Chances Of Dog Getting Pregnant On First Time?

Are you a first time dog breeder or a paw parent who wants to let your dog mate?

Dog mating can be an intimidating task if this is your first time. You may have some burning questions such as what are the chances of dog getting pregnant on the first time? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

In this article, you’ll find out: 

  • Chances of a dog getting pregnant on the first time
  • Is it necessary for dogs to tie for getting pregnant? 
  • How to increase the chance of dog pregnancy? 
  • And a lot more…
Chances Of Dog Getting Pregnant On First Time

What Are The Chances Of Dog Getting Pregnant On First Time? 

The chances of a dog getting pregnant for the first time could be as high as 40% if a tie happens during the mating session. There is also a chance for dogs to get pregnant on their first estrous cycle. Therefore, extra care must be taken to prevent unwanted mating.

Many people assume that a dog cannot become pregnant with one tie. Some also believe that a dog and its mate must mate numerous times in order to get pregnant. However, neither of these things is correct.

The chances of a dog getting pregnant on the first tie is about 40%.

According to the VCA Hospital, dogs, during their first estrous cycle, can become pregnant. Hence, it might increase the possibility of unintentional breeding. 

The fact is that dogs, like any other animal, can reproduce successfully at any time after hitting puberty. The sexual maturity of a dog may vary by breed. The breeding age of a German shepherd, for example, is five or six months. The Doberman Pinscher, on the other hand, may not reach puberty until 18 months old. However, most dogs are able to reproduce by one year of age.

What Are The Chances Of Dog Getting Pregnant After Tie?

The chances of dog getting pregnant after tie is significantly higher and could be as high as 80%. When dogs are locked in a tie, the male dog is able to ejaculate more semen into the female, hence increasing the probability of pregnancy.

When a male and female are mating, the dogs are referred to as “tied.” Most ties last about 20 minutes, while some might last up to 40 minutes. During the tie, the male’s organ that keeps him tied to the female, expands. Don’t be worried; this is a completely natural occurrence between two mating dogs.

After ejaculation, tying enables semen to pass into the vaginal canal. This raises the chances of conception by pushing the sperm into the uterus. 

However, some dogs may get pregnant without tying, and some dogs might not get pregnant despite tying, so there is no guarantee. But the chances of a dog getting pregnant after a tie are higher than without a tie. 

Do Dogs Have To Tie To Get Pregnant?

Although the tie is seen to be the desired element of successful mating, dogs do not necessarily have to tie to get pregnant.   

When dogs mate, the male ejaculates, which is followed by a phase of locking or tying; during this phase, the male dog’s penis swells, known as a knot, causing the male and female dog to remain locked or tied together, with the male unable to separate.

The male dog may separate in some cases without tying. It is known as slip matting. Although the fertility rate of slip mating is lower, conception is still possible.

Hence, if your dog has ejaculated, pregnancy may happen even if the male is not tied to the female dog because there is often some leakage of semen when withdrawal occurs before the locking phase.  

How Do You Know If A Dog Mating Is Successful?

There are several ways to ensure if dog mating is successful; such as:

1. Lethargic and tired

If the female dog becomes lethargic after a few days, it could be a sign of pregnancy and that the mating was successful. Just like humans, dogs experience a surge of hormones during pregnancy which can make your dog feel more tired than before.

2. Loss of Appetite

The other telltale sign of a successful dog mating is a lost of appetite or even feeling of nausea and vomiting. When a dog is pregnant, there is a lot going on in her body which may lead to a reduced desire for food.

If this happens, make sure that your dog continues to drink plenty of water to hydrate herself. And do not force her to eat. Let her come to you when she is hungry.

3. Positive Pregnancy Test

However, the most obvious sign of a successful mating is your female dog becoming pregnant. 

Early pregnancy diagnosis in dogs can be quite challenging as there is no such thing as a canine pregnancy test at home. Therefore, diagnostic testing is the most accurate approach to determine whether or not a dog is pregnant.

A. Palpating:

Abdominal palpation is one way to know if puppies are on their way. It is a technique of touching and feeling the organs and other parts of the female body to examine them. Around 28 to 35 days after breeding, your veterinarian can identify dog pregnancy with abdominal palpation. Without the help of a veterinarian, abdominal palpation should not be done since it may cause harm to the pups.

B. Abdominal Ultrasound:

Abdominal ultrasound is the most reliable method of detecting and monitoring pregnancy. Your veterinarian can perform an ultrasound after 21 to 24 days of breeding. Therefore, waiting as little as three weeks to undergo an abdominal ultrasound is the most certain way to know if mating was successful. Ultrasound can also help to assess the litter size. 

C. Abdominal X-ray:

X-rays are one of the most reliable methods for determining whether or not a dog is pregnant. However, x-rays can identify pregnancy in the last trimester of gestation because the puppy’s skeleton is evident on an X-ray after 55 days of pregnancy.

Can A Dog Get Pregnant After A Few Seconds?

YES, she can!

Soon after penetration, male dogs may ejaculate, resulting in pregnancy. However, they require bonding that can endure for a long time in order to produce their ejaculate fully.

As a result, while the possibility of the dog being pregnant after a few seconds exists, it is not that high.

How Many Times Should A Dog Mate To Get Pregnant? 

Although this varies from dog to dog, most breeding specialists in the field believe that 3 matings are sufficient. Mating every other day for two to three days after the female accepts the male will certainly result in pregnancy.

Experienced breeders allow the dogs to breed for 6 day. When a single act of mounting is done, the owners often separate the male and female to ensure there is a gap between the matings.

The ideal time for the dogs to breed is between the 10th and 14th days after estrus. Estrus refers to a period in a female dog’s life when she is ready to reproduce and can become pregnant.

Some females refuse to let males mount them even if they are fertile. Such scenarios arise when the female is inexperienced, scared, or introverted.

How Many Days Will A Female Dog Let A Male Mount Her?

Some female dogs allow male dogs to mount them for a few days, while others allow males to mount them for up to a week.

A female dog’s average period of allowing male dogs to mount her is seven days. 

However, many female dogs are not adaptive to every surrounding. Therefore, the number of days a female dog will let a male mount her is influenced by the nature of the female dog.

Can Dogs Get Pregnant Before Their First Heat?

Dogs are unable to conceive before their first heat. This is due to the fact that a dog’s first period coincides with its estrous cycle, which is the first time a female is able to become pregnant. During the first estrous cycle, there is no mating behavior.  

In short, dogs cannot get pregnant before their first heat.

Do Dogs Get Pregnant Easily?

Dogs can easily become pregnant even during their first estrous cycle, which increases the chances of unintentional breeding. Dogs can get pregnant even without a tie, making it relatively easy to get pregnant.

It’s also important to note that dogs’ breeding may vary, but most of them breed by the age of one year.

In short, after adolescence, dogs can reproduce successfully at any time.

Don’t want your dog to get pregnant so easily? Read this article on how to cover the scent of your dog in heat.

How To Increase Chance Of Dog Pregnancy?

There’s no way to assure pregnancy, but by tracking the phases of mating, you might be able to increase the chance of your dog’s pregnancy.

According to VCA Hospitals, chances of dog pregnancy are more likely when the male dog is in his own surroundings. Due to this, females are usually taken to the male dog’s home for breeding.

The chances of successful mating are also enhanced by allowing the male and female to have multiple mating sessions over the course of a few days. Also, when the male and female immediately accept each other and get “tied together,” this is an indication of successful mating.

What To Do When Your Dog Is Pregnant For The First Time? 

Once it’s confirmed that your dog is pregnant for the first time, there are several things you should do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. These are described below:

1. Visit A Veterinarian 

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster for your dog, just like it is for us humans. Therefore, when you suspect your dog is pregnant for the first time, the first thing you should do is see a veterinarian. 

Your veterinarian can help you confirm the pregnancy, discuss any medication modifications, and determine the due date.

Your veterinarian will also help you figure out if your dog is having a false pregnancy, which is when she appears to be pregnant but isn’t.

2. Conduct The Required Tests

During your appointment, your veterinarian can use ultrasound to examine the growing puppies. Ultrasound creates an image of your dog’s womb using sound waves.

The vet may perform a blood test on your dog to determine their hormone levels. Relaxin, a hormone, rises in pregnant dogs.

Take your dog to the vet on day 45 or later for an x-ray to determine the number of puppies in the womb as well as to assess their bone structure.

3. Exercising Your Dog While She’s Pregnant

It’s critical to maintain your pregnant dog healthy and fit since giving birth to several puppies takes a lot of stamina and energy.

Regular walks will help her in preparing for the arduous task of giving birth.

Shorter walks are preferable because your dog will likely tire more easily as her pregnancy progresses.

4. Provide Good Diet To Your Dog

Providing good nutrition to your pregnant dog is one of the most important things you can do for her. If she is already on a good diet, you don’t need to make any changes for the first two-thirds of her pregnancy unless directed by your veterinarian. 

The weight of a pregnant dog increases in the latter weeks. Your veteran might advise gradually increasing her food intake by 30 to 50 percent than usual. 

Increase her intake slowly and feed her little, regular meals to avoid discomfort.

5. Prepare For The Whelping And Puppies

Some dogs like to have their owners there while whelping, while others prefer to be alone.

It’s preferable to avoid interrupting your dog when he wishes to be left alone. However, it would be best if you made arrangements for your whelping dog and the puppies.

Set up a whelping box in a comfortable, warm, and secluded place. Your dog should be able to stretch out and turn around in the whelping box.

In addition, consult your veterinarian for advice on whelping preparations. And also how to care for the puppies once they arrive. Keep the phone number for the animal care clinic available in case you require assistance during or after delivery.

What To Do If My Dog Got Pregnant By Accident?

If you find out that your dog has gotten pregnant by accident, you have two methods for prevention of pregnancy:

  1. A series of hormone injections are given every 24 hours to prevent pregnancy or induce abortion. These are quite costly and can be used for up to 45 days after mating.
  1. Another method is ovariohysterectomy (spaying). It is quite effective at both terminating and preventing pregnancy. This procedure is usually done early in a pregnancy. Veterinarians would find conducting this treatment on a canine in late pregnancy challenging and uncomfortable.

Some other methods of terminating a pregnancy in your dog are also available. You must consult your veterinarian before deciding on the best long-term solution for your dog and you as the owner.

The method used to end the pregnancy will be determined by several factors, including the dog’s age and whether or not the owner intends to breed her in the future.

Based on your pet’s stage of pregnancy, your veterinarian can advise you on the safest and most successful procedure.

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