is such a long time, and it’s the amount of time that Plum Creek Parti Yorkies have been breeding dogs for. In this time, they have perfected their craft and have become one of the best breeders in Colorado.

All their dogs are AKC registered and have all their required shots. They also do DNA testing to ensure that each puppy is healthy and will have no problems in the future. They let their pups leave after 10 weeks.

This is one of the most experienced breeders on this list and you can trust them to give you a healthy puppy that will make a great companion.

Address: Centennial, Colorado,

Contact info: 303-475-9968

Website: Plum Creek Parti Yorkies

5. TLC Kennels Colorado

tlc kennel

Looking for Yorkie breeders near me in Colorado? Look no further than TLC Kennels Colorado if you’re in the Denver area. They are a small family-owned business that breeds high-quality Yorkshire.

Apart from Yorkies, they also have Bichon Frise, Chihuahuas, Dachshund, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed among many others. Each of their puppies is well looked after and meets the set standards.

Located in the expansive eastern columbine of Denver, this kennel is known to have some of the best dogs in Colorado. Their puppies are very well socialized before they leave for their furever homes.

Address: eastern Colorado

Contact info: 719-349-0894

Website: TLC Kennels Colorado

6. Jolene Camden

Jolene Camden

Tucked in Peyton is Jolene Camden, a breeder that has been in the business of dogs for over 4O years. In this time, she has learned a lot about dogs and how to breed them.

They specialize in Yorkshire Terriers and they strive to give the best pups possible. The pups are socialized from an early age so that they can easily adjust to their new homes.

They ensure the buyer is well aware of the breed and personality of the dog they are getting. You can trust Jolene to give you a pup that will make a loyal and loving companion.

Address: Peyton, Colorado 80831

Contact info: (719) 377-5122

Website: Jolene Camden

7. Classy Pets Colorado

As the name suggests, Classy Pets Colorado is a breeder that breeds classy dogs. They have been in the business for over 20 years and have built a reputation for themselves.

They breed Yorkshire Terriers, Morkies, and Maltese. All their dogs are health tested and meet the set standards. On top of vet checks, their pups also get 2 sets of wormings and a 6-month health guarantee.

Based in Littleton, Colorado, Classy Pets Colorado is a breeder you can trust. They will give you a pup that is healthy and happy and will make a great companion.

Address: Littleton, Colorado

Contact info: 303-980-5848

Website: Classy Pets Colorado

8. Bella Yorkies

Having both AKC and CKC registration is something that buyers look for when shopping for Yorkie puppies for sale in Colorado and Bella Yorkies have both. They also have parti Yorkies available,

This breeder is located in Grand Junction and has lots of experience with breeding dogs. You can always count on Bella Yorkies to have good quality Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

They only have a few litters per year so if you’re interested in getting a puppy from them, make sure to put your name on their waiting list.

Address: 263 31 Rd Grand Junction, CO 81503-9690

Contact info: (970) 261-9919

Website: Bella Yorkies of Grand Junction

9. Betty’s Dogs

Betty’s Dogs is a renowned name, especially in her hometown of Dacono. Betty has been in the business of dogs for over 20 years and has made a name for herself.

She specializes in Yorkies, Shih Tzus, and Yorkie Tzus. You can find all kinds of colors and sizes of dogs here including the teacup Yorkies.

Puppies are raised in a social environment with other dogs and people to ensure that they are well-adjusted. They have puppies all year round and the pup has two to be at least 2 months old to leave. Check out their work on their website and give them a call.

Address: Dacono, CO, USA

Contact info: 303-669-4010

Website: Betty’s Dogs

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