How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Most dog owners take their dogs everywhere they go but not everyone likes to have a dog in their house. If you are one of those people and are wondering how to tell someone not to bring their dog to your house, then have a look at this detailed article.

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

In this article, we will discuss:

  • A nice way to say no pets allowed to your guests
  • How to tell your guests not to bring their dog before and after they have arrived
  • 8 reasons why it is okay to not want your guest to bring their dog
  • And more…. 

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House?

You can politely tell your guest not to bring her dog to your house by simply saying that you love their company but you don’t want their dog accompanying. Be upfront about telling someone the “no dog to my house” rule on a friendly call or chat before they arrive at your doorstep. 

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House Before They Bring Their Dog?

Dogs are very lovable pets and some folks might feel offended at the request of not letting their dog come along to visit. This creates a dilemma for people who do not like dogs. 

So, here are a few ways to politely ask your friend not to bring their pet along when they visit your place.

Situation 1: If Your Guest Asks You Beforehand

Visitor Type 1: Acquaintances that you barely see

For someone who you are barely going to see in the future, you can be upfront about the “no dog” rule message. Just pass a friendly message across in a polite manner saying: 

“Dear guest, kindly do not bring your dog along because our house is not set up for visiting dogs.”

You might catch the guests off-guard but if you are gentle and honest about it, they will surely understand. Don’t hesitate to explain why you can’t accommodate dogs. If it is the case of fear, maybe the guest can suggest some safety tips and keep the dog in a muzzle. 

Visitor Type 2: Someone that you care about and is likely to visit more often

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Let your guests know in advance that you love their company but due to some reason (explain the reason) you don’t want them to bring their dog along with them to your house. Since you both are close to one another, the guest will surely understand your situation. 

You can just leave a casual message like:

“Hey Darla, I would love for you to visit my house this weekend, so do you think you can find a dog sitter so that you can come?”

Don’t be disappointed if your guest denies coming over at all because he/she does not want to pay for a sitter or some other genuine reason.

For an indirect approach, you can tell a story about a friend who brought her dog everywhere but you had to reject that idea because of past experiences. This way you give them an example to let them know about your “no dog in my house” rule.

Visitor Type 3: Someone who visits often but you aren’t that close, as a neighbor.

Be upfront about the situation and let the person know why you don’t want dogs in your house, whether it is an allergy issue, fear issue, or any other issue. Don’t be rude but stay firm about the message.

You can even tell a story to pass on a subtle message to your neighbor like, “I don’t want my sister to bring her dog to my house”, while you are discussing random stuff. This will definitely send out the message that no dogs are allowed at your house.

Situation 2: If Your Guest Did Not Ask But You Feel That They Might Bring Their Dog Along

If you are not sure whether the guest will bring his/her furry friend along with them, then it is better to inform him/her before your guest shows up at your doorstep, holding his/her beloved dog.

Leave a polite message saying how it is inconvenient for you with a dog in the house and elaborate on your concern. Don’t be afraid about enforcing your policies because after all, it is your house and your rules.

You can say something like, Hey Marty! Thank you for accepting my invitation to stay over for the weekend. I hope you have hired a dog sitter for the weekend because you know that I just added new carpet to my house and I would appreciate it to remain clean.

Situation 3: If Your Guest Did Not Ask You But They Previously Brought Their Dog With Them (such as your family) 

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Now, I am one of those people who do not have an affectionate disposition towards dogs, unlike my sister whose dog is her steady companion. I don’t want my sister to bring her dog to my house, but I don’t want her to feel unwelcome either. 

So, the question remains, how to tell the family they can’t bring their dog? Again, just be polite but firm to convey your message saying, “ Hi Guest, you know that I adore your company and I know you love your dog but I don’t appreciate my furniture being all dog hairy after you leave, so kindly don’t bring your dog over”. 

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House After They Already Arrived With Their Dog?

If someone has driven a long distance to be there at your place but they showed up with their dog without asking first, then there are different ways that you can deal with it depending on how close you are with the other person.

Situation 1: You let the dog stay with a firm warning not to bring the dog next time

If you are close to the guests and they have always treated you with hospitality, you aim to reciprocate the same hospitality to them. Now, it is wrong that they brought their dog over without asking but you don’t want to rub their noses in it. 

You can say something like, “You drove a long way to be here but your dog can’t stay inside the house. Our house is completely carpeted and it is not suited for a dog visit. We do however have a huge backyard that your dog would enjoy.”

This will give your guests a warning that dogs are not welcome at your place and they won’t repeat the same mistake. Apologize for the inconvenience when they leave but stay firm about the “no dog” rule for next time. 

Situation 2: You show your guest the way to the nearest kennel

If it is winter time and it is too cold for the dog to stay outside, then you can guide your guests to the nearest boarding kennel. Simply explain your reasons for not allowing the dog inside your house and offer an alternate solution. 

Situation 3: Your Guest Is Offended And Leaves With The Dog

Even after offering alternate solutions, your guest feels offended, then there is not much that you can do except let the guest leave. Consider listening to the guest’s side of the story and if there is anything that you can do about the situation, then you can compromise this one time. Or else, you won’t be seeing much of that guest anytime soon. 

8 Reasons Why It Is Okay To Not Want Your Guest To Bring Their Dog?

Some people feel guilty about denying their guests to not bring their dog along with them. But it is okay to let your guests know about your side of the story and maybe they can offer a solution to it. 

Either way, it is your house and your guests can abide by your house rules if they want to visit. 

1. You Are Fearful Of Certain Dog Breeds

You might have had a terrible experience with a certain dog breed in the past and now you can’t overcome your fear of that dog breed. This is a perfectly valid reason for you to reject your guest’s request of bringing their dog to your house. 

For dog owners, their pets are obviously cute and harmless little creatures who would find it hard to believe that someone would be fearful of their pet. You must make them understand your fear and how you would appreciate it if their dog didn’t come along with them.

2. Your Other Pets Won’t Like It

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Do you have a little timid dog (or other type of pets) at your place that just jumps with fear at the sight of other dogs?  Well, then it is obvious that you don’t want any other dog to intimidate your little friend.  

Some dogs get aggressive at the sight of other dogs because they feel territorial. You do not want any fuss in your house and you can let your guests know that their dog can’t accompany them. 

3. You or Your family Is Allergic To Dog Fur

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Now, this is a health-related issue, so this is a no-compromise area. 

You simply can’t let any dogs into your house if you or any of your family members are allergic to dog fur. Allergic reactions are brutal, so your guest will obviously sympathize with you on this matter and won’t bring their dog to you.

4. You Don’t Like Your Friend’s Dog

My friend refuses to leave her dog at home when she visits but this behavior won’t be welcomed at my new house with my new furniture where her dog can just rip the new place to shreds. My friend’s dog is ruining our friendship.  

Likewise, you just might not like your dog’s friend, and conveying this message loud and clear will help keep your friendship upright. 

5. You Don’t Want The Dog To Mess Up Your Precious Garden/Yard

Hyperactive dogs tend to ruin the things around them. If you have a beautiful garden or lush vegetation, then you would not want the dog to dig up holes in your garden and mess it up. 

Just let your guest know about the new garden that you recently worked on and would not want the hard work to go to waste because of their dog.

6. You Don’t Want The Dog To Ruin Your Delicate Furniture

Once a dog gets started chewing things, it won’t stop. 

Chewy dogs tend to get on your nerves especially if they have your expensive decor in their mouth. Sometimes it is also a matter of stuck dog hair on carpet and furniture that is annoying. 

You need to make it perfectly clear to your guest about the “no dog” rule if you want your furniture to be safe.

7. You Don’t Have Any Facilities For Dogs To Defecate

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Dogs are trained to defecate in particular places at a particular time and as creatures of habit, they won’t be able to control when it is their time to defecate. If you do not have facilities for the dogs to defecate, then you can clearly state that to your guest.

If your guest is still willing to bring their dog along, then they will know better than to carry all the required stuff for their dog’s defecation.

8. You Just Don’t Like Dogs (Period)

In a matter where you simply don’t like dogs, there’s not much that you can do except let the guests know that their dog won’t be allowed inside your house. You don’t like dogs, so you won’t allow one inside your house. Period!

When Should You Give An Exception To Let Your Guest Bring Their Dog? 

It is polite to consider someone’s reasons for bringing their dog along in case of a serious problem. When you expect your guest to consider your request of not bringing their dog to your house, then they will expect you to listen to their concerns of not leaving their dog behind as well. 

You can consider to give an exception to your guests to bring their dog if:

  • The dog gets separation anxiety and can’t stay away from the owner
  • The guest considered all the alternatives before asking you to bring their dog along
  • It is a little puppy that can’t be left alone 

How To Prepare Your House If You Let Your Guest’s Dog Stay? 

If you decide to let your guest’s pet stay at your house, then you need to make sure that you have all the arrangements necessary to shelter a dog. It is always expected from the guest to get all the required stuff for their pet but it is safe to make arrangements for the dog just in case.

The things that you need to take care of for your guest’s dog stay include:

  • Creating a safe space for the dog to sleep or stay in
  • Placing litter boxes around the house for the dog to defecate in

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  • Arranging food and water and preferably a separate bowl to serve it in

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