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Can Dogs Eat Squid?

When it comes to feeding dogs, many pet owners are very careful about whatever food they give them, especially when it comes to seafood apart from normal fish. One of the controversial topics is squid, as many dog owners are wary of giving this food to their dogs.

Squid can be a healthy choice for your dog as long as it’s cooked in the right manner. Rather than giving your dog squid made for the entire family, your dog must eat squid made for them. Let’s take a look at some popular questions on this topic.

Can Dogs Eat Squid?

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Yes, as long as it’s cooked the right way. Many dogs can eat squid with no problem if it’s prepared in a dog-friendly manner, and this especially means no spices or herbs. You also have to consult your vet before giving your dog squid.

Keep in mind that some dogs are allergic to seafood, and so giving them squid can be dangerous to them. Also, if your dog is sensitive to seafood, you should be wary about giving them squid.

Is It Good For Dogs To Eat Squid?


Squid is a source of different nutrients that can be beneficial to your dog. These nutrients include protein, carbs, fat, and other vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin C. On the downside, it doesn’t have a lot of cholesterol which is good for dogs.

Since squid is a great source of protein, dogs that require a rich protein diet like bulldogs and Pitbull will benefit from eating squid. If you want your dog to benefit from eating squid, ensure it’s properly cooked and doesn’t have any dog-harmful ingredients.

Can Puppies Eat Squid?

Although puppies and dogs eat similar meals, it’s not advisable to give your puppy foods like squid until they’re adults. Adult dogs and puppies are very different in terms of their level of energy, nutritional needs, and digestive system.

This means that puppies might be more sensitive to eating seafood like a squid than adult dogs. It can also be harmful to them. Stick to giving your puppy dog food and diversify when they are adults.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Squid?

Yes, surprisingly your dog can. Your dog can eat raw squid, but only if you’re a hundred percent sure that the squid is safe for consumption. Unlike cooked squid that gets rid of bacteria and pathogens during the boiling process, raw squid might have these and can harm your dog.

But, if you’re sure that the raw squid is safe, there are a lot of benefits that come with eating uncooked squid for dogs. It allows them to have healthy skin and blood and helps in cell repair and growth. It will also strengthen your dog’s muscles.

Keep in mind that if your dog doesn’t usually eat a raw diet including raw seafood, you shouldn’t give them raw squid either.

Is Squid Ink Safe For Dogs?

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Yes, dogs can eat squid ink. Dogs can consume squid ink in the process of eating squid, and just like in humans, it doesn’t pose any harm to them. It does not have a lot of nutrients too and is always consumed in small amounts so there’s no danger in it.

But you shouldn’t give your dog squid ink pasta. Even if squid ink is safe for them, the pasta part of of the ingredient isn’t. If your dog eats a few noodles, it won’t hurt them, but it shouldn’t act as a meal.

Can Dogs Eat Squid Tentacles?


Squid tentacles, just like any other part of squid, are suitable for consumption by dogs. It has the same nutritional value as any other part of the squid and tastes the same too.

You should just make sure that if you’re boiling it, it should be fully cooked. Also, if you’re giving it to them raw, then it should be completely clean and free from bacteria.

Can Dogs Eat Squid Heads?

Many people remove squid heads when they are cleaning the squid because it’s not edible, and you should do the same for your dog. When cleaning squid, get rid of the head and the innards.

You should only give your dog the muscular body of the squid along with the tentacles, and throw the rest away. This is especially if you’re not sure how your dog will react to eating squid for the first time.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Squid?

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Dried squid is disallowed when it comes to giving your dog squid. You should only give them raw and cooked squid. This is because dried squid comes with a lot of salt/sodium.

In dogs, sodium or salt can lead to stomach upset and a lot of other health issues. These include seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, and even a coma.

Is It Safe To Feed Your Dog Squid?

It’s generally safe to feed a dog squid, although it still depends on the dog. Remember that some dogs are allergic to seafood, and in this case, giving them squid is a bad idea. If your dog has been sensitive to food before, you should be careful when feeding them squid.

When feeding your dog squid for the first time, you should give them a small piece first. Then, observe your dog after giving them that piece and see if there are any changes or symptoms of an upset stomach.

How To Cook Squid For Dogs?

The best way to cook squid for your dog is to boil it without adding any seasoning or other ingredients that are harmful to dogs. To cook squid, start by cleaning it thoroughly and removing the head and innards.

After cleaning it, boil it in clean water until it is thoroughly and properly cooked. Once you’re sure it’s completely cooked, you can feed it to your dog. Don’t add spices, seasoning, or herbs.

Can You Feed A Dog Fried Calamari?


No, you can’t. You can’t give your dog fried anything, and calamari isn’t an exception. For us humans, calamari is a delicious and meal. It’s made from squid and fried in batter. Because it is fried in batter, dogs cannot eat it.

The ingredients used to make calamari are not dog-friendly and are bad for your dog’s health. They also don’t include any nutrition beneficial to your dog. If you’re making calamari, you can leave some tentacles out to be boiled for your dog instead.

Can Shih Tzu Eat Squid?

Shih Tzus have different health concerns, which is why their owners are wary about what they can and cannot consume. But, Shih Tzus can eat a wide range of seafood, and this includes squid.

Since these dogs are sensitive, you should give your Shih Tzu only a small piece first and monitor them to see if there is any symptom of sickness. If they react to it well, you can give them more of it. You should also give it to them thoroughly cooked.

What Seafood Is Bad For Dogs?

Although there’s a wide range of seafood ideal for dogs, including squid, some types of fish, and more, not all seafood is safe for dogs. Dogs can also eat cooked and cleaned, raw fish, cooked salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, and seaweed.

The types of seafood that are bad for dogs include tuna and canned tuna, fish oil, shellfish like lobster, crab, and shrimp, sushi, clams, oysters, and scallops. You should especially not give your dog raw or smoked salmon, fish bones, farmed fish, and the shells and tails of shrimps as they can be a choking hazard. Although, some foods made from fish like fish sticks and imitation crab meat are bad for dogs.

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Can Dogs Eat Octopus?


Yes, they can. Just like squid, dogs can eat octopus, although you shouldn’t give it to them every day because it doesn’t have a lot of fat and calorie content. But octopus is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acid.

When feeding your dog octopus, you should do it the same as squid. Although giving it to them raw is nutritionally beneficial, it’s important to make sure it’s bacteria-free and safe to eat. When cooking, you should boil it completely without any seasoning, salt, or spices.

Is It OK For Dogs To Eat Cooked Shrimp?

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Although cooked shrimps provide different nutrients for dogs, it’s not always advisable to feed cooked shrimps to them. Like other shellfishes, the shell and tails of shrimp can pose a choking hazard to your dog.

If you want to give your dog cooked shrimp, it has to be fresh and completely cooked. Don’t give your dog any leftovers, and don’t add any seasoning when cooking it. You should only give them a few bites too, not as a meal on its own.



Squid offers different benefits to dogs, including the different health benefits in minerals and vitamins. It won’t only offer internal health benefits but can make their fur and coat shiny, and also reduce the chances of cardiac disease. 

As long as it’s cooked the right, dog-friendly way, squid is safe for consumption to your dog.

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