Why Do Dogs Wink At You?


Were you surprised when a dog winked at you while you were enjoying your evening stroll in the park? Does your own pet furry friend wink at you quite often? This might lead you to ask a question: Why Do Dogs Wink At You?

More often than not, your dog winking at you is a sign of their ease and good humor. Other times, a dog wink may be indicative of irritation or spasms that could require medical attention.

So, if you are looking for an answer to Why Do Dogs Wink At You? then we’ve got you all covered.

Why Do Dogs Wink At You?


Winking is a facial expression for dogs. Eye contact plays a crucial role in dogs as they can only communicate non-verbally.

Here is a list of possible reasons your dog might be winking at you:

  • Submitting to you as leader
  • Playfulness or attempting to imitate your actions
  • Slight, non-medical irritation such as dust caught in the eye
  • To express their non-threatening intentions
  • Early symptoms of serious medical conditions like Pink Eye, also called Conjunctivitis

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Do Dogs Wink At You On Purpose?

A 2017 study found that “dogs’ production of facial expressions is subject to audience effects” meaning that your dog winks back at you because they get a reaction out of you for doing so. So, yes, dogs do wink at you on purpose.

Your intelligent dog is mimicking what they observe.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Winks Back At You?


If you are staring or winking at your dog, and he winks back to you, it is an act of submission. So, basically, your dog is showing you his submissive behavior by winking or blinking back at you. He is conveying that you are the leader between the two of you.

The winking back behavior is also seen between multiple dogs. So, in a staring competition between two dogs, the dog that breaks eye contact first, either by winking or blinking, is surrendering to the other, who then emerges the alpha dog.

Do Dogs Blink With One Eye?

Dogs wink with one eye and blink with two eyes. By blinking one eye, your dog may be trying to get rid of dry eyes, any dust or irritant lodged in their eye.

Otherwise, your dear dog may be trying to communicate with you— his affection, hunger, and liveliness. 

Should I Wink Back At My Dog?

You can wink back at your dog to show them that you understand or acknowledge them. Most likely, they’ll wink right back at you.

In this way, it can be very beneficial to teach your dog to imitate you: it’ll become easier to train them and interact with strangers.

Can Dogs Be Taught To Wink?


Many dogs are very clever and will constantly try to copy your movements.

You can use physiologist Pavlov’s ‘Classical Conditioning’ method to achieve target behavior and train your dog to wink at you by offering treats whenever they blink at you.

When you touch your dog’s whiskers on the side of their muzzle, they will automatically blink.

How Do You Tell If A Dog Loves You?

Dogs show their love in many ways. Some of them include:

  • Yawns in your presence
  • Extended eye contact signals a strong bond with you
  • Tilting head while looking at you
  • Sharing toys
  • Follows your scent
  • Excitedly greets you: licking, pawing, cuddling
  • Sleeps in your bed
  • Keeps your belongings close to them
  • Follows you around the house or always at your heels
  • Wagging their tail at you
  • Leaning or sitting on your lap
  • Become excited when hearing your name

Why Does My Dog Keep Blinking One Eye?


While the happy, occasional wink is nothing to worry about, excessive blinking of one eye may signal serious medical conditions as mentioned below.

1.    Entropion

A common and uncomfortable condition in dogs, entropion is treatable. This condition is characterized by a dog’s eyelid being folded inward. This causes the dog’s eyelid to abrade over the eyes.

Typically, it begins with a slight itch for your dog and may eventually turn into a sore ulcer. If your dog is affected by entropion, they will frequently wink to scratch their eye and relieve the itch.

Dog’s eyes are highly sensitive. Even the smallest injuries can develop into an infection.

You must take care that your dog doesn’t scratch too vigorously: contact with a sharp object or abrasive scratching on the carpet can result in the formation of a corneal ulcer.

Many ulcers are superficial and won’t cause any eye infection in your dear dog. However, you must seek medical attention for proper care as soon as possible.

2.    Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca Or Dry Eyes

If your dog is suffering from dry eyes, it means the tear glands aren’t producing enough tears to maintain moisture in their eyes. Naturally, your pet is inclined to blink more often.

Typically, KCS affects both the eyes in your dog, but it can also affect only one eye. You must consult your veterinarian for the best course of treatment.

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3.    Cherry Eye

Nictitating Membrane (NM) is another name for the third eyelid present in both dog’s eyes. Cherry eye is a disorder of this membrane. It is usually seen in puppies under two years.

The NM contains glands that are responsible for secreting tears to lubricate the cornea in your dog. Eye problems arise when the glands lose the anchor that keeps the membrane together. A glaring symptom of this condition is the fleshy round mass in either corner of your dog’s eye.

Initially, your dog might be winking excessively due to the overproduction of tears; eventually, there is underproduction of tears if the condition develops. Treatment may be surgical or non-surgical.

Cherry eye may also affect cats, but incidences are rare.

4.    Conjunctivitis Or Pink Eye

Pink eye in your dog may be the result of various diseases, most often a bacterial or viral infection. Conjunctivitis in dogs is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the moist membrane responsible for protecting the front of the eye and lining the inside of the eyelids.

This condition is easy to diagnose and treat in dogs with proper medical attention. Pink eye causes itchy and dry eyes in dogs.

 To relieve the discomfort, your dog may wink the infected eye. If the eye is inflamed, your veterinarian may prescribe medications.

It must be noted that Brachycephalic or short-nosed dog breeds are at a higher risk for developing Pink eye.


Why Do Dogs Blink When You Talk To Them?

Dogs hold eye contact to establish their dominance. When your dog blinks while you talk to them, it is a calming signal meant to display friendliness and prove their peaceful intentions.

Do Dogs Blink When They Love You?

Dogs will most definitely blink when they love you. Your dog will tilt his head, often to the left, raise his eyebrows, and slow blink at you as a show of affection. 

The best way to say ‘I love you’ back, is to rub your dog’s ears. These are full of nerve endings, stimulating them releases endorphins: the feel-good hormones!

What Does It Mean When A Dog Puts His Paw On You?

Since most dogs cannot make a stroking gesture, they will put a paw on you as a sign of their love, close bond, and trust. This is their way of petting you right back!

Similarly, cat owners find that their feline’s paw on them is a sign of them depositing their scent as a sign of an almost familial bond.

Do Dogs Know That Kisses Are A Sign Of Affection?


Because kissing is only a cultural behavior passed down by generations, dogs don’t instinctively understand what your kisses mean.

However, your dog’s body language can tell you if they enjoy your show of affection. Some dogs can learn to like them: they will respond to your kisses with licking and pawing.

But beware, trying to kiss a wild dog or an unfamiliar dog can come across as an act of aggression rather than affection.

Is It OK To Stare Into Your Dog’s Eyes?

Although it can be bad to stare into your dog’s eyes— it’s considered rude or can be perceived as a threat— making prolonged eye contact with them can result in the release of oxytocin in both of you, strengthening your bond.

Just make sure you don’t pose any kind of threat while engaging with them.

Also, do not stare into unfamiliar dogs’ eyes, as it can be offensive and lead to aggression.

How Do Dogs Say Sorry?

Droopy ears, wide eyes so you can see the whites in them and a sober, hunched posture: these are some ways your dog might be looking to apologize to you. They may also stop panting, wagging their tails.

Do Dogs Remember If You Accidentally Hurt Them?


Adult dogs are an intelligent, acutely intuitive species. Hence, he will remember the incident when you accidentally hurt him. This is the reason why many dogs do remember their abusive past and are also difficult to train.

However, your dog will very likely know the difference between intentional harm and accidental injury, especially if a close bond of trust and affection is already formed.

Almost every dog owner or cat lover has unintentionally hurt or caused some discomfort to their pets. Dogs will pick up on your sentiments by the psychological cues you give them by your body language.

They are forgiving, and will usually reward the remorseful caretaker with a licking.

Conclusion: Why Do Dogs Wink At You?

In summary, the answer to Why Do Dogs Wink At You is to display their light-hearted mood. Your winking dog may be trying to imitate you for the kicks. They may be getting rid of any irritant lodged in their eyes.

A dog’s eye and eyelid are particularly sensitive organs, whose structure and susceptibility vary from one dog breed to another.

Once you have eliminated the possibility of any serious medical condition or the reason for discomfort, know that your pet is only trying to communicate its vulnerability and affection to you! 

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