Best High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food

best high protein low carb canned cat food

The best high protein low carb canned food is rich in proteins and has low or zero carbs.

It is especially beneficial for cats having diabetes (can also prevent it) and helps meet your cat’s protein needs for muscle maintenance.

Apart from diabetes, low carb cat food with high protein can also help maintain a healthy weight in your cat at all life stages.

In this guide, we will recommend the top cat foods high in protein and low in carbs to help you make an informed choice.

Just in case you are in a hurry, click on our short summary below to view our Top 5 reviewed products for the best high protein low carb canned cat food:

  1. Tiki Cat Grill Low Carb Cat Food
  2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Wet Cat Food
  3. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Canned Cat Food
  4. Instinct High Protein Wet Cat Food
  5. Rachel Ray Peak Nutrish Cat Food

Best High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food – 2022 Top 5 Picks

best high protein low carb canned cat food

As the name suggests, Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free cat food is high in protein and has low carbohydrate content.

According to their website, their wet food contains nearly 95% protein (while their dry food contains 44% protein). The packaging claims that their wet food products have ‘Zero’ carbohydrates.

This nutritionally balanced food offers high protein in the form of delicious seafood which most cats love. You can find their first ingredients to be tuna, sardines, mackerel, and even prawns!

An added advantage of this high protein low carb wet cat food is that it is high in moisture content to give your kitty the water and hydration it needs.

Tiki Cat Grill food meets AAFCO standards of completely balanced nutrition for all life-stages.

This food is grain free and its high-protein content is not marred by fillers, by-products, and preservatives. In short – it is real nutrition for your born carnivore!

What we like about it

  • Grain-free, real protein-rich fish, and absolutely no carbs!
  • Whole foods, quality ingredients, moisture-rich canned food.
  • Completely balanced food for all life-stages

What we don’t like about it

  • Some cats did not like the big chunks of fish and only ate the gravy. You can crumble the fish a bit to see if your buddy likes it that way.
Tiki Cat Grill, Tuna & Crab Surimi, High-Protein and 100% Non-GMO Ingredients, Wet Whole Foods Cat Food for All Life Stages, 2.8 oz. Cans (Case of 12)
  • GRAIN FREE WET FOOD – Rely on the delicious blend in Tiki Cat Grill to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your cat in any life stage.
  • HIGH MOISTURE WET CAT FOOD – Count on the high moisture content of each can of Cat Grill to give your cat the supplemental water she needs.
  • NUTRIENT RICH CAT FOOD - Real meat is first ingredient, giving your cat the nutrition she needs and the taste she loves.
  • REAL FISH, REAL MEAT, REAL PROTEIN – Our protein rich cat food offers delicious seafood flavors in each bite.
  • ONLY QUALITY INGREDIENTS - High protein, real fish recipes with no carbs, grains, by-products, or fillers.
best high protein low carb canned cat food

With just 3% carbohydrates and 28% protein (check this article for exact percentage), Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein and Grain-free food makes it to our best high protein low carb cat food list.

This grain-free food contains real chicken as its number one ingredient. It is also free from by-products, wheat, soy, preservatives, and artificial flavors. As with all their cat foods, Blue Buffalo uses only the highest-quality ingredients here without any fillers.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness best high protein low carb cat food has a smooth pate texture which many cats find irresistible.

Many people with diabetic cats have made this high protein low carb wet cat food their pet’s ultimate source of nutrition.

What we like about it

  • 28% protein with only 3% carbs!
  • Even picky cats and cats with diabetes have accepted and loved this low carb, high protein wet cat food
  • High-quality ingredients without grains, soy, wheat, byproducts, and fillers, etc.

What we don’t like about it

  • Expensive, but worth it!
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Pate Wet Cat Food, Chicken 5.5-oz cans (Pack of 24)
  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: This grain free cat food contains more of the chicken cats love to provide the energy your adult cat needs to stay active
  • PATÉ STYLE CANNED CAT FOOD: This high protein cat food features a smooth texture your feline friend can’t resist
  • NATURAL CAT FOOD: All BLUE canned cat foods are made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • MADE WITHOUT WHEAT: BLUE wet cat food contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, NO corn, wheat (a common thickening agent used by many other brands) or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Contains twenty four (24) 5.5-oz cans of BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Pate Wet Cat Food, Chicken
best high protein low carb canned cat food

With nearly 10% protein (per ounce of can) and just 2.5% carbs, this offering from Purina Pro Plan UT Health definitely makes our list of best high protein low carb cat food.

It contains real fish or poultry for protein and its low carb and high protein content makes it a great choice for obese and/or diabetic cats.

If you are a cat parent trying to get your fur-baby to lose weight or simply maintain its optimum weight, then Purina Pro Plan is a great choice. Additionally, it contains low levels of magnesium to support urinary health.

Not only do cats love the taste of Purina Pro Plan High Protein food, they also get nearly 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine from it.

What we like about it

  • Approved by thousands of cats and cat parents for its low carb, low ash, and high protein content
  • Real fish or chicken as the number one ingredient
  • Benefits urinary tract health

What we don’t like

  • Small can size – would be great if the cans were larger so there is less stuff to recycle. Portion sizes are fine so that isn’t an issue.
Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Cat Food, Urinary Tract Health Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Entrees - (24) 3 oz. Cans
  • Twenty-Four (24) 3 oz. Cans - Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Cat Food, Urinary Tract Health Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Entrees
  • Urinary health cat food reduces urinary pH and provides low dietary magnesium
  • High protein cat food made with real fish or poultry for a taste cats love in a highly digestible formula for optimal nutrient delivery
  • Urinary cat food provides focused nutrition to support unique needs
  • Premium cat food formulas with 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid
best high protein low carb canned cat food

Instinct High Protein Cat food contains nearly 95% chicken, turkey, and chicken liver all responsibly and sustainably sourced.

Here is Instinct High Protein cat food’s calorie-breakup (mentioned by their customer service rep): 36% calories from protein, 62% from fat, and 2% from carbohydrates.

Instinct natural raw cat food has excellent cat-approved texture which is great as a complete meal or can be added as topper to your pet’s food.

This canned high protein low carb cat food is made in the USA with the finest ingredients to offer complete balanced nutrition for all life-stages.

There are no allergens like wheat, soy, corn, carrageenan, colors, preservatives, etc. in this food.

What we like about it

  • Packed with protein and very few carbs
  • Helped many skinny senior cats gain weight
  • Real, natural ingredients sourced in USA
  • Free from antibiotics, fillers, corn, soy, potatoes, etc.
  • Great portion-size, great taste and flavor

What we don’t like

  • A small percentage of picky cats didn’t like the food’s pate texture. You can try mixing in some kibble to see if s/he likes it better.
Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food, 5.5 oz. Cans (Case of 12)
  • GRAIN FREE CAT FOOD WITH CAGE FREE CHICKEN: Instinct Ultimate Protein is a high protein wet cat food made with 95% of protein from chicken, liver & turkey. Responsibly sourced cage free chicken is the #1 ingredient. Serve as a delicious meal or meal topper to dry cat food.
  • CANNED CAT FOOD WITH NO FILLERS: Instinct Ultimate Protein wet cat food is a healthy, high protein cat food. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, carrageenan, artificial colors or preservatives - ingredients known to trigger food sensitivities.
  • NATURAL NO GRAIN CAT FOOD: Made from real meat & whole food ingredients, our healthy, grain-free cat food is packed with animal protein for strong, lean muscles. Served as a meal or meal topper, this delicious pate is a soft texture and taste that even picky cats will love.
  • RAW INSPIRED WET CAT FOOD: Our canned wet cat food offers complete & balanced nutrition from real ingredients to support your cat's health from kitten to senior. Made using the finest ingredients from around the world.
  • OUR BEST CAT FOOD WITH HIGH PROTEIN: We craft wet & dry cat food from real ingredients inspired by pure, real nutrition from raw ingredients. We believe all pets deserve the best life possible and that it starts with food.
best high protein low carb canned cat food

High protein and without any grains or fillers, Rachel Ray Nutrish Peak canned cat food has a crude protein content of nearly 11% per can with just 6.09% carbohydrates.

Most cats love this high-protein tuna and beef recipe in a savory sauce which is without fillers, gluten, or thickening agents.

You also can choose from other flavors based on your pet’s preferences like chicken, duck, trout, or beef. In short, there are ample choices for your picky cat.

Rachel Ray Nutrish best high protein low carb cat food also promises to satisfy a cat’s natural eating instincts thanks to its nutrient-dense recipe.

Its vitamin, mineral, and taurine are great for maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being.

What we like about it

  • High protein real meat is #1 ingredient
  • No gluten, grain, and fillers
  • Great portion size, excellent flavor and taste which most cats love
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Portion of proceeds go to animal charities

What we don’t like

  • Some cats only licked the gravy and left the chunks behind. You can try shredding the meat to see if your pet likes it that way.
Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural Wet Cat Food, Coastal Range Recipe with Real Tuna & Beef in Savory Sauce, 2 Ounce Cup (Pack of 24), Grain Free
  • Contains (24) 2 Ounce Cups of Wet Cat Food
  • Nutrient-dense recipes satisfy your cat's instinctual cravings
  • Tender cuts of tuna & beef in a savory sauce
  • High-protein with no grain, gluten or filler ingredients
  • Natural wet cat food with added vitamins, minerals & taurine

What are The Benefits of High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food?

Here are some benefits of high protein low carb canned cat food for cats

1) Mimics the diet of cats in the wild

Cats are carnivores. They do not have the enzymes needed for digesting carbohydrates.

In fact, cats do not need many carbohydrates, rather they need protein in the form of meat.

The protein requirements of cats are even higher than those compared to dogs and humans because they use that given amount of protein to convert into energy.

If we are to mimic the diet of cats in the wild for our indoor cats, then the foods we choose must contain higher protein and low or no carbs.

Does a mouse contain carbs in its body? Not much, unless you consider the grass in its stomach at the time a cat eats it.

This is one major reason why cat food needs to be higher in proteins than dog food.

2) Could prevent diabetes

Carbohydrates, in very large quantities, can have negative effects on your cat’s system over time.

Carbs get converted into sugar and sugar can cause a spike in your pet’s blood-sugar levels.

This could result in diabetes.

There is evidence that high protein low carb cat food can benefit cats by preventing diabetes.

Also Read: Best Cat Food for Diabetic Cats

3) Could prevent obesity

A diet high in protein and low in carbs can increase satiety in your pet and lead to feeling full longer. This is due to the fact that protein burns more slowly compared to carbohydrates, providing a steady stream of energy to your pet.

Thus, high protein diets increase your cat’s metabolism and aid in weight management.

A high protein to calorie ratio also helps promote fat loss while minimizing the loss of lean body mass during weight loss.

Without protein and just too many carbs, your cat might simply lose its muscle mass, especially as it grows older. It would start looking flabby.

Protein supports thermogenesis or fat burning and cats on high protein low carbohydrate diet typically lose more weight than those that are only fed calorie-restricted diets or exercised more.

4) Could prevent chronic diarrhea/food sensitivities

In cats with chronic diarrhea, high protein diets, particularly those free from grains, soy, wheat, and other allergens, reduce the rate at which the compromised GI tract processes the incoming nutrients.

This, in turn, reduces the rate of gastric emptying.

Many vets recommend switching cats to grain-free, high-protein foods for cats with sensitivities, food allergies, and chronic diarrhea.

5)  Could help cats with urinary tract infections

According to research conducted on canned cat food by Tufts University, wet or canned food has more protein and fewer carbohydrates compared to kibble or dry cat food.

This means that when you switch to the best high protein low carb canned cat food, your cat automatically receives more hydration or water thanks to the moisture-rich, gravy-based food.

This can be beneficial in eliminating bacteria from the urinary tract which, in turn, could prevent struvite crystals as well.

6) Could lower your vet bills

With the best high protein low carb cat food, you will find that your cat’s overall health and well-being improve dramatically.

It will have more energy for active play and thanks to reduced allergens, it would have firmer stools, healthier skin, and softer fur.

This can help reduce your trips to the vet and those subsequent bills as well.

Is it Safe to Only Feed High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food to your Cat?

Many pet parents wonder whether cat food high in protein low in carbs is safe for their pet.

Yes, vets believe that all cats need a high-protein and low carb diet.

As mentioned earlier, high protein low carb cat food is closest to the fresh prey that cats were designed to eat in nature.

Cats have no nutritional or dietary requirement for carbohydrates, especially for cereal grains which they cannot digest.

That is why, many cats thrive once they are switched to the best high protein low carb cat food.

Having said that, it is always best to work closely with a vet in order to come up with the diet plan best suited to your pet.

Every cat is different and has different nutritional requirements. Your vet will be able to tell you exactly what your cat needs.

Which Carbohydrates Should You Avoid in Cat Food?

In case of human foods, most of us know how to identify the good carbs and bad carbs.

But in cats, this distinction can be difficult.

To make matters easier, simply follow the guidelines provided by vets and AAFCO.

The gist of these guidelines is that one should avoid the usual suspects like grains, cereals, corn, potatoes, soy, wheat, etc.

AAFCO nutrient profiles also state that cats and dogs do not need too many carbohydrates and can synthesize glucose from protein and fats.

So, avoid feeding foods which your cat has very little evolutionary exposure to: starch, rice, potatoes, peas, barley, and wheat.

These foods can cause blood sugar spikes, tax the liver and other organs like thyroid and adrenal glands.

 Additionally, dogs and cats do not need fruits and vegetables to get antioxidants.

Meat bones and organs contain vitamins A, C, and E plus minerals associated with antioxidant enzymes.

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Selecting High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food?

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best food high in protein low in carbs for your pet:

A) Contains balanced nourishment without fillers

Your cat needs at least 25% protein daily in adulthood and almost 35% when it is a kitten. Ensure that the food contains chicken, lamb, rabbit, turkey, fish, or duck as its number one ingredient.

Avoid foods with carbs or go in for foods with very few carbs. Look for foods free from potatoes, peas, grains, wheat, soy, as well as fillers.

B) Is age-appropriate

Select a canned food that is made for your cat’s age. This will help meet its nutritional needs.

Look for the words ‘Complete and Balanced’ on the label as well as AAFCO animal testing statement that mentions it is ‘for all life stages’.

C) Comes from a reputed manufacturer

Top brands of cat food manufacturers have the investment needed for maintaining the quality of their products. They test their foods constantly in feeding trials.

This gives them an edge over generic or low-quality brands.

D) Offers variety

Cats are picky and they sometimes tend to get pickier as they grow older.

Choose a variety of foods to keep things interesting for your pet.

Many food brands offer variety cans having different delicious flavors so you can find something that your cat loves.

Offering variety also ensures nutritional balance so you can be assured that your cat receives the nourishment it needs.

Varying your cat’s food can also help prevent it from getting addicted to one type of food.

E) Suits your cat

Sometimes cats can be allergic to the protein in their high protein low carb wet cat food. This can lead to symptoms like vomiting, chronic diarrhea, and hair loss.

So, try out a novel protein source which meets your pet’s dietary protein needs without adversely impacting its gentle system.

Some trial and error may be needed before you find the best high protein low carb cat food that your pet tolerates and loves.

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The best high protein low carb canned cat food can benefit your pet in a number of ways such as meeting its protein needs, preventing diabetes, and aiding in muscle building and weight loss.

We recommend the Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free cat food for its high protein and zero carbohydrate content. Do check out our other recommendations as well.

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