12 Best Yorkie Breeders in Texas

Getting Yorkie breeders near me in Texas is not as difficult as it may sound. There are actually a number of breeders in the state that can provide you with the perfect Yorkie for your home.

There are many Yorkies for sale around Texas- you should check out these top Yorkie breeders in  Texas. These breeders have been painstakingly researched and are verified to be breeding Yorkies:

12 Best Yorkie Breeders in Texas

12 Best Yorkie Breeders in Texas

1. Texas Star Yorkies

Traditional Yorkies And Parti Yorkies are their specialties and they have some of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see. They are a family operation and are very passionate about what they do. The dogs here are treated like family and it shows in their temperament.

Teena and Larry Currie do not let their small-sized program stop them from producing top-quality dogs. They have a limited number of litters but each one is planned and executed perfectly.

Address: Montgomery, TX 77356

Contact info: (936) 597-7034

Website: Texas Star Yorkies

Facebook: Texas Star Yorkies

2. Yorkies Of Austin


As the name suggests, this breeder is based in Austin and has some of the most beautiful Yorkies in the state. They have a wide variety of colors and are one of the best places to get purebred Yorkshire Terriers.

Planning to add a Yorkie to your family? Yorkies of Austin should be your first stop. They have everything you need to know about these dogs and will guide you through the entire process.

From choosing the right pup to taking care of them, they will be there for you every step of the way.

Address: Austin, Texas

Contact info: 512 903 0982

Website: Yorkies Of Austin

Facebook: Yorkies of Austin

3. Yorkies of Houston

yorkies of houston

Having been registered by AKC & ACA, the Yorkies of Houston is a great place to start your search for Yorkies for sale in Texas. They have over 3 decades in the industry and know what they are doing.

Their dogs are vaccinated and microchipped and with regular vet visits, the dogs are always in good shape. With $3,500, you can own an adorable puppy from this breeder. Contact them to see the available puppies.

Address: 11200 Broadway St, Suite 2743 Pearland, Texas 77584

Contact info: (713) 332-9773

Website: Yorkies of Houston

Facebook: Yorkies of Houston

4. Exquisite Yorkies

25 years is such a long time to be breeding. That’s exactly how long this breeder has been in business. Thye have seen it all and that’s why their services today will meet your expectations.

Located in the Northwest of Houston, they have some cute traditional and parti Yorkies. You will be getting a well-socialized puppy that is up to date with all their shots.

Prices start at $2500 and can sometimes go higher depending on the puppy. See some of their puppies on their website or Facebook page and join their waiting list.

Address: Houston, Texas

Contact Info: (832) 317-6598

Website: Exquisite Yorkies

Facebook: Exquisite Yorkies

5. Dutray Yorkies

dutray yorkies

Dutray Yorkies are the brainchild of Tracy Simpson. Her call was simple, make a difference in the dog breeding industry. She has some adorable PARTI & COLORED YORKIES.

Living in Caddo Mills, there is enough space for the dogs to play and socialize with other animals. They don’t have a lot of litter planned but the few they have are top quality. You can check out their website to see the available puppies and contact them for more information.

Address: Caddo Mills, Texas

Contact Info: 214-949-3492

Website: Dutray Yorkies

Facebook: Dutray Yorkies

6. Texas Tiny Yorkies

Located in Abilene is Texas Tiny Yorkies, a family-oriented business that has been breeding Yorkies for years. They have a lot of experience and will be more than happy to help you with everything you need to know about your new puppy.

They specialize in Tea Cup Yorkies for sale and give all their dogs the love and care they deserve. with 20 acres of space, the pups are free to run and play around.

Address: Abilene, Texas

Contact info: (325) 370-1038

Website: Texas Tiny Yorkies

Facebook: Texas Tiny Yorkies


Get tiny, colorful Yorkshire Terriers from Yorkies by Cheri. They have a wide variety of colors to choose from and follow the set AKC standards. All their puppies are exquisitely bred and given good care.

They give AKC registrations for pet homes with a written sales contract and health guarantee. They raise all their puppies underfoot, giving them the best possible start to life.

Their dogs have a great temperament and are perfect for first-time dog owners. You can find all the information you need about their dogs on their website.

Address: Gainesville, Texas

Contact info: (940) 372-8868



8. Pocketbook Pups

pocketbook pups

As an AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breeder, Pocketbook Pups is one of the top places to get your Yorkie. They have been in business since 2003 and are passionate about what they do. The environment here is peaceful and lovely which makes it ideal for puppies.

The pups receive a lot of love and attention here which makes them very socialized by the time they leave. Looking for teacup Yorkies for sale in Texas? Consider this breeder. They have a lot of experience and will make sure you get what you are looking for.

Address: Austin, Texas

Contact Info: 512-657-0072

Website: Pocketbook Pups

9. Wendys Yorkies

Dealing with homegrown Yorkies is the main goal of Wendy’s Yorkies. Wendy has been breeding Yorkshire puppies for a long while. Her puppies are pre-spoiled and come with a complete health guarantee. You will have no problems getting the right puppy for your home from Wendy’s Yorkies.

With over 15 years of experience, you can be sure that Wendy knows what she is doing. Get in touch with her and start your journey of owning an adorable Yorkshire.


Contact Info: 903-249-9360

Website: Wendy’s Yorkies

Facebook: Wendy’s Yorkies

10. Fancy Pups

Getting a puppy from a family-run business has a lot of benefits. Fancy Pups is one such business that will give you all the attention you need. They have been breeding puppies for over 40 years now and know what they are doing.

Their dogs come with full registrations and a written health guarantee. You also get all the health records and sample Royal Canin Yorkshire puppy food.

On top of breeding Yorkies, they also have Maltipoo, Morkie, and Maltese pups.

Address: 4727 Spears Rd.ManvelTX77578

Contact info: (281) 489-3663

Website: Fancy Pups

Facebook: Fancy Pups

11. Red River Kennels

Vona is the owner of this beautiful ranch where the dogs have plenty of space to run around. The environment here is serene and perfect for raising puppies. All the dogs are 100% disease-free and are given relevant vaccines.

Established in 2000, this breeder is one of the most experienced on this list. They have a wide variety of colors including golden, sable, and traditional. You can also get quality French Bulldogs.

Address: Red River County, Texas

Contact info: (903) 219-1863

Website: Red River Kennels

Facebook: Red River Kennels

12.  Kimberlis Kuties

Space is the one thing that you won’t have to worry about when dealing with this breeder. They have a 102-acre farm where the puppies and their parents run around and play. This is the ideal environment for any puppy.

The Yorkies here are AKC standards and you will be provided with all the paperwork upon purchase. You can always check out their website for available puppies. They also have other breeds like Biewer and Chinese Imperial.

You will get a puppy Starter Kit to help with the transition. When looking for Yorkie puppies for sale in Texas, consider Kimberlis Kuties.

Address: Lipan, Texas

Contact Info: 817-613-6219

Website: Kimberlis Kuties

Facebook: Kimberlis Kuties

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