My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

Cat sleeps on me

I was surprised to see that my cat is laying on me all of a sudden. This new behavior was astonishing for me because my cat never lays on top of me. Me being my curious self, I had to find out if this behavior was a cause of concern.

If your cat has been portraying similar behavior, then have a look at this post to understand why your cat is laying on you all of a sudden.

Why Is Your Cat Laying On You All Of A Sudden? Top 13 Reasons

My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

If your cat has started laying on top of you all of a sudden, it means that it is showing affection and trust. It is seeking warmth, comfort, security, and solace in times of illness or emotional distress. The sudden attention of your cat is a cry for help.

1. You Have Gained Their Trust

If your cat is laying on top of you all of a sudden, it is because your pet wants to show you its love and affection. Cats don’t get comfortable around you immediately. They take their sweet time to develop affection for you. 

If you notice your cat getting all cuddly with you, it is a sign that your cat finally developed a good bond with you and wants to make it stronger. Take this opportunity to bond with your cat by patting it and cuddling with it. This will help your cat sleep peacefully.

2. It Is Winter Where You Are

When a cat suddenly starts to lay on your lap, it might be because the cat is feeling cold and your body heat is making it feel warm. If you are a loving cat owner, then you must have noticed that your cat loves to sit in the sun and catch its first rays in the morning.

If your cat is feeling cold and you don’t want it to sleep in your bed, then you can get some warm and cozy blankets for your cat. 

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3. Your Body Is Warmer Than Other Places In Your House 

Your cat finds sleeping on your body comfortable because after investigating your house, you were the warmest place to sleep.

This behavior of laying on top of you might be more prevalent in winters when there isn’t enough sunlight to keep your cat warm. It is also why cats like to sleep near you so that the heat from your body can transfer to your pet’s body.

4. You Moved House 

Since cats don’t work well with change, they try to stay close to the familiar things around them, which is you. If you moved to a new location, your cat tries to lay on top of you because it needs familiarity in a completely new environment.

5. Your Cat Senses You’re Emotional 

If your cat wants to cuddle with you suddenly it might be because your work schedule is giving you stress and your cat wants to provide comfort to you. Your cat can sense that you are emotionally tired, which is why it tries to stay close to you and assure you that it is there for you. 

6. You Are Pregnant 

Cats are very observant creatures. They track your every move because they spend their entire day with you. Just like cats can sense that something is wrong with you, they can also sense that you are pregnant. 

They notice the change in your behavior when you are pregnant, like the morning sickness, the sudden mood swings, etc. At a later stage of your pregnancy, they can also hear the heartbeat of your fetus. Your cat becomes protective of you and the baby which is why it lays on top of you.

7. Your Cat Is Pregnant 

Pregnant cats tend to be more affectionate because of their maternal instincts. If your cat is being needy all of a sudden, it is possible that your cat is pregnant. It tries to seek your attention by laying on top of you. 

Some other signs that will confirm your cat’s pregnancy are changes in its appearance, increased vocalization, rolling on the floor, change in appetite, etc.

8. Your Cat Is Getting Arthritic And You Are Warm

When your cat is getting older, it might start to get arthritic with terrible joint pain. If that is the case, then your cat finds comfort by sleeping on top of you and seeking warmth from your body. 

You can try getting an orthopedic bed for your cat which will help relax its muscles and provide comfort to your cat.

9. Your Cat Now Thinks Of You As Another Cat

You identify with your cat as a cat parent who takes care of its feeding needs and provides it a comfortable home. But your cat does not look at you that way. It sees you as another cat, in fact, it thinks of you as a mother cat.

When you look out for your cat, you become a motherly figure for your cat and that instinct leads your cat on top of you as a sign of love.

10. You Got A New Pet

Your cat lays on top of you suddenly because you got home a new pet and your cat feels threatened by the attention that you are giving to it. Your cat wants to mark its territory by spreading its scent on you and letting the other pet know that you belong to your cat.

11. You’ve Got A Roommate Or A New Person Staying In Your House 

We have already established that cats don’t work well with change. If you got a new roommate or a new person comes into your house, your cat finds it unfamiliar. It will try to stay close to you to protect you from the unfamiliar person and alternatively seek your protection in case that person tries to harm it.

12. Your Cat Could Be Bullied 

If your cat is laying on top of you all of a sudden, it is possible that it is being bullied by another cat. Generally, cats try to give each other space so that there is no fight. Although, some cats are highly dominating and try to bully other cats to portray their dominance. 

You should try finding out if your cat fought with the neighbor’s cat or if it is scared to go to the park with other cats. If your car gets stressed around a particular cat, it is probably because the other cat is bullying your cat.

13. Your Cat Is Sick

It is also possible that your feline companion is feeling sick and that is why it is seeking comfort by laying on top of you. When the cat seems playful while laying on top of you, it is a sign of love, but if it has a sad face, then you have a sick cat.

Notice your cat for other signs of sickness like lethargy, vomiting, loss of your cat’s appetite, weight loss, etc. If you notice any such signs, then take your cat to the veterinarian.

Make sure you don’t feed your cat these 30 food items for maintaining its health.

Should You Let Your Cat Sleep With You?

My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

It is completely your choice whether you let your cat sleep with you or not. Look at the pros and cons of your cat sleeping with you. 

Pros Of Letting Your Cat Sleep With You

  • You and your cat will both feel relaxed when you sleep together
  • You can share your body heat with each other and stay warm in cold weather
  • It will help make your bond with your cat strong

Cons Of Letting Your Cat Sleep With You

  • If your cat is healthy and heavy and it decides to sleep on top of you, then you will feel uncomfortable and suffocated. This will interfere with your sleep
  • If your cat is carrying fleas or dirt, it will carry that to your bed and make it dirty. It is better to clean your cat before you let it jump into bed with you
  • If you have any breathing problems, it is not advised to let your cat sleep near you

Can Your Cat Sleep With You If She Has Tapeworms?

My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

There are two types of tapeworms that you can find in your cat. One of them is contagious while the other one does not cause any reaction to humans. 

1. Diplylidium Caninum: The Non-Contagious Tapeworms

If your cat has Diplylidium Caninum, then you can sleep with your cat. 

The Diplylidium Caninum is the most common tapeworm found in cats. This tapeworm is not contagious to you and is easy to treat. These tapeworms are up to 20 inches long. 

They are flat and stick to a cat’s intestine where they feed. 

They leave small droppings in the cat’s intestine that you can see in your cat’s feces. You can see white pieces wiggling on your cat’s anal area. As gross as that sounds, these tapeworms won’t cause any harm to you.

2. Echinococcus: The Contagious Tapeworms

The contagious type of tapeworm is Echinococcus and it is very rare to find. It can be dangerous to humans in some cases. 

You should take help from your vet to determine which type of tapeworm your cat has before you decide to let it sleep in your bed with you.

Why Does Your Cat Sleep On Your Chest?

My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

If your cat likes to sleep on your chest, it is because your four-legged friend feels soothed by the sound of your heartbeat. The vibrations of your body attract your cat to sleep on it. The calm breathing cycles of humans are helpful to cats for falling asleep. They also feel calm when they sleep on your chest. 

The cats in the wild always look for a place where they can sleep peacefully. For your domestic cat, the place is you. It will sleep peacefully knowing that it is secure with you.

3 Tips To Sleep With Your Cat

My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

1. Keep A Heat Pad Where Your Cat Sleeps

You can keep a heating pad under your cat’s blanket so that it feels warm and comfortable in your bed. This should be done in winters especially to keep your cat warm because your body heat may not be enough to make your cat comfortable.

2. Feed Your Cat Before Sleeping

A full stomach makes your cat sleepy. It will want to take a nap after a big meal. Make sure that you provide the biggest meal just before bedtime so that your cat understands that it is time to sleep after eating. Lead the way to your bed and your cat will sleep peacefully for the entire night.

3. Make Your Bed Comfortable For Your Cat

Make your bed look attractive and comfortable to your cat. Add a few extra layers of blankets for your cat in case it is cold outside. You can use catnip to lure your cat to the bed if it responds well to a catnip. Just make minor adjustments for your cat, but not big enough that they interfere with your sleep.

FAQs On My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden

1. Why Is My Cat Being More Affectionate Than Usual?

Your feline needs your affection and for that, it stays close to you. If you have been awol for the day and return home, your kitten will want all the affection it can get.

Cats crave your affection every now and then. If your cat is being more affectionate than usual it means that your cat wants your time and love. As a loving pet owner, it is your duty to fulfill your cat’s needs.

2. Why Is My Cat Following Me Everywhere?

Cats are loving pets who like their owner’s companionship. If your cat is following you everywhere, it just means that it’s curious to know what you are doing all day. 

Some cats follow their owners around when it is feeding time and the food hasn’t been given yet. Make sure that you provide proper meals to your cat in a timely manner.  

3. Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me?

Your cat shares a loving bond with you and it wants your attention. You should feel lucky that your cat wants to spend more time with you and take this opportunity to make a strong bond with your furry friend. 

Sleeping together can keep both of you warm and comfortable. If you are not allergic to cat hair, then it is okay to let your cat sleep with you once in a while.


This post helped me understand why My cat is laying on me all of a sudden, and I hope that all your questions regarding this got answered as well. 

Most of the time it is because your cat wants to form a strong bond with you and you should appreciate this effort and spend some quality time with your cat.

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